Human head found in recycling bin is not a Halloween prank. Con artist tried to sell Alladin’s Lamp.

Con artist in India summoned a genie from “Alladin’s Lamp” to sell it to an unsuspecting doctor. Anxiety in 2020 has fueled the sales of crystals in America. Man arrested for dumping a human head in a recycling bin as sick Halloween joke. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

Some con artists in India summoned a genie and sold a doctor Aladdin’s lamp.

Oh, the poor dummy! Yep, two men were arrested in western utah pradesh which is in northern india after they allegedly cheated a doctor of our s. Thirty one lock which is the equivalent to about. Forty thousand dollars american This doctor handed over the money for what he thought was aladdin’s lamp. Yeah the actual aladdin’s lamp the magical artifacts from the popular middle eastern folk tale that brings forth a wish granting genie when it is rubbed. You guys have seen the cartoons the movies etc. You rub the lamp right puff. A genie comes out that genie’s usually like blue red got a blue face Didn’t like shaquille o’neal play. Genie in a movie was probably awful. I didn’t see it but you know. The genie comes out of the the the lamp gives you. I don’t know if it’s three wishes or unlimited wishes or one. Wish you use that one. Wish to wish for unlimited wishes. I would use that one wish to. You know wish. I was a little bit taller. That’s all i’m a simple man. I want simple things in life. Well these aladdin lamp selling con-artists even managed to get this. They managed to summon a quote jeannie from the lamp in order to convince victim according to the doctor who was cheated. How dumber these doctors. In india met the doctor who’s last name is khan fouled the complaint with the police describing in detail how he had been swindled by the now arrested men. According to the doctor he. I met them when he began treating woman they described as their ailing mother. Here’s a quote from the doctor. I started visiting their home to treat the mother. The visits continued for about a month. Gradually these guys started telling me about a abbaba whom they claimed also visited their home. I guess a baba is genie. They started brainwashing me and asked me to meet meet this baba no. The doctor said he met the baba who seemed to perform rituals. What did what did he do. Card tricks eventually. This group told me that they would sell me a lamp. But i could only come up with the down payment for the lamp. They asked for a lot of money for the slam. They told me this lamp would bring wealth health and good fortune. They said this is quote aladdin’s lamp during one visit quote. Aladdin actually made an appearance in front of me. I did not know who this person was. At the time i later realized one of the accused was actually dressing up as aladdin. Are you stupid doctor seriously. This is like a fictitional person. Aladdin rise from fairytale from my understanding. You actually were duped into believing that one of the guys was actually aladdin. It did look like one of the brothers From earlier very strange. I thought it was a it was. They had a strange resemblance photos from the police station where the complaint was filed. Show the two arrested men and a massive golden colored lamp that was seized by the police. We have found that the same men went to other homes in the city says a police official and they cheated many families. We have found the involvement of three people so far to have been arrested. One woman is on the run. What did the women have to do with it. You know when you have crimes like this. It’s almost like a even feel bad for the victim. Because you’ve got to be so supremely stupid to be conned by something like this. It’s a fictitious artifact the fantasy people and you believe in it. I mean it’s like if someone runs up to you and tries to sell your abraham lincoln’s eyebrows. Just take a moment. Okay maybe go to the police. I ask some friends. Did you not ask a friend. Hey man you know someone’s trying to sell me. Aladdin’s lamp is is a real thing. You’re going to tell you bro. you’re stupid. No it’s not real in fact. Why don’t you take me to meet these guys like how did that not happen. Does this guy not have a single friend that he could tell a. Hey man you know these guys told me. They had a elvis’s guitar.

The ghost of elvis appeared in and strummed. It a little bit told me it was indeed his guitar the one that he wrote blue suede shoes on. And i just want like elvis salon. And i just thought hey it’s gotta be elvis’s guitar his damn ghost that is telling me about it and play it right. I mean really really. Did you also give someone one hundred thousand dollars for carpet. That can fly. I wonder.  I don’t feel bad. Am I out of my mind?

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Anxiety is driving a crystal boom.

People are looking for healing. And they’re looking to crystals the pandemic and a bitter election season have helped sales of goods associated with metaphysical wellness in the us to soar. Brian beauty heaves a pick axe against the side of colorado’s formidable mount and terro twelve thousand feet above sea level up here. The air is so thin that it offers little resistance and the stroke of his pickaxe sends shards of light grey granite flying against a stock blue sky. Yeah that’s right you get sound effects with this story kink kink. A burly figure in a sweat stained leather hat busey picks through the shards in search of treasure. The fifty eight year old prospector is hunting aquamarine a gemstone that appears to enclose the ocean and is the official state rock of colorado by the way today. It’s a very popular choice among metaphysical stone enthusiasts for the same reasons nervous sailors once carried it across vast uncharted seas the energies associated. With this gemstone come encourage are in very high demand right now in the united states. Well it is twenty twenty. There’s a lot of anxiety this makes total sense to me. People are buying crystals and other ritual goods associated with metaphysical healing what is metaphysical healing jones. E. well apparently it’s the perceived power of natural objects that can be harnessed to your benefit. Sales have soared for these objects at a time when people have cut back on superfluous expenditures. Even believe it or not. The diamond industry has taken a hit. Of course because who’s getting married in twenty twenty. It’s a crazy idea. Americans still account for thirty five percent of the growing global market for gemstones in metaphysical retailers site. Current stresses in two thousand twenty for driving as much as a doubling in crystal sales. Let’s get back to busey high up on those rockies. Beauty is the first step in a more local supply. Chain that brings aquamarine tormo lean topaz quartz in other gyms to customers all across the us. He spends most of his summers high in the colorado rockies. His heavy beard hammering away tink tink despite the bleak outlook at its start. He says this year has been surprisingly good to his family operating mining in jewelry operation. Here’s a quote from. Uc people are looking for healing in trying times where i’m at colorado in particular is a real hot spot for crystal mining because of its rich geological. History it’s also a very robust marketplace. I’m gonna say although. I haven’t met him. That’s a perfect impression of busey with his beard and weathered face high on a colorado precipice standing over his crystals. Bbc’s mine what do people do with these. Crystals jones e. well metaphysical enthusiasts carry crystals close to their hearts use them to decorate altars and swear by their power to heal or protect. And i don’t know if believe in these things. I’ve never really tried them. So i can’t say from and i do like to go by first person experience. They say these things work though Mfs is said to bring cognitive clarity. Tore malene may relieve crony fatigue and fortified the immune system already. Told you what aquamarine does sailors have been carrying them for centuries. Apparently this is big business. These gemstones so a lot of people believe in it. Maybe there is some some truth to it. I don’t know any of you into this. Any of you have any evidence of this. Have you experienced some life. changes Some healing because of these stones. My first inclination is that it’s total bullshit. But i’m open. I’m open to being convinced. Otherwise i really am. I want to believe that weird stuff is happening. That’s why like i wanna to believe in bigfoot. I don’t but i want to believe in bigfoot. I wanna run into bigfoot. While i’m hiking i really do. I want to believe in all of this stuff.

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A man who dumped a human head in a recycling bin as halloween joke has been arrested.

Police in Spain of arrested a man spotted throwing a human head by a recycling bin after they discovered the body that it belonged to the alarm was raised after the suspect was seen carrying the head poking out of the bag before discarding it and running away with is your first mistake. But you’ve gotta cover up the head. Everybody knows that when you’re transporting human heads you can’t have the hair or any or the nose or anything poking out of the bag come on get with it bro. He discarded it and ran away. He thinks this is a joke. Hi it’s halloween. Funny human head. Everyone’s gonna love this witnesses at first mistook the incident in the city for sick halloween. Joke of course with local report saying the man had even shown the head to some passersby including children. Oh this is a very sick individual then. This is a mental. This guy needs to be put away or something. This is serious mental issue showing the head to children. Are you crazy sir. It’s halloween though. It’s really the only time you can show a head that children. And they won’t freak out they’ll actually like i mean freak out a little bit but it’s not like you showed. It showed him ahead on christmas morning. That would really freak them out. I need more info. Who is this maniac. Police in the southwest city of huelva near spain’s border with portugal were alerted at three. Pm yesterday after members of the public re realized the head was real. I would hate to be the person that found that head and realized it was real. The arrest was made in a nearby apartment just after nine pm where officers also discovered the body of the dead man who was described as a friend of the man they arrested. Who’s aged around fifty. Neither man has been named some video footage emerged of the police examining the bag with the head inside. Also officers were filmed interviewing witnesses. Here’s a quote from a passer-by dresses conan the barbarian for halloween. When i saw the head was frightened. I said get our own. Get down get down ahead get down. Officials said this is very early in the stages of investigation and no one should make any judgment this time. Yeah i’m making judgment day going to judge this guy. You’re you’re throwing a human head into a recycling bin. What a strange thing to do. I mean you can’t recycle heads first of all. That’s weird right. That’s for plastic and paper and metals and whatnot. I mean it’s it’s obviously you put it in the compost bin silly. Everybody knows that’s where you put your severed heads or body parts. You go in the compost bin you know. It’s all about recycling really recycling the body the body parts. This is sad. I shouldn’t i shouldn’t just. I shouldn’t make jokes. Some there was a victim here. Someone was murdered clearly It’s terrible thing and it’s you know thoughts and prayers to the fam- thoughts and prayers to the fam.

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