Young computer genius is latest saint. Theme park allows guests to work from the top of Ferris wheel

Pope Francis declares late Italian computer genius youngest saint in History. Japanese theme park allows guests to work remotely from the Ferris Wheel. Machu Picchu opened up for a single tourist who waited seven months to see it. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

A Japanese theme park allows guests to bring their laptops and work remotely from a ferris wheel.

Oh, yeah working remotely has reached New Heights literally wage Japanese theme park yomiuriland has a new program that allows guests to work from their rides such as the sky high Ferris wheel blue and the bumper cars and the roller coaster you can get work done on the bumper cars. Maybe you can the amusement workstation program as it’s called boasts access to Parks rides and amenities with Wi-Fi for about $18 on weekdays. 8:19 bucks on weekends. Are you afraid of heights? Well, those who want to have a more grounded remote work experience can set up shop poolside Instead at the theme parks work Booth stations that come complete with tables chairs and outlets for charging laptops and phones guests who who do decide to participate in the business meets pleasure package should know that the theme park has a no screaming aloud polishing. Put in place during the pandemic and an effort by Japanese theme parks to curb the spread of the virus. Does that work? No screaming and curbing the spread of the virus curious and also it sounds to me like the the rides are still operating. And so you’re allowing you just letting everybody know that if you do come here to work, don’t worry. The rides are operating but nobody screaming. Oh so you got no you can still work in peace. This is crazy. The Japanese are the only people that can install a no screaming aloud policy in a theme park and they’re the only would actually obey it and not screaming during rods. I mean, it’s unbelievable. They just have such control over their emotions. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. I’ve done comedy shows in front of Japanese people and they just I don’t know why they won’t laugh. There’s just they won’t Express. It’s so hard to get them to do that. Yeah. I’m sure they have no problem. No screaming on the Reds. This promotion by the way comes as a number of theme parks around the world have remained closed due to the coronavirus in the US theme parks, like Disney World and Disneyland have reopened but with limited capacities as many of them as remain closed due to fewer visitors still as a bid to boost business. Some destinations are offering remote work inspired vacation packages Caribbean island Barbados said it was working on launching a 12-month concept called the Barbados welcome stamp, which would allow visitors to come to the country and work remotely for a full year. You’re going to get nothing done in Barbados. Okay who is taking them up on this idea? And by the way, you’re going to get nothing done bringing your laptop to the theme park. There’s just no way you think you’re going to get work done at a theme park when you out of your mind, you’re going to be getting on rides and eating sausage. Like that’s what you do at a theme park. I mean, it’s like the most ultimate distraction you might as well try and bring your laptop to a strip club. I mean we’re talking ultimate distractions here keeping you from being productive at this a bad idea. I know they’re trying to stay open a page that but this is just crazy having a meeting on the pirate ship.

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Pope Francis declares a computer genius the youngest Saint in history

Fifteen-year-old Italian computer. Whiz Carlo acutus is headed to become the patron saint of the internet Carlo a cutest died of leukemia in 2006 and Pope Francis has deemed him responsible for a miracle. And for that reason he is beatified eyeing acutus long as the youngest person to hold the status beatification suggest that a person has entered Paradise in the person can now become a saint. Well, I wonder what sort of internet-related Miracles this guy Carla was into did he build the Vatican website? What did he do? Why is Pope Francis? So into this guy? Well, it says here a seven year old boy in Brazil was suffering from a rare type of pancreatic disorder deemed to be lethal. But then this young boy came into contact with Carlo a ketosis t-shirt and the pope believes that it was the reason that caused the boy to become Heat. Angie’s I just feel so bad for the Pope. I really didn’t. All right. Now we’re getting into it. Come on. No really touched his shirt and he’s healed is this what we’re believing in in 2020. I mean, I find it hard to believe that a t-shirt healed.

Somebody’s pancreatic disorder. We all going to pretend that this is not craziness with just me. I mean Catholicism has its uses sure sure. It’s a great way to create community and you know, there’s a lot of great rituals and you know, the wages are helping the poor and you know, there’s nothing wrong with praying and finding meaning in life in this religion, but that’s really the whole touch the t-shirt and you’re healed. We’re still doing that stuff home. I just I mean, I just I look at that in the same vein as I look at Burning witches, like that’s just old superstitious nonsense that we need to grow out of that’s just me. I mean I can say these things. I was raised Catholic. I’m okay now Josie, how dare you? All right. I’m sorry. Let me get back into let’s learn something here. All right, I want to learn about I want to learn how do you become a saint? Because I feel like I want to live in Paradise for eternity. It says here to become a saint to Miracles need to be associated with the person dead. But the person is dead and then the Miracles have to be Associated then it’s up to other people to associate Miracles with you. You have to have like a postpartum Miracle PR team who were just like trying to find miracles for you out there and attributed to you. You gotta really have a a good Twitter following moving along. How did the Pope know this guy package first caught Pope Francis is attention in 2002, and he created a website to document and list miracles. Francis has been in Praises of the late computer. Whiz since then often mentioning how a cutest use the internet to communicate values and Beauty because so this kid because he created the first religious website that listed some Miracles now he gets to be a saint I find like this is just this isn’t a real Saint guys. I mean come on really wage. If you’re the first person to just use a technology to help the church next thing. You know, you’re you got sainthood going on. I’ll tell you what Pope Francis. I will create the first podcast for the Vatican. How about that? Can I be a saint forever? And ever please? Can you then go scour the world for miracles to a tribute to me after I’m dead but like yes because somebody touched Jonesy sneaker, he was cured of cancer. Yes, another miracle attributed to the to the great podcaster the patron saint of podcasting Jonesy. Okay. I Googled how to become a Saint Louis. Apparently you have to first become a servant of God, then you have to show proof of a life of heroic virtue and then you gotta get verified Miracles and then cap ization. Well, I’m so far from this list. It’s not even close. I got no chance. First of all, I’m not a servant of God. I cannot show proof of a life of heroic virtue unless by heroic virtue you you mean I’ve won a bunch of softball games by hitting home runs verified Miracles. Yeah, that’s not happening. Either wage. Yeah. I don’t think I’m going to become a saint guys and the thing about those Miracles it says here. They have to be performed after death these Miracles. I mean, how do you even do that? I can’t even perform Miracles While I’m Alive wage. I thought I created a miracle the other day when I was stoned and went and got a box of dates and then a tub of whipped cream cheese out of my fridge and I just dipped the dates in the cream cheese and ate that and I thought it was the most delicious thing. I had ever eaten in my life. And I thought for sure I had a miracle on my hands there, but you know, I don’t I don’t know if that’s enough to get me into Paradise.

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 Machu Picchu opened up for a single tourist who waited seven months to see it

Peru’s famous Machu Picchu ruins Club four months due to the coronavirus pandemic reopened this week for one lucky Japanese tourist after he spent months stranded in the country due to global travel restrictions page Jesse takayama expressed his gratitude to officials who granted his special request to visit the ruins after he arrived months ago in a small town near the ruins where he has remained since covid-19 restriction was put in place by peruse government and others around the world peruse minister of culture Alejandro nearest said at a press conference, he had come to Peru with a dream of being able to enter wage Japanese citizen has entered together with our head of the park so that he can do this before returning to his country that by the way was a perfect impression of Alejandro naira if you’ve ever heard him at a press conference dead.

You’re welcome. This takayama guy originally purchased his ticket to visit the ruins in March according to the media Peru of course was forced to implement drastic covid-19 restrictions on travel including and to the all incoming international flights earlier this year, which only relaxed this month after the nation’s rate of covid-19 began declining in August the rest of the article gives some odd numbers of cases and deaths Etc. Nothing that’ll make you laugh or even feel good about yourself at all. So I’m going to Omit that I’m just going to say I’ve always wanted to go to Machu Picchu I have been to Peru but I did not have time to go to that particular place. It is astounding this place. I mean, right you’ve seen photos and videos, of course, of course, everybody knows Machu Picchu but and and what a shame that all of these sites all around the world are just shut down and tourism is just off off the grid right now. It’s just not happening to be able to visit a job. Like this though alone imagine that experience. I mean, I would totally I would like a private Machu Picchu tour with just me and my friends that would be amazing. I think even more than that, I would like to be allowed to be inside the great pyramid at Giza by myself. Just all day. Like just leave me in there all day to explore that would be a dream. No other tourists just me maybe bring my guitar in there. Make some music inside the pyramid. Did you know someone made a whole album inside a pyramid the parent the Great Pyramid Scheme, it’s totally true. You look that up. I forget the person that’s a weird person. Yeah, where would you visit if you could go anywhere have the place to yourself? Like, where would you want to go? I think the inside Great Pyramid is a great choice, but I’m sure you guys have something called the show. 646-450-2012

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