Halloween skeleton strip club too risky for the neighborhood? Dead missing man’s skull surprise.

Human skull on a family’s mantelpiece for a year identified as a man missing for eight years. Pole dancing Halloween lawn skeletons deemed too risky for the neighborhood. Man arrested after throwing cash from his balcony while high on meth. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

A human skull wearing sunglasses sitting on a families mantelpiece turns out to be a man that was missing for eight years.

Oh yeah. Just missing man on your mantle of human skull. Hey, come on over and enjoy my human skull. Who is it don’t ask questions isn’t it? Lovely? Look at the sunglasses I placed on him. He’s got a cigarette hanging out of his mouth I don’t know who that is, but it sure is great for Halloween ain’t it enjoy there’s candy corn in its mouth. Go ahead put your hand in. This human skull which has been sitting on someone’s mantelpiece and Tennessee for a year probably someone who killed them. This human skull was identified finally as a man who’s been missing for eight years the district attorney revealed in a facebook post because that’s how you want to reveal important DNA information The facebook Post said that these remains belong to an individual named junior Willie McCann, who’s been missing since since September twenty twelve junior with a McCain been missing well, this is his skull. How did they come upon the skull? Did they buy it at a yard sale? Was it some sort of Craig craigslist swap? Do they actually kill the gentlemen I’d like to know DNA testing proved that the skull on the unidentified persons mantle did in fact belonged to the local men who was last seen alive almost a decade ago. The SCO was on a shelf wearing sunglasses before the discovery was made by authorities. Among other things that aren’t known, it’s not even known if the man who had the skull on display even knew it was a real skull. The man at the residents claimed he had found the skull. The skull was found in March two, thousand nineteen, in fact. In the Morgan County area, of Tennessee. Sheriff’s Office took the remains to a laboratory had attested against DNA samples of the McCann family. Sheriff Johnson was quoted speculation and rumor has been that junior. Willie McCain was possibly killed by family member who is Now deceased as well. We’re investigating this. An extensive explorations being made in the area around where the skulls I discovered. We’re hoping to find some additional remains so we could get more results, piece this thing together. Meanwhile have a happy and safe Halloween guys. If you got a skull on your mantle, please bring it down to the station and get a DNA tested. You may think it’s not a real skull, but it probably is and we we need to investigate because you may have killed that person and you didn’t even know it. Happy, Halloween. Entirely the quote from the sheriff, but I’d like to take liberties when I do these stories as you know. People on facebook are lashing out giving opinions on this one person said. You’ve found a human skull in instead of calling the sheriff you put it on your mantle year that’s messed up. No no it’s really not that messed up considering this Tennessee and given the options of what people in Tennessee could do with skull. This isn’t half bad in my opinion. Let’s see another person wrote. This is just one of those things that leave me speechless. If it was found why in the world was not turned over to the authorities what in the hail were they thinking they didn’t turn it over to the authorities again this is Tennessee. Do you do you know the kinds of people that live in Tennessee? It’s like Florida’s red-headed stepchild. This is what’s going on here. Jones he did you just say red headed stepchild. Yeah. I know it’s an old school thing I I. Apologize. Please forgive me it’s. It’s not a knock on people with red hair really It’s not I in fact. I. I’ve dated people with red hair. I have people with red hair in my extended family. So man, I, love me some red heads you know I gotTa. Say Jones. What is with this red headed stepchild phrase I don’t know it’s a thing I used to say as a kid we all used to say it. Believe. Me I don’t have anything against people with red hair. In fact, I’ve dated people with red hair. I have people in my extended family with red hair. In fact, some of my favorite WWF wrestlers from back in the day had red hair and my favorite celtics player some of them had red hair as a matter of fact. So I’m definitely not anti. Red Hair. Now, I just looked up to phrase what does it mean red-headed stepchild look at these stories you never know where they’re going to end up this one’s taking a strange term, but I had to get to the bottom of this by the way.

I’m sure this is now unacceptable in our culture I didn’t know So please forgive me the they add a new word every week. Someone’s being offended somewhere by something and so listen forgive me for not keeping up on everything. The meaning of red-headed Stepchild is clear. It says here it’s used to describe a person who is neglected mistreated or unwanted. The evidence shows that it was originally. American. It has spread not only to Canada but also the UK forgive US guys leave it up to Americans to be spreading just awful phrases. And though it’s unusual here and almost always appears in writing by Americans. It’s basically it says this is an American thing. So some of you were listening like what is even talking about I don’t know is I went off on a tangent here. Was I talking about human skull goodness I’m so high hold on. Okay. The article ends by saying the police are calling on the public for information relating to Mr McCann’s death that’s In case you forgot that’s the guy whose skull on the mantelpiece in this particular story. I know I veered off greatly from the original premise. If you have any information, you can call four, two, three, three, four, six, six, two, six, two for the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. I’d love to imagine that’s one of these cases that I’ve left the phone number two on news was actually solved by a listener of my show that would be fantastic and just the the publicity that my show could probably use. So if you guys know anything about this skull, if you happen to be the one who was the cause of this Mr McKenzie demise, isn’t it? Mr They they? They know it’s a Mr. Of this Mr McKenzie demise, please call that number turn yourself in William do the right thing. Okay or you know I’ll do you want to wait until after Halloween get some candy in your belly I understand that to.

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Pole Dancing Halloween lawn skeletons are deemed too risky for the block.

This woman doesn’t have any skeletons hiding in her closet they’re all stripping on her front lawn. About that for a pun for Halloween, this year, Richmond Texas Resident Angela Navy created a Skeleton Strip club right on her front lawn for all to see who the lusty outdoor venue which Angela calls. The Candy Shop Features Skeleton Strippers Pole dancing while wearing wigs. There’s also some skeleton customers seated getting lap dances offering tips. There’s even a skeleton bouncer wearing shades in a baseball hat with the words security. It sounds amazing. All this effort she’s gone into. Entertaining the neighborhood scaring the kids given us hope during Halloween when we’ve already given up how many of you have not even put up decorations this year you’re like what the Hell I’m not even gonNA put skeleton of a dead guy on my mantle forget it I’m not in the spirit. That’s not what Angeles said. She’s not taking this pandemic lying down. She’s like I’m going to get out there and make seen on my front lawn that everyone can enjoy. The scene is far from dead as well because Angela, she changes up the scene daily. She moves the strippers around she moves the customers around. She also plays music for an hour at eight PM. Up. In the club getting lap dances, making it rain with her skeleton. Strip club unbelievable Angela I commend you for doing such things. We have a quote from Angela here. It’s really been just a great creative outlet for me. We’ve decided if if this brings a little bit of joy in a little bit of smiles to everyone this season than we know we’re doing everything, right what can we say? And it certainly seemed like this display was spreading some halloween joy in spirit as her neighbors all seem to love it. It was also a hit online. But then Angela received a letter from her homeowners association on Sunday. Oh No not the homeowners association. These people are no fun. In other words the no fun police, your Homeowner’s association who are these people like the oldest people. that. You have in your in your hood they’re always the oldest people that have nothing better to do. They don’t work a day job the retired. So they’re like, let’s get on the association and make sure nobody in our area has any fun whatsoever. anyways, the letter said her exotic dancers. Offensive and they were inappropriate for the family friendly neighborhood. They told Angela she had thirty days to take them down despite despite Halloween being this. Saturday. Well that’s at least she gets to keep him up for Halloween Angeles said, it was a little sad to me. You know. But you know then I got so much support a facebook from other people who really enjoyed it is just said, forget it. You know people who are having so much fun with and they love it I’m I’m GonNa continue to do this she said and I commend her. I’m looking at the photos of this thing it’s it’s fabulous. The of positions she’s managed to put these skeletons in on a pole i. mean she spent a Lotta time doing this she had to glue the wigs on I. Assume these girls are hanging upside down on the whigs still on their skull. Unbelievable. There’s a disco ball there’s a light show. This is incredible. What an effort I’ve never seen such a thing if I did. I would. Totally. Take photos and videos this.

This would be a hit. This’ll be one of the best front lawn Halloween scenes at ever seen this season for sure for sure super creative and also something that really I love. Hilarious, it’s hot. A Skeleton Strip club with even a bouncer is hot. Laris and you’ve got to be a beast a monster to disagree that this is something that the community needs. You gotta be one of these old scrooge types you know what I mean was having fun. You know I’m just I’m just so tired of people with too much time on their hands being professionally. Offended this is what they do with their lives, their whole lives they just sit around and wait and look for Shit to be offended by, and then make it their business to take it away to remove it from the culture despite most people not being offended most people enjoying it such as Angeles Beautiful Strip club skeletons that the entire neighborhoods really enjoying you can tell by the. Feedback getting online that people online are enjoying it. It’s bringing joy to us at a time where we need a little bit of joy. We forgotten about really celebrating holidays haven’t we I. don’t even think I’m dressing up for Halloween. I don’t know a lot of us are like forget Halloween. Just like Fourth of July was a bit of a Blur I. Didn’t enjoy like I usually do it a little little bit. And I’m looking towards Christmas like what the Hell Am. I GONNA do. So if anybody out there, put forth an effort like this, to remind us all you know what life can go on. You don’t have to just you know completely change everything that you do and remove. All of the holidays and all of the things that you you’ve had that our rituals in your life to bring joy, you don’t have to remove them. We can all still move forward and still live life like we used to. This is one of the reminders that destroyed go on and I love it. The fact that someone’s offended by this I’m so tired of it man you know if it was up to me, I’d round up all of these people that are professionally offended all these offenses is that a word offensive he’s just. Put them all on their own island. Let them live just these dull uninteresting lives he’s boring. Just let them complain all day just get what just live on your island with all your people there. You know what? You don’t have to participate in the culture anymore. You don’t have to watch what we’re doing. Tell us that we’re all wrong. You don’t have to be just a a Downer when we’re all trying to have a good old time I’d love to do that I mean obviously, I don’t have the power to do that but. Man Maybe I’m really out of line right now I went off right there. Please forgive me this kind of stuff just gets me going though you guys agree or disagree with this six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty, twelve.

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A very nice man was arrested after throwing cash from his thirtieth floor window on top of commuters.

Chinese police have arrested a very, very gracious man after he scattered a heavenly rain of bank notes on top of commuters from his apartment window on the thirtieth floor while allegedly high on methamphetamine. Who cares what he’s on he’s doing a good thing for the community. He’s being very generous with his cash. I didn’t know people on Meth were so generous unbelievable. We need more people with Meth. I should get some friends that are on Meth. Maybe I’ll get some cash rain right on my lap unexpected cash on my head as I walked to my vehicle. That would be amazing. The police said this twenty nine year old was in a trance quote after taking some drugs at his home on the thirtieth floor of a building in Chongqing in southwestern China when he began throwing large amounts of out of a window onto the streets below. The footage of this man raining banknotes from the sky like it’s a strip club. Shows traffic slow to a crawl below? Completely stopped in some sections as dozens of people left their cars or walked onto the busy road and highway to catch these banknotes that were dropping from the sky police were called in the man was taken into custody. The police said in a statement he had been detained for taking some drugs and was under investigation and receiving treatment. Yeah because in other countries they you know they actually look at you like you got a problem and they give you some treatment. In here they toss you in jail. We need what are you on meth get in prison. Like the last place you need to be. I mean. Clearly. This guy’s got a problem and should receive some treatment. But we know we’re so quick to just arrest people that are on drugs. We don’t. We don’t look at them like they need some help we look at them like they’re detriment to society. Meanwhile, this guy is opposite of a detriment to the society. He’s given them cash. It’s a terrible time to it’s a pandemic people could use some cash people’s rents are do this guy’s great? Maybe, not give him any treatment at all.

Just let them just go out there and keep throwing money at people. He’s like the Modern Day Robin Hood or something I don’t know who stole from the rich. Well, I don’t know where he got his money. Maybe he did steal from the rich of Robinhood, a Chinese Robin Hood. Apparently, China has a history of people chuck and cash in twenty seventeen also in the same place Ching a woman walked into traffic throwing banknotes behind her prompting police officer to pick them up as he followed her. Media reported she told police she threw the twenty five hundred dollars because she was in a bad mood last year man through one hundred, thousand one into the air after having a bad day at work asks and then asks for the people to return his money. Unbelievable. He caused a traffic jam people fell over each other trying to grab the cash, and then he asks for it back you gotta throw your cash at the population. You really can’t expect to be returned. Are you crazy? Would would you expect? It makes me think should move to China if people are going to be going to chuck cash. Out into the public, if they’ve had a bad day and. Twenty twenty everybody’s having a bad day how many? How many chances are we GONNA get to pick up some stray cash on the street? I sounds lovely to me.

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