Best of Weird AF News 2020

BEST OF 2020 Weird AF News – Laugh it up with Jonesy • Yay • Man had sex with s dolphin for a year • Break • Carjacker on meth and a pet goat adult video store incident • Backspin • Easter eggs with porn inside Florida woman • Yay • Forest service recommends hugging trees instead of persons • Bongo • German police bust underground hair salons • Backspin • Come back with a warrant matt • BLEEP • Anchor • Mayor pretends to be dead to avoid arrest during lockdown party • Backspin • Man broke into bear enclosure and wrestled without a mask • Yay • Florida man kicks chicken like football player • Bongo • Man claimed he was making healthy meth • BLEEP • Man threw large pickle at a highway worker in Mass • Yay • Belgian man has been receiving pizzas he never ordered for years • Break • Man broke into a bank to heat up his Hot Pocket • BLEEP • Florida man tries to steal a plane to meet girlfriend • Backspin • Florida woman breaks in to cook ramen noodles • Bongo • Guacamole maker explodes in New York killing former mayor • BLEEP • Man installs life size wax model of dead wife for housewarming India • Break • Arkansas farmer disguised as woman defaced grave • BLEEP • Missouri doctor performed amputation on back porch • Ta-Da • At a Florida Bus Stop Song • Bling • Florida man caught masturbating claims he’s Captian Kirk • Censor Bleep • Fake dentist accused of kissing buttocks of lady with toothache • Break • Woman sex toy store • Bongo • Mom of two who married a tree celebrates anniversary • Ta-Da • Airlines introduce flights to nowhere • Yay • Florida woman named Lovely Butts poured bleach on a child • Goat • Man dies from black licorice • Bongo • Police break up climate change cult with giant vagina prop • Break • Florida barber accused of shooting at two clients • Ta-Da • Man arrested for trying to ressurect his grandman in cemetery • Glass Smash • Resurrect my Grandma song • Bling • Woman calls off wedding to ghost for doing drugs • Censor Bleep • Florida deputy gave kids guns to fight demons • Ta-Da • Florida woman repeats My butt just farted • Censor Bleep • Student dressed as Hitler for book week • Break • Emotional Support Canadians! • Goat • Florida woman arrested masturbating • Glass Smash • Florida man took child on crime spree to toughen • Yay • Men kidnap Turkey to vodka party • Bongos • Christmas mall kiosk drunk threesome • Check out the official website

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