Mysterious brain washes up on beach. City hires a former pimp to help them clean up the streets.

MTA board finally bans pooping on subways and buses in New York City. Seattle hires a former pimp for $150k to help them handle the streets. Man discovers a brain washed ashore on a Wisconsin beach. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority will formerly ban pooping in the subways in the buses.

I don’t know what took them. So long I wish they had banned pooping in the subways and buses when I lived there from two, thousand, five to two, thousand sixteen. But you know some people are late to the game they let the let the citizens do whatever they feel like on public transportation for a little while just to see how it plays out. it shouldn’t take a genius though to know if you’ve ever ridden a New York City subway or a bus that something should be done about the pooping and how about the exposing of genitals on those things which I’ve seen multiple times I’ve seen pooping and genital exposition on the MTA on a few occasions. So I’m happy they’re getting their shit together lets get into the article a little bit some history here that’s worth exploring. Maybe we can find out why it took so long to ban shit on the subways. That, you’re not supposed to do this should go without saying, but the MTA has decided it needs a rule explicitly banning defecating on the subway. The new rule is on the agenda for an MTA meeting. This week, the rule will ban defecating on the city subways, buses, and transit facilities. Transit rules previously mandated one hundred dollar fines for straphangers who quote, create a nuisance hazard or an unsanitary condition including but not limited to spitting or urinating. Oh. In fact I. Do know an individual an old friend of mine who did get fine for spitting on the subway tracks and he was man he he never stopped talking about that he was. So he was so pissed off about that situation and I, you know, I, I agreed with him. It’s just ridiculous considering people are pooping everywhere and peeing everywhere. So like who cares? Now. Creating an unsanitary conditions surely includes pooping but MTA officials think they have to be more specific than really got to be specific and you do and you do because people are dumb. So you gotta get very specific. And the dumber your people, the more specific you have to get. It’s like when you buy a Kiddie Pool, you know those little pools that are about one foot deep. You have to put no diving in the center of those Katie pools. You gotta get very specific because he’s will try to dive in a foot deep pool and break their neck. It says your transit workers, as you can assume, have struggled for decades. With, destitute straphangers soiling the train cars and buses with their human waste. Unsightly. in September, a train operator will it is September September seven specifically, a train operator was reportedly soiled with bodily fluid from a customer Oh my goodness they got pete on is that what they’re saying? Oh, on the L. Line who? The fact that the MTA has to pass a rule against defecating in a subway car has a lot says a lot about the environment we work in down there says a local union transport worker. We don’t ride for twenty minutes and then go upstairs. We’re down there for entire shifts you got to see. A rule is nice. I’m more visible police presence on platforms and trains would be even better. Metropolitan Transit Authority officials in April implemented new emergency rules in response to the pandemic that included the poop band as well as ones that barred passengers from taking large shopping carts on the trains. People take shopping carts I’ve seen people bring on the most outrageous items onto the train. Like what Jones I don’t know. A big wheel from one, thousand, nine, hundred, nine. Guys know what a big wheel is. Think people from other countries are googling big wheel right now. As crazy as it sounds and as bananas as the New York City subway in transit system is. I can say from first person experience that the Los Angeles subway system. What goes on in there is exponentially worse. I have seen more crazy things happening on the LA transit than I ever had in New, York City. And I lived in New York. City for ten years easily and they don’t even hold a candle to what goes on in the A.. The Los Angeles subway system. Which is which I do not recommend to anybody. Okay.

Unless you’ve got a great insurance plan and you carry weapons on, you don’t even venture down into the Los Angeles, subway system you know a lot of people don’t even know it exists which is hilarious. And tell you right now you’re gonNA find a lot more than just poop.

The city of Seattle has hired a former pimp to help them with policing.

Andre Taylor has a new job as the city of Seattle’s street czar after he signed a deal to provide city leaders with recommendations on alternatives to policing the streets. Taylor is a convicted pimp who moved to Seattle in two thousand sixteen his responsibility as the street czar of Seattle is to provide recommendations to the city on De, escalation community engagement, and alternatives to policing. For this service Seattle will provide him with an office and pay Mr Taylor twelve, thousand, five, hundred dollars for a month for the full year. Twelve thousand, five, hundred dollars a month. Wow. That’s probably better pay than he’d get his a pimp right I don’t know I. Don’t know what a pimp gets paid. But it sounds like a good deal for him I. Mean you get that much money and you don’t have to be a pimp on the streets which has got to be a stressful job being a pimp imagine I’ve never been a pimp, but it’s probably stressful. I mean, especially right now during a pandemic. Being a prostitute or a pimp during a pandemic. To drop right imagine I. Don’t know I don’t know the economics of pimping. Pimping ain’t easy but it’s necessary. So. Wasn’t long ago pimping ain’t easy but it’s necessary. So I’m chasing ladies like Tom Chases Jerry Last year Seattle paid Taylor’s organization called not this time. One hundred thousand dollars to host a series of lectures called conversations with the streets that featured a variety of speakers. In an interview Mister Taylor said that he’s being paid for a particular genius in a particular area. Including the fact that he can speak to gang members, he can speak to pimps and he can speak to prostitutes who normally won’t sit down with anybody else. They certainly won’t sit down and have conversations with the police or politicians. So. That’s where Andre Steps in, he can connect these people. And I, think this is brilliant for Seattle to try something like this. You get somebody from the streets to help you. With working with the streets. And by working with the streets, I don’t mean like policing the streets I working with the streets to come up with solutions that work for all parties involved. Clearly Seattle has has a situation going on in it’s it’s really boiling over so. Desperate, times calls for desperate years obviously hiring a former pimp as a desperate measure, but he somebody that’s clearly credible. They’ve hired his organization in the past it sounds to me like he knows what the hell he’s doing. I think this is a great move and I think other cities should. Monitor this, and you know see what the outcome is and maybe adopt a similar plan if it works. But maybe I’m crazy. Maybe getting a pimp involved as a bad idea. What do you guys think call the show six, four, six, four, five, zero, two, thousand, twelve. That ever tell you the time I got my haircut by a pimp name easily. Coleman in Wichita. Kansas anyone. That’s a story for another time. But it’s true. It’s absolutely true.

A man is shocked to discover a brain washed up on the beach.

Where did this brain come from whose brain is this the mystery behind the brain that washed up on the beach? Let’s get into the story. A Wisconsin. Man was strolling along the beach along the show enjoying the sunset, gathering his thoughts thinking about the pandemic and where he’d rather be. He was then stunned after discovering an animal brain wrapped in aluminum foil had washed up on the shore. How do you know it’s an animal brain? Couldn’t it be a human brain? James Sendo was hunting for sea, glass sea glass. James just having a good old time by himself hunting for sea glass to bring home to his dogs. He was at Samuel Myers Park in racine. Wisconsin. When he came across a package wrapped in aluminum foil with a pink rubber band wrapped around it it was in the shape of a brick. Suspecting the package contained money or even drugs and overcome with curiosity.

James unwrapped the package only to discover a brain. Along with pink flowers and some foreign money. That’s so bizarre pink flowers and foreign money. What. Country is the money from James Tell us. Here’s a quote. When I first opened it I think I was so shocked it didn’t. It didn’t click what it was right away. I walked up to some city workers nearby and I was like, Hey, guys at I. Think I just found a brain. Did I just find a brain? You WanNa take a look at this James wasn’t sure what or who the brain belong to and what about the money. The police said that the brain did not belong to a human but medical examiners are unsure what animal it actually came from. With, it’s a relief to know it’s not from a human though that makes it more interesting story and we’d have to dive deeper in an a case would have to be open about the. The mystery of the brain that washed up on the beach. Some member of the. Suspect the brain may have been part of a sendoff ritual for the dead, which includes items such as money and flowers. They can use in the afterlife, but no, one can explain the brain. Exactly. The brain was in great shape not decomposed that all. Larger than the size of James’s extended hand. James says. I’m glad. I’m the one founded I’ll tell you imagine a grandma or a mom or a child that was playing nearby was the one who saw on rap that brain I mean I’m forty seven I’m freaked out about it. I’ll tell ya, it’s crazy. I mean imagine a grandma opening it. You know all about a blind person it and then having to feel around and discovering that it’s a brain while handling it I mean I barely touched the thing I was frightened of course. and. What about the money man the money in the flowers? What is this a care package someone sent somebody a brain flowers and money in a pandemic care packages floated it out to the ocean and hoped it landed on the beach to somebody that could use such items. I can’t wrap my head around it Ma’am I am freaked out. You know I’ve been telling everybody I took a photo and put it on instagram people of freaking I. Tell You right now I hope we. find out what kind of animal this is from I mean I’m wondering if it’s edible to be honest with you. I know some people eat brains It’s a thing you know of course, if you put a one sauce or barbecue on anything even honey mustard, you can make anything taste amazing. You know what I mean little tap Petillo on the brain I think that’s a good time. You know you can crunch it up. You know put brain in Taco it’s doable man it’s doable. Guys can figure it out halfway through that wasn’t the quote. I. Just kind of. Took along its own storyline. They couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t help myself guys. But if you or anyone you know has any information on whose brain this here’s where it came from. Please contact the Racine Wisconsin authorities.