Chicken nuggets cure everything says doctor. College in Bali accepts a bag of coconuts for tuition.

Doctor claims chicken nuggets can cure Autism. Russian Sausage King murdered by a crossbow inside his sauna. College in Bali accepts coconuts for tuition. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

A doctor claims that a vaccine causes autism and chicken nuggets are the cure..

I like chicken nuggets. I like to think they can cure. Thanks oh man. Liked the nuggets over two hundred dollars. An hour is what this doctor costs and edinburgh. The doctor runs a private clinic in the capital and has come under fire for suggesting that autism may be caused by the mr vaccine jab in that organic chicken nuggets could alleviate the symptoms. What are they going. Be organic man. You know how hard it is to find. Organic nuggets bro. My god i can’t get him at the drive bro. Do you think this is man. Organic chicken nuggets. I don’t think i’ve ever had an organic chicken nugget in my life. I don’t even know. They sold organic nuggets. They sound pretty heavenly the maybe they can alleviate symptoms the media is probing this doctor lorraine a met who claims that autism is caused by an adverse reaction to children being given the m job jab despite this claim being repeatedly debunked by science jones. See what is the m. r. jab. It’s the vaccine against measles mumps and rubella and it’s it’s usually the first dose given to children around a year old. I’d say something like that Will let’s get back to the nuggets. They investigated this clinic because they received the number of complaints about concern patients Ca this doctor cells in quote autism treatment plus treatment which claims to have improved the development of eighty percent of the patients. Is this dr curing autism with nuggets. Whoa check this out. It goes deep. A mother with two autistic children went undercover to pose as a worried mom to discuss the treatment with this. This other doctor in the video. The private doctor spoke about how autism is linked to the measles mumps and rubella vaccination recommended organic chicken nuggets. Oh caught on tape recommended nuggets. Was this doctor. Paid off by mcdonald’s maybe know because mcdonald’s doesn’t serve organic nuggets in fact i don’t think those are. What are those even chicken. I i have my doubts. They are delicious though with sweet and sour sauce. Can we admit that macdonald. Sweden sour sauce. Like so good. You eat just about anything in that sauce. It tastes great. You could eat a severed human thumb and you’d be like heaven disclaimer. Disclaimer jones e. nor weird af news condones cannibalism. Now the rest of this article goes on to explain the details of the treatment that the doctor recommends. It’s a lot of diet stuff going like gluten free and all this. i can’t really get. I can’t find any more information about the nuggets. Like the like the doctor recommend barbecue sauce. Honey honey mustard the classics sweet and sour. What is the doctor recommend as a dipping sauce for this organic nugget autism treatment that at the end of the day sadly anti vaccine rhetoric is very common on social media in parents looking for help often lead in the wrong direction. The even blamed for their kids being autistic because they gave them vaccinations. It’s very sad situation. Another sad situation is that chicken mcnuggets. Unfortunately don’t cure anything except for your hunger and your craven fulsome deliciousness.

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The sausage king was murdered in a sauna with crossbow.

Just like the game Clue. It happened in the sauna with a crossbow. But who done it. Who killed the sausage king. Let’s find out this occurred in russia. It was the russian sausage king. You better believe him and give you a russian accent eventually. Let’s get into the story here. Some crimes can be described and relatively matter-of-fact terms while hearing about others. Makes you think of bizarre scenes. You might have seen in the film. This is the way to describe a murder which took place not far from russia earlier this week.

The victim vladimir meru gov a russian oligarch whose meatpacking empire earned him the nickname the sausage king. The details of the crime are especially shocking. Not for the faint of heart. Here’s a quote from an investigator. Several masked men entered the bath house tied up the owner of the house and his spouse and then demanded money. The wife managed to escape through a window called the police who later found her husband. Dead at the scene along with the crossbow used to shoot him. What a strange choice crossbow. Could you agree. It’s very medieval very old school. It’s well it is quiet. That’s a benefit of using it in a crime but you can’t really load them very quickly Just seems like a strange choice for a weapon. Here but i mean i don’t know it’s russia. Maybe they couldn’t get quality guns or something. I don’t know yeah russia’s crazy man you just never know what you’re going to be faced with russia just a crazy place at imagined it says here. Murder goff’s businesses included. Something called meet empire also oser risky sausages hence his nickname the sausage king. Now the fact that the victim was the sausage king makes me wonder. Was this just a regular old robbery situation. Or was this the work of some vegans who were just just tired of it. Tired of the sausage. They want to bring down the sausage factory and so they they targeted the sausage king or was it was it. The sausage kings bitter rival the bacon king at imagine. There’s a bacon king in russia as well sausage king. Verse the bacon king. You know it goes way way back the battle between sausage and bacon every breakfast. They’re battling the choice. You want your eggs. Do you want bacon or sausage. I don’t know about you guys. But i’m bacon man but occasionally occasionally i will mix it up and get myself some sausage. I’ll tell you right now. i’m only doing links though. I’m doing the links you get the hell out of here with that patty situation okay. I’m not getting a sausage patty. Alright it it. It’s like an imitation sausage. That’s not even a real sausage sausage. Patty get out of here with your sausage patty. I want sausage links. Or there’s no deal no sausage deal. What about you guys a. Are you a sausage or bacon. Call the show six four six four five zero two thousand twelve share share.

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 A college in Bali is accepting coconuts as tuition.

This sounds like heaven. I want to go back to college. Just some coconuts. Gotcha no problem. I will pay you full tuition right up front. This place is called the venus one tourism academy in tag alang bali and This year marks the academy’s third graduating class. They are leaving equipped to pursue careers in the hospitality industry. Yeah obviously it’s called the tourism academy because of cove. It hasn’t been the easiest year to be a student at any level but the venus one torres academy has been pretty good about tuition fees and has even started accepting payment and coconuts. That’s right coconuts. Initially the tuition payment was paid in instalments. three times. it says here with the first installment at fifty percent of the total the second twenty then the third thirty percents because of this covert pandemic. They’ve adapted a flexible policy. It says here the academy produces virgin coconut oil. So students can actually pay their tuition by bringing coconuts. The director of the academy also said the school accepts. Something called murang’a leaves as well as the leaves from go to cholla a culinary and medicinal plant the coconut oil and assorted leaves will be combined into herbal soap products that can be sold on campus to raise money for the academy. This is like a splendid deal. You could just go to college and you bring some leaves in. Some routes some coconuts. Unbelievable you could just walk into the forest forest and just gather your tuition it and bring it back your backpack full leaves.

That’s just a great deal. I mean this is exactly the opposite of what it cost to go to college in the us. It’s so expensive man the amount of my peers including myself that some student loans. It’s just out of control. I wish i could paid with some mushrooms that i gathered in the yard. That would have been splendid. Or you know just go up to vermont and gather some maple syrup fresh out of the tree. Give him a few bottles bam next thing. You know you get yourself a sociology degree which you will learn. Doesn’t pay the bills. I do enjoy the story very much because it highlights a couple of things one. The way in which colleges have to pivot in order to accommodate students that are struggling financially because of the pandemic super important. If you notice that’s not really happening in the us. The people i know are still paying full price and get this. Most of their classes are on zoom. They’re paying full price to not even have the on campus experience. Isn’t that a rip off. If i’m being on zoom for all of my college experience then i want half off the price at least at least it’s ridiculous The other thing that this story is teaching me is that not all colleges are about the money some of them are still about the education At something i have seen to forgotten after having a a little bit of an american college experience. So it’s nice to know that some places out there still like no you know. We want to give people an education you. You don’t have any money all right. Sure sure just rake up some leaves and bring them in pick a bag full of mangoes out of the trees over there and just come on in and sit down and learn.

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