Black licorice overdose kills a man. Police are investigating a used condom recycling factory.

Too much candy. Man dies from eating too much black licorice. Police in Vietnam investigate a used condom recycling factory. Chuck E. Cheese wants to destroy 7 billion prize tickets. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

Too Much candy a man has died from eating too much black licorice.

This story is out of Massachusetts so I’m GONNA give you a Boston accent like a true mass whole would. A Massachusetts construction workers love of black licorice wound up cost him his life. Eating a bag and a half every single day for a few weeks through his nutrients outta whack and it caused the fifty four year old man’s hat to stop doctors reported this week. This is unfortunate. Is this all the eight was black ish had no other nutrients. It sounds like that’s the case but let’s get further into the story. Here’s a quote from a cardiologist, which is just a great work to say with the Boston accent what do you have to for yourself cardiology cardiologists? Even a small amount of licorice you you eat can increase your blood pressure a little bit. Well I didn’t know that. Did you guys know that you black licorice and increases your blood pressure? Doesn’t all candy do that to you? anyways. Or is like black licorice special in this way It seems to me according to the Article Black Licorice is pretty special. The problem is glycemic acid, which is found in black licorice and in many other foods and dietary supplements containing licorice root extract. It can cause dangerously low potassium and imbalances and other minerals called electrolytes. You guys have heard of lights you get them when drink gatorade. So. I. Guess You could. You can eat all the black licorice. You want. You just gotTa Wash it down with gatorade although that doesn’t sound like a nice diet either. It says here eating as little as two ounces of black licorice day for two weeks could cause a hot rhythm problem especially for folks over forty according to the US. Food and Drug Administration. Here’s another quote. It’s more than licorice sticks. It could be jelly beans, licorice tease a lot of things over the counter even some beers like Belgian beers have this compound in it. That was a quote from Colorado cardiologist and former American hat association president. The death was clearly an extreme case. The man had switched from red fruit flavored twists to the black licorice version of the candy a few weeks before his death. This is just very sad. I love the red licorice by the way those are great. The fruit flavored twists What are they Twizzlers? Is that what they call that brand? Oh, I used to eat Twizzlers all the time but I hated and to this day I still hate the black licorice it’s the flavor’s just disgusting I won’t eat those thankfully. As a child had I liked black licorice prior to eight myself to death with black licorice. I mean, thank God you can’t OD on Tootsie Rolls I’ll tell you right now we would have had. I wouldn’t be here today to record this podcast in a closet. I’ll tell you right now. I think the health of this guy had something to do with it as well. So you guys don’t have to lose your mind over this right now. Okay. So he collapsed while having lunch at a fast food restaurant doesn’t sound like he’s taking care of his body very much. anyways. the doctors found he had dangerously low potassium which led to hot rhythm and other problems. The emergency responders that CPI and he did revive. But unfortunately, he died the next day. And apparently, this is dangerous. This sears acid you gotta watch out now the FDA permits up to three percent of a foods content to have this glycemic acid inside it but many of the candies and some licorice products don’t reveal how much of it is contained per ounce. In doctors are hoping that the FDA will. Raise attention to this risk and a crackdown on some of these licorice candies that are so damn dangerous especially around Halloween which is coming up guys you know. Thankfully. I won’t be trick or treating this year. So I’m not endangered. Really. Normally, I wouldn’t be endangered anyways because like I said I don’t need that blacker stuff I just can’t stand it. It’s just it’s wicked gross as you know I mean I don’t know maybe you guys like it but I think it’s weird. But I’m sure there’s other things you WanNa, be careful. You could possibly could you you might be able to od on candy corn as well. So just be careful of that just everything in moderation guys in life that’s how you do it everything in moderation. I feel really bad for this guy that OD licorice because of all the things the to go out on that’s not that’s not a lot of fun. All right I, mean if you’re OD on on I dunno. cheesecake I, mean, that’s a great way to go. Yeah OD on cheesecake or a Pumpkin Pie. Even love Pumpkin Pie us eat that until you’re dead I mean there’s certain things I. don’t mind eating till. I’m dead black licorice is last on the list.

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A factory is being investigated for recycling hundreds of thousands of used condoms.

Yes. This is in Vietnam. The Vietnamese police say their best to gaining a factory. That was found recycling about three hundred, twenty thousand used condoms for release. Following a tip from a local resident. Been Duong provincial market inspectors or the weekend rate at a factory near Ho Cheyman city where they found used condoms being repacked for sale on the market. Oh No. This is like a nightmare come true police say it’s not true. Please say they’re not used condoms that have been washed out at repackaged I can’t. I can’t even. The market inspector says the owner of the factory, a thirty, four year old woman confessed. They bought the used condoms from a man in the province. Hundreds, of thousands of used condoms, a man is selling that seems like a strange thing to sell. What do you mean? Such a man craigslist Vietnam like how? How do you get a hold hundreds of thousands of use condoms I don’t understand you contact local sewer sewerage plant. Hey. The condoms have passed through here through that are flushed down the toilet. Just, Rakim to the side and I’ll come by and pick them up at the end of the week. How about that? I. Just I can’t wrap my head around how you get so many used condoms. It says here, the condoms were washed reshaped and packed into plastic packages. No. I mean they gotta be so cheap to make why would you even go to the length of finding someone that can corral all of these used condoms and then pay this individual to bring them to you then pay. A machine. Hi, I dunno. Some way to wash them all out this has gotta cost all sorts of money just make new ones just little rubbery con I mean how hard is it to make new condoms? The police announced the investigations ongoing. They’re trying to track down others that are involved in this recycled condom ring. The media quoted a health official as saying that recycled condoms pose extreme health risk to users. Thank you health official for letting US know that we can’t use. RECYCLED CONDOMS I had no idea man it’s gotTa be difficult being a health official you got to study. Such things as what happens when you use recycled condoms is it permissible? Is it good for your health to use a condom that was already used? That’s been washed out by a thirty four year old Vietnamese woman. improbably came from a sewer. Thanks health official who boy? And Look I was quick to judge I, don’t know the state of the condom industry right now I mean are so many people just getting it on during the pandemic of running out of condoms here and and you gotta find a way to meet the demand therefore used condoms. Now come into the picture that you then create a system of somehow washing them out repackaging them. It’s no excuse I’m just wondering. Where does the demand for use condoms come from because I can’t wrap my head around it? But. I’d imagine there’s only one woman in Vietnam that can answer this question for me.

Chucky cheese is trying to destroy seven billion prize tickets.

This might qualify as kids wildest dream a mountain of Chucky cheese prize tickets. How many tickets? Well, seven billion price tickets it’s enough paper to fill sixty five shipping containers each forty feet long with tiny pieces of paper emblazoned with the image of the mascot, a rat named chuck.

and. Enough to cash in for nine million dollars in chucky cheese prizes. But soon, enough those tickets could be destroyed without ever getting into the eager pizzas, stained hands of the young customers that frequent and chucky cheese before it filed bankruptcy. Yes if you didn’t know sadly chucky cheese filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. Due to the pandemic. And this week chucky cheese asks a bankruptcy court judge for permission to spend more than two million dollars in order to destroy seven billion tickets which were printed before the June bankruptcy filing, but the tickets were never delivered. Even. Before the pandemic, the chain was shifting to eat tickets which reduce wait times in the chains six, hundred twelve locations and cut overall costs associated with printing such tickets delivering such tickets will now you’re stuck with seven billion tickets dummies. An suppliers are stuck with a mountain of seven billion printed tickets that chucky cheese no longer wants or needs under bankruptcy law accompany must seek court permission to spend money on anything chucky cheeses. Lawyers argue that it is better to pay to destroy tickets already produced than to risk having them fall into the hands of the general public? although what would the general public do with seven billion chucky cheese tickets if you guys are going out of business I, don’t know. Do you think they’re gonNA hold onto it? Although I mean, it is a fire hazard. This is an instance. Where we need to recognize how crucial it is for us to move from paper stuff to digital stuff that way we can reduce more stuff. How do you recycle seven billion tickets sixty five? Containers filled with paper. This is just over the top. This is just one business that’s unbelievable. Imagined the paper out there that’s being made every day we got cut down that crap. This story also reminds me of a lovely business that meant much to me as a child chucky cheese I always look forward to. Going to birthday parties that were held the chucky cheese my family never had chucky cheese birthday for me because we didn’t have much money and not that they cost a lot of money but it just wasn’t something we did. We have very modest birthday parties like a cake at home. Few relatives. But I had friends that would have these extravagant parties chucky cheese not that it’s that extract extravagant but. Compared to what I had it was it was pretty cool. I always look forward to it. I have fond memories of chucky cheese. I of Chucky cheeses coming back. This is one of the fall outs of the pandemic is. You know the fun gatherings that we used to have are no longer a thing birthday parties going out the door weddings or getting hit I’d Imagine Bachelorette parties are probably not going on too much. Halloween. That’s another thing that’s up in the air. But we need these things to have fun I. Guess We’re GonNa have to find new ways of having fun. Do, you have a new way of having fun that you can share with the rest of us, maybe you could call weird AF news and help us out here six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty, twelve. How did you spend your birthday? What exactly are you doing for Halloween? Let us know help us out. I need some fun guys I need some fun.