Vagina climate change cult gathers in California. Vulgar swearing parrots removed from UK zoo.

Police in California break up a climate change cult with a giant vagina prop. Vulgar swearing parrots removed from a UK wildlife park. Indian man tells wife he’s got COVID-19 then flees to his new girlfriend. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

The police break up a climate change cult that had a giant vagina.

Yeah. This is real Richmond. California. Richmond’s point Malati was the scene of some type of cult or it may have been an activist gathering over the weekend police say. Officers were called late at night and arrive to find a group of. Fifty to sixty people dressed in all black attire. it was claimed that they might be Antiga however, they arrived via party bus. So probably not ANTIFA Bachelor party I mean Bachelorette parties are into weird things. There’s a giant vagina this sounds like a Bachelor party to me. But I’m no detective. Let’s find out what was going on These people were detained inside a dock building According to the report. The group was to recordings about climate change in mother Earth. Right maybe this isn’t a Bachelor party after all. It’s a climate change colts. I. Gather in abandoned buildings and talk about how the earth is warming. Glaciers are melting new. Help US mother Earth. He’ll us. I mean I’m just trying to. Act Out what was probably going on. Here’s the kicker though the group was listening to the recordings about mother Earth while assembled around a four foot tall model of a vagina. Amazing. No doubt they’re praying to mother earth and they’re using this vagina, the symbol of life. As some kind of vagina cult, is that what this is? The culture. So squirrelly and weird I just don’t understand where they come from where they get their beliefs. They just lonely people. At the end of the day, there’s just lonely people the like hey, La-. What are you doing this weekend? Nothing I don’t have friends. All right. Well, you want to come and meet me and my buddies. You know we don’t have friends either but every Sunday we get around. we go to abandoned buildings we take a party bus and we stand around a vagina and sing about climate change I I don’t know. If you if you don’t have anybody and you got nothing going on on Sunday, just hit us up it’s free to join. We’re looking for believers or not. Is there a chance you might get arrested of course, but isn’t it worth it? You might find your soulmate. At this time, no arrests were made and there is no information on what the group is or what they are. With I mean clearly they’re affiliated with female genitalia. Here’s a quote from Richmond police spokesperson Sergeant Aaron Pomeroy. It appeared the event was well organized in the group may have had the props and accessories previously staged. I’m not GonNa say what those props are because this children in the room right here. I’ll just tell you. It was genitalia related. It was huge. Okay. Was the biggest I’ve ever seen right and I’ve been to a few burlesque shows myself. It was nothing like that stripper in Miami, but that’s for another story. The incident is still under investigation and detectives will look further into the group’s actions, intentions and possible targets within the city of Richmond of course. Thank you very much. And that was Sergeant Erin Pomeroy mostly some of it was me What I want to know is what happened to the giant Vagina I imagine. It’s at the local police station. They propped it up in the office and they’re all laughing at taking selfies with it. And that’ll be put on the Richmond Police Department facebook page no doubt.

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Parrots were removed from a wildlife park after they started swearing at all the customers.

A group of parrots at a zoo in the UK had to be put back into isolation after they all started yelling Fu at the customers. Yeah. Yeah. The five African grey parrots were adopted on August fifteenth and put into a room together at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is that where they learned how to swear. Where did you get these parents from these swearing parents? Don’t you look into the past of the animals that would opt wildlife park you gotTa New who know who they were rolling with you know these are some Gangsta parrots here.

They got no manners. Insulting the guests you had to know when you picked him up. It appears that they use their time in isolation actually teaching each other foul language. They learned it in isolation. That’s amazing. Who was teaching them. It had to be a human right. Could they teach themselves how to swear? I wonder see I’ve never owned gray parrots I. Don’t know how smart they are I, mean if they’re locked up with Netflix’s though definitely learn how to swear for. Sure. Now the foul language left park staff in hysterics. They thought it was funny. But not so funny when the customers came around swift action had to be taken when they started using these obscenities with the guests, of course. CEO Stephen Nichols said the parents were put into a time out He. Says over the last twenty, five years you’ve taken in many parents that have sometimes had a bit blue language that’s pretty common. He says every now and then you’ll get one that swears it’s always funny. We always find it very comical when they do swear at you. Oh. Yes. What about when the customers come around you dummy but these particular parrots would nothing better to do in isolation and because by chance the latest crop adopted at the same time, they quarantine together leaving a room quote full of swearing birds Mr Nichols says. The. More. They swear the more you usually laugh which then triggers them to swear again and swear even more. They’ve been swearing up a storm all through isolation, of course. They not only learn to swear but learn to laugh at each other swearing imagine the scene. With an only twenty minutes of them being on display in the public, there were reports of the parrots swearing at a customer and things quickly escalated. We’ve found it highly amusing in the customers with fine. They were no problem at all but we worried because we had a weekend coming up and their children on the way. That was a quote from the zookeeper. While the swearing, birds helped put a smile on everyone’s face despite the worries of covid nineteen, they were placed in an offshore enclosure in the hopes they would be influenced by other parents to behave more appropriately is that how it works you just put them around other parents. And they learn how to say simple words like apple and carrot and hello like boring stuff. How do you know that other parents just aren’t going to pick up on the swears from these this group of ornery swearing re parrots. This sounds like fun. I should get myself a group of parents. I could just have a great time teaching them all sorts of Shit. The plan is to release the five birds into separate areas. So they can’t encourage each other anymore. However, everyone is appreciated the humor the mischievous parrots have afforded at the park because the pandemic has meant, the charity will likely have lost up to four hundred thousand pounds this year it’s been a rough year for zoos apparently. Hey. You know it seems to me if zoo is struggling just keep the swearing parrots right there front and center people are GonNa. Come from far and wide to hear what these ornery parrots are saying for sure I would I would want to hear it. I want to see it. You could shoot youtube videos that’ll go viral you can make money that way. These parents are your ticket out baby. I’m telling you right now people want swearing animals they it’s amazing.

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A man lied to his wife about testing positive for covid tried to disappear and then was found with a girlfriend.

A twenty eight year old man from Navi Mumbai who went missing in July after calling his wife that he had tested positive for corona virus was found last week with his girlfriend police say. What is this thinking? The man made a very dramatic call to his wife in July and said. Honey my corona virus test report has come out to be positive. I cannot live anymore. Before his puzzled wife could ask any questions he hung up. She. Then called up her brother for help who then reached out to the police. It was soon after that the man’s bicycle helmet bag and keys were found on one road. The police could not get any information though about his whereabouts it seemed as though he disappeared. The investigation by the police intensified the probe increased the police learned about extramarital affair. and. Then after a month-long search, the police found out that he was in a place called indoor I N. D. O.. R. E. OR IS IT in story I don’t know I’ve never been anywhere. The investigation team was sent all the way to indoor and the missing man was finally found with his girlfriend.

He was brought back to Mumbai shortly thereafter. Well, this guy really must’ve liked his wife to go through these lengths to get out of it. And to not really have an explanation just to hang up the phone how dumber you honey I got cova. Okay. I can’t talk by my life is over I’m dying. Okay bye-bye. It’s basically how it went down. Sir Sir are you okay or what? Do you really think that that’s sufficient for you. By. The way if you die by Kovic, you you go to the morgue I assume you somebody picks you up you just don’t die and disappear forever and ever did you think like your wife wasn’t GonNa call you know the local hospital more police what did you think was going to happen sir? What a fool You would be better off telling your wife that you were being abducted by aliens at this point I. Mean that’s a better plan still cockamamie. Jones Z.. Y.. You saying words like Cockamamie. I don’t know I watched too many looney tunes as a kid but it means ridiculous. Okay. If you’re looking it up. A ridiculous plan to say that you have covert and disappear. First of all, you don’t just immediately die with covert I mean does this guy know anything about covid? And what I would like to know is has this more on tried this with other scenarios like he calls his wife says honey I got mad cow disease I’m not gonNA live. Click. Honey, I got the swine flu. Click. I think I have Ebola I gotta go climate change melting never. See you again honey. Bye Bye Click. Did the tide pod challenge and I ate one I have no time to live with. You know some people just don’t want to be with some people and those people need to tell those people. That they don’t want to be with them so that we can avoid this nonsense. Although it does make a nice story for weird AF news so I’m grateful for that.

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