Floridaman brings guns to Disney. Man reports himself drunk driving while drunk driving.

FLORIDA FRIDAY- Pedestrian killed on Highway and then both Florida deputies run over the body. Florida father brings guns to Disney ya World to ensure his family’s safety. Floridaman calls 911 to report himself drunk driving. Floridaman attacks his girlfriend’s son over bad Yelp reviews. Rock group Blue Oyster Cult pays homage to the Florida Man in a new song. //

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A pedestrian was struck and killed and the responding Florida deputies hit the body as they arrive on the scene.

Hillsborough County. Florida. To Florida deputies responding to a crash. That unfortunately killed a poor pedestrian. Each deputy hit the body as they arrived onto the scene according to officials. This. This incident. Shouldn’t laugh. This incident happened at four am on Sunday. Okay. So it’s four am and their defense is quite dark out at four. AM perhaps they didn’t see the pedestrian laying in the middle of the road. Although you are responding to. A dead person in the middle of the road, you would think that they would be on the lookout for a dead person in the middle of the road upon arriving. Man The officials say at twenty-seven-year-old. Man was struck by a forty one year old woman driving east the woman reported the crash was cooperating with the authorities. That was part one part two featured the deputies responding to her call. Each of them arriving on the scene and running over the body of the pedestrian who is still in the middle of the road. It says here, the Florida Highway Patrol. They. Say This is their quote. The pedestrian had already been killed in the first collision. Yeah thanks for that information. Yeah. We all we all assumed he had been killed in the first collision not in the second or the third. Although, you’re not helping the situation Florida highway patrol with your. With your compiling on of more collisions that are just unnecessary. And their defense perhaps it was a very small pedestrian. It doesn’t say the size of the pedestrian there’s no photo. People come in all sizes could could be a very tiny person difficult to see or. The pedestrian could have been so flattened from the first collision that you know to them it just looked like a very small speed bump on the road you might. It might’ve been so flat this pedestrian that you couldn’t see the pedestrian I’m just trying to. Create a defense for these highway patrol officers I mean or or. Or the Florida highway patrol is drunk. The have you thought of that that could be a solution as well the Florida highway patrol. Be? Drunk. They could be well, let’s say they just came from. They were breaking up a party or rave, and they came across some meth and they had to figure out if it was authentic meth I, mean these are the sort of problems that I’d imagine Florida police have, and you know they gotta get to the bottom of everything. Of. Course this is no joke. This is no laughing matter. Thoughts and prayers go out to the pedestrian that was unfortunately. Killed in this incident.

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A Florida father brought guns to Disneyworld in order to ensure his family’s safety.

A father of two and Florida, brought an ar fifteen rifle. A nine millimeter handgun and one hundred and ten rounds of ammunition to Walt. Disneyworld. In order to ensure his family’s safety, the Orange County sheriff’s office said this week. According to the report a bell man at the hotel noticed the a are fifteen in a tennis bag as he loaded the families bags onto a luggage cart. Go. Da- just let someone else handle your bags full of guns. Real genius. Of, course, the police were notified by the hotel and they arrived and questioned the man when they did. So he told them that he drove up from Palm Spring Gardens to Disneyworld with the rifle and pistol for quote safety because of the riots and all the civil unrest going on in the area. Hundred and ten rounds of ammunition. Were you planning on settling all the riots and civil unrest yourself Sir while your family road it’s a small world. The man cooperated with the police and he didn’t break any laws apparently because he had a concealed carry license but unfortunately, Disneyworld does not allow guns on its property.

What a surprise probably should’ve looked at the website Sir before you brought hundred ten rounds of ammunition and a couple of guns to Disneyworld maybe Disney might have had a rule about bringing in guns. A Disney spokesperson said. you know our policy is clear that weapons of any kind or not allowed at our resort regardless whether someone has a permit or not. Oh. Okay. Now defend the father just for a moment here Listen we all know how expensive it is to go to Disney. Perhaps, they’ve been planning this trip for a while. So who is he let some civil unrest or rioting keep his family from reading some rides and seeing Mickey and Minnie and the whole crew you know. So I I see where he’s coming from.

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A Florida man calls nine one one to report himself drunk driving.

What an honest man winter haven. ooh Home of the Winter Haven Red Sox go Boston. Sorry guys anytime. I could slip red sox reference. Florida authorities in winter haven are sharing the details of an unusual nine one one call from a man who said he wanted to report himself drunk driving. I would love to hear that call. Oh Man. How do you report yourself? How do you even have the wherewithal to call nine one while you’re drunk driving? You couldn’t be that drunk if you actually had the scruples to pick up your phone and call nine one one and let them know that I’m drunk. Polk County sheriff’s officials say the dispatcher kept him talking while directing officers to the scene? When the dispatcher asked Michael Lester where he was he said Joe Drunk I don’t know where I’m at I. Don’t know I’m on the road is a road. My lights are on I’m GonNa road there’s other cars who know the coming right at me. What he’d been doing all night. He said I don’t know driving around trying to get pulled over actually. Driving on the wrong side of the road. Now, he later said the operator reportedly urged him to park his truck and wait for officers to find him. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong spot. Look guys I don’t know I’m parked in the middle of the road. Can you see me? Can you see me sirens could be heard in the background short time later who to go dispatcher? The deputies arrived in Leicester admitted drinking some beers and swallowing some methamphetamine. He also said, he barely slept for several days. But you really gotta give him some points for being honest and turning himself in I. Mean I hope they don’t hit them with major charges just let them sleep it off and he can be on his way. I mean anybody who calls nine one one on themselves to report themselves drunk driving his okay in my book you now. Especially in the state of Florida Hey. If you’re part of the solution of getting your drunk ass off the road and not killing somebody I am all for you.

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A Florida man attacked his girlfriend’s son over bad yelp reviews.

Angry over a pair of staving reviews on Yelp. The owner of a Florida Barbecue joint allegedly attacked his suspected online critic according to the police who wanted the restaurant tour. Investigators charge that Daniel. Aaron’s age sixty jumped on top of a male victim and struck him several times in the face while outside a residence in Largo a city in the Tampa Bay area according to the arrest affidavit the confrontation began Tuesday evening when the victim twenty, five year old son of Mr. Aaron’s. Arrived to speak with his mother about some threatening communications that were sent to him by his mother’s boyfriend errands you confused by, can you follow along what’s going on Aaron owns a barbecue restaurant. He’s got a girlfriend. Her son shows up says, Hey, my your boyfriend’s threatening me. He’s He’s texting me. He read the text that says he wants to beat my ass about a restaurant review. What’s with these restaurant reviews will apparently a pair of brutal yelp reviews were published that disparaged the food at Georgia Boys, barbecue restaurant, which is owned by errands. One reviewer named Sean our claim that he wouldn’t even feed that barbecue was dog adding that the eateries owner quote should spend less time threatening customers and more time on learning to cook properly the second reviewed by somebody named Rick are declared that it was quote not a great idea to threaten your customers duty you’re serving garbage barbecue. The arrest affidavit does not indicate whether errands thought the young victim was the author of both of these yelp reviews or somehow involved in their posting. Maybe he wasn’t maybe you just are an angry restaurant tour. Sir, and you’ve been you know berating your customers at the barbecue joint as per yelp reviews.

It says here, also, arends was arrested in July on multiple felony counts after punching his girlfriend in the face, placing a pillow over her face for two minutes and also threatening her with the wooden board that he used to Stryker vehicle. Who is this guy? You’re still with them after the July incident honey oh boy this is I mean. Why would you stay with a guy like this? Well, you know the barbecue is delicious.

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This is breaking news guys.

There is a Florida Man Song that just dropped it is by a band called the Blue Oyster Cult.

I Couldn’t wait to tell you this news. And I thought the Friday episode was perfect for that. Who was the Blue Oyster coat? Well, the Blue Oyster Code does that band that sings the reaper song the grim reaper remember the one is the one they made fun of on SNL with more cowbell. Guess what? I got a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell. Ban on an. An An and on and on and now. You remember the one. Do you remember the song? You know it anyways, they have a new song new album. The song is called Florida Man. It serves here. It says a tuneful and humorous highlight of the band’s first studio album and almost twenty years. It retails today actually Friday today. Wow. What is such a coincidence that it’s coming out? The day that this comes out the song was written by lyricist and novelist John Shirley. And it introduces listeners to characters such as a Miami nurse who snatches a purse and drives in reverse down the highway. Also. You’ll get to know Beth who was high on Meth with the neighbor’s cat on breath, and then there’s Lee who drives through a plate of glass and blames Alice’s Caterpillar. The author of the song says I wanted to write a song about the Florida man as a folk legend like Paul Bunyan. Now I wanted to play a bit of the Florida Man Song. But because of copyright infringement I just can’t do that. I WanNa read. Some funny lines though. Down at the mall where the Bo is crawl Ted makes love to a concrete wall Florida man. His brother Red said his uncle ned found Elvis in a loaf of bread Florida man Dan. Dreams. He got red wings of fire. He’s waking and shaking on a power wire Florida man Florida and Florida man. This is amazing. This song You should Google right away the Florida Man Song by Blue Blue Oyster cult also known as B o C. And give it a listen this weekend I. Think you’ll I think you’ll get a laugh and you’ll certainly I mean it’s it’s amazing. Okay I. Hope you appreciate that.

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