Boobies at the polls! There’s a monkey shortage. Dog DNA tracks owners who don’t clean up the poo.

Dog DNA database tracks owners who don’t clean up their dog’s Poo in Naples. America is facing a monkey shortage as demand for COVID-19 research intensifies. Topless voter in New Hampshire shocks poll workers in a dispute over political clothing rule. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

Boobies at the polls! Theres a monkey shortage. Dog DNA tracks owners who dont clean up the poo.

Dog D. N. A. Database tracks the owners who don’t clean up after their dogs poop.

Naples Italy Naples is known for it’s a crime and the Mafia and they’ve been the pizzeria the spice to meet the boy. But Naples also having another issue that plagues the residents. Dog poop are in Italian. It’s called the dog crap Ola. Now the city of Naples taking a stance on this new dog poo. According to the media pet dog DNA will be entered into a citywide registry. Now samples from piles of the poop left on the street or on the sidewalk will then be entered into the database and be used to identify the irresponsible owners of these dogs who left behind the MESSI POO poo. The city will then find culprits about six hundred and eighty five bucks that is hefty that is so steep. I mean, why don’t you just get the Mafia on get the up and we’re GONNA fit you for some cement shoes. If we find your dog Poo, what do you think of that? You’re GONNA take a long walk off a short. PA. If you don’t pick up your dogs, you know you want to the trunk and that’s what you get for not picking up the stuff that came dogs trunk. Okay I’m out of my mind obviously Naples Italy is not the first. To do extreme measures in order to counter Canine Crap Ola in public spaces. According to the media’s. Certain. Cities have tried everything from the postal service. Yes. A Spanish mayor mailed dog poop back to their owners. That’s awesome. You Getting Doug Crap in the mail you deserve it buddy. Some cities have tried shaming. yes. They’ve publicized the names of offending dog poop owners as well. Some cities have tried bribery. Yes. example a park in Mexico City offered free Wi fi in exchange for bags of your dog Poo. That’s fabulous. Actually, I, would just go pick up dog dog food that isn’t mind for the Free Wifi oh for sure for sure. The US doesn’t have such things. We don’t just dog crap everywhere man we try to shame you but it just doesn’t work. It says here in the US neighborhoods, apartment complexes and gated communities have been faster to adopt these ideas than cities themselves Oh really. I didn’t know about this apparently a condo development and Massachusetts my home state implemented DNA testing, and so so far has seen a steep drop in offending dogs with just one owner being charged the hundred and fifty dollar fine after genetic testing confirmed their dogs Doodoo was left on someone’s lawn. Oh my goodness. This is like some CNI CNI. CSI. Dog Crap Shit. See and CSI dog shit crap drink. You know what? I’m trying to say here. I had no idea. Massachusetts was on the cutting edge of the dog crab DNA. That’s what you get. You frigging leave your dog crap. Now, not right where I parked my cough your mind. Also Texas apartment complex used the same technology. They’re even more serious about their fines though they charge fifty. And a New Jersey condo complex charges up to a thousand dollars for third time offenders boy. That’s nuts all right there. People are trying to crack down on this dog crap and you you really have to man. You know because some people just don’t clean up shit and then you have a man, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped in Dog Shit in New York and La. Cities that really you know have gone dog crazy. They’ve gone dog crazy. The last two cities I’ve lived in Honestly Dog Bananas Bananas Over Dogs Little Dogs Mostly, and you know, of course, the people that own these dogs men I don’t I don’t want to try to come down hard on millennials man but you just you don’t like work. You don’t like to pick up Shit I don’t blame you a right but hey. Someone needs to teach you some responsibility here you to. You don’t even pick up after your own Shit I realized that your mother’s been picking up after your Shit but man you got to pick up after your dog shit upside to say it millennials you gotTa do it all right. This took it strange of making fun of millennials here which I am one but I don’t I don’t relate I just don’t I don’t relate. Now as far as the dog DNA goes I mean this is this is a lot. A lot of technology a lot of production goes into. Tracking this kind of a DNA in science I mean, is it really worth it at the end of the day I don’t know I don’t know obviously they’re passing on the charge of the DNA testing onto the the culprit.

That’s why when you get when you get caught in. Naples, it’s almost seven hundred dollars because the cost of doing this. CSI behind the scenes investigation is so high that you got to offset it, but it just seems like a long way to go I think we can use maybe just use some cameras have cameras everywhere call it the dog shit camera. You know the crap Ola camera we’re watching you owner you pick up your dog Poo, right? You’re on camera we’ll. We’ll shame you with a viral video on our facebook page. You don’t want to be on a local police department facebook page with the other criminals. All right. I’ve gone way too long with the story I’m sorry.

America is facing a monkey shortage as demand skyrockets for Covid-19 research.

The race for a vaccine to help end this pandemic is consumed. The scientific community created an escalating demand for an essential resource monkeys. Before drug companies call on human volunteers, monkeys are used in preclinical trials to test the safety effectiveness effectiveness gay gay gay gay vaccines but with more than one hundred vaccines in development around the world, there aren’t enough monkeys to go around. Dr Skip Bom. which is that’s a perfect doctor named skip. If your is skip you, you gotta be either a doctor or you gotta work at a sub shop. Skip says. There is a shortage. That’s it. That’s all skip has thanksgiving. Thanks for all that information there is a shortage of the monkees. Like other aspects of society, the pandemic is underscored and already existing problem non human primate research centers have been strained in recent years because of restrictions on imported monkeys from countries like China and India and a lack of funding to support domestic breeding. We’ve always been in a state where we were always very close to the level of production to meet the demand for research, and that has been the status for several years when the Kobe pandemic came about though that just press even further we are running out of monkeys running out of among gays. It’s a lot of people that own monkeys privately in this country. Why don’t you just hit them up for some help although I don’t know if you can really give up your pet monkey for science that would make me sad you know how do you? How do you let? Bogo? You know what I mean. Some people are like well can’t use science and technology to. Fix The situation will the National Primate Research Center They try to use the small number of animals necessary for scientific results. Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to completely replace animals with computer simulations or cell cultures. They, say we hope one day there’s a way we don’t have to use any animals in research but right now you know not all humans are going to submit for an examination where they get regular xrays regular C. analysis or blood and analysis. Rhesus monkeys or racists. Macaws are the most commonly used monkeys for pre clinical trials because they share about ninety three percent of their genes with humans. Did you know that ninety three percent there nearly human? And so they’re very effective when it comes to these. Vaccination trials and whatnot. Skip wants you to know that their immune systems. Immune responses are quite similar to what you see in humans. They can give you a very good idea of safety and efficacy efficacy in vaccine’s efficacy next vaccines. What are you GonNa do this to me article making difficult for Jones to get through I got a public school education here. The Washington. National Primate Research Center breeds pigtailed Macaws by the way which could play an important role in second-generation vaccines. this species of monkey more resembles humans when it comes to pregnancy and underlying health conditions as a matter of fact. the article goes on to talk about two lanes monkey primate research center. What they’re doing to satisfy the demands with all the monkeys mean. basically, we need more monkeys I guess I don’t know what to do about this. anybody owns a monkeys we could Because one thing is for sure guys This is going to be the last pandemic I don’t think so. So. WHAT ARE WE GONNA do Hey, can we use sex dolls in place of monkeys and humans during these these sex dolls, sex robots they seem to be human like. Maybe not ninety three percent human but maybe like I dunno fifty percent human wisdom use them in trials. And find a vaccine. You can use my girl, Tracy Tracy. She’s she doesn’t flinch when you put a needle in her. This is getting out of control.

Topless voter shocks New Hampshire poll workers in a dispute over political clothing rule.

A New Hampshire woman walked into a polling station on Tuesday with a political t shirt. She pulled it off in a flash of defiance in voted topless.

When the officials told her campaign clothing was banned according to local reports. The unidentified female entered an exit gymnasium with a shirt depicting president trump and the late Senator John McCain oh boy. The town moderator named Paul told her that she had to either take off the shirt or cover it up. So she slipped it off and grabbed her ballot. She was not wearing anything underneath. The shock bom the shirts off. The guy says, and she’s standing there. She’s saying, how’s this? How do you like this? Can you believe it? She came into Sherp. She got boobs hanging out. She’s like, how do you like this? He said there were about voters at the poll at the time. Thankfully, he noticed no children but the voting booths had their curtains removed due to the Corona Virus Oh my goodness. Backside, you could see her naked backside. Andrea shine witnessed the incident. She said that she thought it was funny. She laughed I think we all kind of needed it. With everything going on in the world, it’s like who cares really I agree with you Andrea Shine with everything going on in the world who gives a damn. Okay. You Got Murder Hornets a pandemic. This fires all over the place rioting. Crazy people, shooting people I mean it’s you know it’s crazy. The world is crazy. WHO CARES I? Think we need it I agree with you. Still, it was unexpected for election officials. She could have just got into the hallway and turns it inside out. You know. Said somebody who is really concerned a real square. Adding that he could have had her lovely removed if he wanted to prefer not to escalate the situation if she felt it was her right more power to her we all laughed about it is things were winding down. So I don’t know if it was a set, but I’ve never never never experienced anything quite like that. I mean shocking shocking the t shirts imagery mocked the president and praised the McCain it read McCain hero trump zero now. So it was a very old school anti-trump shirt. Which I love she took it old school. She’s like I got nothing. I got no new anti-trump clothing in my closet but let me break out this old one. It was probably really tight. And she no, she didn’t expect to go topless day. But Hey look what happened take eight. You can’t wear that. Oh, I can’t wear it when you’re gonNA see my boobs. That’s what’s going to happen either see my trump shirt or you see my boobs right other children here. Are we voting? What are we doing here? Now this begs me to ask the question like why can’t you have a political t shirt on or wearing a button for a candidate that you support when you walk in. Now I’m not saying a giant sign or anything like that or like a bullhorn yellen, the person’s name. Like. But if you do it tastefully such as just a shirt or a hat or a button. I I don’t see what’s wrong with that. You know, maybe a scarf, a sticker on your fanny pack I really I don’t see the big deal is what I’m saying you should be able to express your political. Obviously, you’re expressing your political support through the vote that you’re doing but also. You know it’s a very. You know it’s very important. Voting is very important to some people and they might want to show on the day of of the poll that Hey I’m all in and here’s what here’s what I’m about. I’m expressing that to you visually before I go in. You know I’m not saying she can grab somebody by the throat and be like. You better vote McCain. I mean never mind that was years ago. You’d better vote for the other guy. You know that’s not going to be allowed. You can’t put a hand on people. You can’t tell people what to do but why not be able to wear the expression of your political choice on that day do you guys agree with me or not? Am I am I out of line here? Call the show six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty, twelve.