Floridaman paid to get mauled by a leopard. Man stole bulldozer to drive over some Biden signs.

FLORIDA FRIDAY- Floridaman stole a bulldozer to drive over some Biden campaign signs in people’s yards. Floridaman mauled by a leopard after paying for the “full contact experience “. Florida woman in labor stops to vote on the way to the hospital. Florida woman shot a man who gave her counterfeit dollars in exchange for drugs. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

A Florida man stole a bulldozer and then drove through a neighborhood destroying Biden campaign signs police say.

A man in Florida has been accused of stealing a bulldozer than destroying residential yards in order to remove Biden Harris campaign signs. What’s this guy’s name? This anti Biden Dude who also likes to play with large vehicles operating heavy machinery under the influence of Florida are we James Blight Twenty six was arrested and charged with grand theft auto? Also trespassing because because when you drive a bulldozer through people’s yards, apparently that’s trespassing. Not your typical trespassing where you jump a fence, it’s a different kind of trespassing. Will you drive through a fence? Police say this Mr Blight. Isn’t it? Kind of fitting that his last name is blight which means like a calamity. Mr Blight stole the bulldozer from a construction site and then drove it through Haines city. Ramming it through residential fences take take. What happened there taking out a city owned speed limit sign while digging up signs displayed to support Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s election campaign. Here’s a quote from. A public information officer for the city police. Black. Told police that he had been drinking whisky all day did not remember most of the day as a matter of fact, he said he couldn’t help but hit the Joe Biden signs and acknowledged taken down a few fences in the process. Mr Black said, he did not know how to operate the equipment and the first day in place. While they did a pretty good job apparently. Taken down all those signs while not injuring a single person. That’s pretty impressive. It’s absurd that a grown man can think he had the rat to destroy someone else’s property based on a difference in political opinions. The fact that he was driving this heavy equipment that he did not even know how to operate down busy roads could have been disastrous. If you ask me, we’re thankful no one was hurt in the matter. A former mayor named Mr Burgess said that black took down Biden Science from his yard then knocked down his fence with the bulldozer. To come into our community and destroy property, it speaks to the dog whistles that Donald Trump has been putting out this whole campaign stand back and stand by we have guys and bulldozers doing this. What does the president have to say about that? That’s what the guy said. This incident is the latest in a string of incidents involving vandalized campaign signs. Signs supporting president. Trump in Biden have been targeted by vandals in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Signs were stolen from lawns in Arizona meanwhile, city employees in Michigan, cut his fingers on razor blades that were put on the bottom of a trump sign. He was trying to move while a man in Massachusetts had Biden Harris sign made of Hay Bales lit on fire earlier this month. Oh boy well, this is a very steamy campaign. Okay. A lot of people feel very strongly this time around more. People are voting than ever. So you’re going to get some people who feel very strongly and they’re gonNA tear down your signs they’re going to poop on them. They’re going to burn them. They’re going to perform some witchcraft and in Florida. I mean, they’re just gonNA take a bulldozer and drive right through your house to let you know that they don’t appreciate your signs that are in the front yard.

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A Florida man was mauled by a leopard after paying for full contact experience with a big cat.

Davey Florida a man paid one hundred and fifty bucks for a full contact experience quote with a Black Leopard. This man says he had to undergo multiple surgeries after he was mauled by this fully grown animal in an enclosure behind a davy home behind a home you mean, in the backyard of some regular person, a resident you paid for a full contact experience with a black leopard that was in someone’s backyard you’re surprised you had to undergo multiple surgeries sir.

What is this morons name? Oh Dwight Turner you know people named Dwight they just make bad decisions. Did you notice that? Picture obtained by local news shows Mr Turner’s heavily bandaged head in his ear after a savage attack which detectives from the Florida Fish and wildlife conservation commission say happened behind a home. Oh No. I hate to laugh but I mean you’re just an idiot man. The man who lives there identified as Michael Poggi has a facebook page saying that he runs an animal sanctuary for. Not Another one in Florida don’t have you guys seen the Netflix series don’t you know better? He runs an animal quote animal sanctuary for rare and endangered animals. I tell you that tiger king series is just having a terrible influence on the world. It really is people just think they can now have big cats in their yard and charge people to come and pet them. investigators say this Poggi charged Turner a hundred and fifty bucks for a full contact experience with his black leopard. What do you get with the phone contact experience where you get to play with it, rub its belly, take photos and have your ear ripped off apparently that’s the that’s the full contact experience. The report says that once Mr Turner walked into the Leopard enclosure the big cat just attacked him no warning didn’t say what’s up just jumped on his face that was that the injuries were unfortunately. So severe, the victim Scalp was apparently hanging from his head and his right ear was torn in half and Jeez sorry for those details they were in the article authority say Mr Poggi was charged with allowing full-contact with an extremely dangerous animal was cited for maintaining captive wildlife in an unsafe condition. Oh, you mean in his backyard, it’s not okay. Well, no actually check this out. Authorities say Mr. Poggi is actually licensed to have the leopard. They say Poggi admitted to them. What he did was illegal I guess you can have the Leopard. You just can’t charge admission to the lepers Leopard’s claws and mouth. You. Can’t do that you. You can’t charge people for the full contact scalp removal experience.

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A Florida woman goes into labor and on the way to the hospital, she stops to cast her vote.

A very determined to Florida woman in Orange County is making some headlines around the country after she made her hubby. pullover into the elections office. So she could make sure cast her ballot before delivering that baby. got a quote here from someone who was on the scene. Her name is Karen Gonzalez. She works at the Elections Office in Orlando She’s the one who sprang into help make sure the woman got the chance to cast that ballot before she went to the hospital Karen said. She was quite calm surprisingly, but the husband was a little nervous. Karen says that the woman’s husband showed up in line ask for a ballot for his wife. they asked to see a license that’s when the husband told Karen that actually his wife is pregnant and in the car waiting while in Labor. His wife he says refused to go to the hospital until she was able to cast her vote. Well, the staff kicked into high gear. They grabbed a vote by mail ballot and race to the car to check her. Id. Karen. Gonzales she thought the woman would fill it out later right? Like normal person. She probably should go to the hospital have the baby then fill it out later. Oh No that didn’t happen. The Lady said she wanted to fill it out right then and there. Here’s a quote from Karen. So the woman in labor filled out her ballot while doing a little controlled breathing she was very happy. She got vote. Her vote was then certified and put right in the ballot box. The employees at the Elections Office gave the child already in the car and American flag before they drove away to the hospital. I’ll tell you right now this man is pretty crazy to pull over in the middle of Labor to have his wife. Grab a ballot I. Mean he could have done this afterward you gotta convince your wife just go to the hospital bro, like what are you pulling over to vote for? This is crazy. Absolutely crazy unnecessary. The deadline isn’t here yet. All right. You don’t have to vote early have the baby I. You know what do you think in this crazy Florida woman. To vote that much. Did she think she wasn’t GonNa live through the Labor I mean I don’t know what she’s thinking but clearly she felt that she had to do it right then and there I would not have brought her there if I was the husband that’s for Damn. Sure. And then stand in line while she’s in the car in that hot car you know doing her breathing exercises you out of your mind.

Sir You. Okay. But I tell you this is just a testament on how strong people feel about this election. They WanNa vote before they do anything even you know deliver a baby.

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A Florida woman shot a man JUST TO WATCH HIM DIE -I’m kidding- she shot a man who gave her counterfeit cash during a drug deal.

A woman allegedly shot a man in a public parking lot nothing good happening in a public parking lot. That’s almost as bad as a walmart parking lot. This guy apparently gave this woman counterfeit cash during a drug deal that they had set up over snapchat and it had no idea that drug deals are now happening over snapchat in Tiktok I’d imagine as well. According to Boynton Beach Police Twenty one year old Michaela. Francisco was arrested on charges of aggravated battery carrying a concealed firearm during the commission. Of A felony, an improper exhibition of firearm improper exhibition of a firearm. You mean shooting somebody with it is that the improper exhibition? How dare you exhibit the gun in that manner I mean I mean shooting people with. This Francisco girl allegedly arranged to meet a man in a parking lot too. So him some marijuana O- drug deals are still happening revolving marijuana. It’s so nice to hear I thought those days were over. I mean, can’t we all buy marijuana in stores now I mean the thrill of the drug dealers just going out the window tell you but nice to hear it’s still happening in. Florida. Marijuana. Deals. This lady tells the detectives in an interview that the man get out of his car came up to her passenger side window tossed the money into her car after she gave him the marriage you WanNa. Officers say Michaela notice the money the man gave quote obviously fake I don’t know what that means obviously fake. I. Wish I could see a picture of it was just a stack of a monopoly money those purple and pink colors was at that. She says it was obviously fake money. So she pulled out her gun as he started to drive away. She fired several shots at his car I guess that’s what you mean by unlawful X. Submission. When the police arrived on the scene they found a car that had crashed into concrete barriers and you’re near the entrance of the grocery store as well as seven shell casings in the parking lot I. Guess she shot the car up The man was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. Michaela Francisco was detained after she was found waiting in the parking lot. She was just waiting. This girl was a bad ass. I’ll tell you right now you picked the wrong girl to give some monopoly money to for marijuana’s exchange I’ll tell you right now. Sir. I am Michaela Francisco and they will not accept monopoly money for this one.

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