Woman calls off wedding to a ghost cuz he does drugs. Daytime karaoke banned cuz of homeschooling.

Daytime Karaoke is banned in Manila Philippines after complaining from angry parents trying to homeschool their children. Bacon scented face masks by Hormel Foods. Woman calls off a wedding to her fiance ghost.

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Manila bans Karaoke after complaints from angry parents trying to home school their children.

Manila. Philippines the Manila city government has banned video key and Karaoke sessions in order to prevent loud noises that will distract students that are attending online classes. Mayor Iskoe Marino. Signed an ordinance which prohibits the use of Karaoke and machines as well as other sound producing devices Monday to Saturday, from seven am to five pm Marino said he approved the ordinance in response to some complaints of parents and students whose online classes were disrupted by the daily noise how much karaoke is going on in. Manila crazy Merano said he has received a lot of complaints from parents of students who were distracted by specifically neighbors using Karaoke machines since classes and public schools opened on Monday. I’m wondering does every household just have a karaoke machine? Sounds like a fascinating city right here I. Mean I love Karaoke so much and any culture that practices Karaoke dealing lunch is A culture. That’s pretty cool in my book I, feel bad for the kids of course, trying to get an education but man how dope is it to just be in a city that sings Karaoke all damn day I’d imagine there a drunk community as well. But I don’t WanNa, make any judgments here I’ve never been. It says here under the ordinance first time Karaoke violators will be fined. One thousand P I don’t know what that is. Oh. Just look that up. It’s a Philippine peso. I didn’t know they went by pesos as well and the conversion rate for USD I apologize for you Canadians and Europeans that listen to the show It is about ten USD to about five hundred Filipino pesos. So this is like twenty bucks is the fine for a first time violators of the daytime Kariuki. So the kids can get some work done ordinance. Second time offenders will receive a two thousand peso fine third time offenders three thousand pesos, anything more than that. They put you in a Filipino prison where you can sing Karaoke with the guards I’m just kidding that isn’t happening. Now. The article doesn’t say this, but I’m just so damned curious about. Karaoke in the Philippines. Is this just a result of the pandemic in many people being out of work that they’re singing karaoke in their home during the day or is this just a normal custom to just? Belt out some tunes in the middle of the afternoon with your neighbors. Now I do recall covering a story a number of years ago about the my way killings, this is a social phenomenon in the Philippines referring to a number of fatal disputes which have come about because of the way that people try to sing the song my way by Frank Sinatra in Karaoke bars in the Philippines. number of killings by people who were just displeased with the performance of the song. Apparently, this song is so precious to the Philippine community that if you if you butcher at Karaoke, you can be killed crazy, right Now attention to these infamous my way killings peaked on May Twenty, ninth two, thousand seven when a twenty, nine year old Karaoke. Singapore’s actually shot dead by security guard at a bar in San Mateo. The guard had complained that the young man’s rendition of my way was so off key. And that the man refused to stop singing and it prompted him to pull out a thirty eight caliber caliber pistol in shoot. The man dead right there in the Karaoke bar. Crazy. Now. A quick search of Popular Karaoke songs in the Philippines brings up. Some songs that you might recognize thinking out loud by Shirin. Living on a prayer, the classic by Bon Jovi. Without you Mariah Carey I will always love you Whitney Houston while they really try to sing difficult tunes I wouldn’t try to sing such hard tunes in a country that will shoot for being off key like in you know if you’re trying to go mariah Carey or Whitney Houston or beyond say in the Philippines I think you’re taking a big risk here.

Oh. Here’s one through the fire by shock Akon. Oh, I love that track. Wow. They got some good tastes that’s some old school rb. I. Can really get behind Bohemian rhapsody sung by Queen. Dancing Queen Abba another big time favorite in the Philippines apparently, and let’s go to the last page here. We have. Total eclipse of the heart I do like that. By Bonnie, Tyler I will survive by Gloria Gaynor at number two and the number one song. Of course, it says, of course, it says my way by Frank Sinatra. Now, it doesn’t say the history behind why this song my way is so damn popular in the Philippines I can only guess but I love that it is I just love that because I man I’m crazy about Frank Sinatra and An, and this is one of my faves I’ve done this song in Karaoke. If I would dare to it in the Philippines though.

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You guys want some bacon scented facemasks?

Hey Bacon lovers. Yeah. I’m talking to you there’s a new face mask just for you Hormel foods known for its Black Label Bacon announced the launch of a product it’s called breathe the Bull Bacon. What it calls a revolutionary facemask featuring the latest in pork scented technology. Now, through October twenty eighth breathable Bacon. Dot Com Hormel is giving away free masks for every request they will donate one meal to feeding America. The free masks will be given away while supplies last according to the press release. Hormel is experimenting with New Bacon Related Innovations including a multi sensory virtual bacon reality experience the development of a musical experience using the sounds of cooking bacon and the world’s first Bacon fueled motorcycle. How how do you feel a motorcycle with Bacon? Do they mean the Bacon Grease are you actually shoving Bacon into the tank of a motorcycle into the engine? I’m so curious about this. Is The motorcycle emitting some Bacon exhaust because that would just like I would like to ride behind the motorcycle smell that Bacon. Here’s a quote from the company. Where continuingly focused on innovation from new products to marketing and distribution in an effort to deliver new and exciting ways to experience and enjoy bacon. In twenty twenty, that means connecting everyone’s favourite bacon sent to the years it accessory meaning the masks in doing. So bringing bacon closer to our fans. All right. That was my impression of a guy who works at a Bacon factory or whatever. Now the article ends by saying the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said for many months wearing masks slows the spread of covid nineteen. So why not do it with a mask that also smells like Bacon. Oh. Yeah. Now, I was very curious. Because I’m wondering why there isn’t more scented masks on the market maybe there is, but you know I I don’t I don’t really see them. So then I did a little search I’ve found that they have some you know centene masks that you guys might find fascinating first of all this bubble gum. scented facemasks there’s lavender cucumber. Now. Of course, we have bacon. There’s peppermint. There’s a bunch of scented masks I’m wondering like, why are these things not in the in the mainstream you know ’cause these masks I mean why not? Th. They’re not great. They don’t smell so great. oftentimes, they don’t smell like anything which I’m not saying that’s battered or whatever, but I would love to get some sent into my mask. Somebody told me that you can put some essential oil like drop them in your mask and I tried that. With, lavender and it was just I don’t know what I did. Wrong. But it just was such an overpowering smell. I couldn’t do it. I had to rip the damn thing off. It was too much. It was too much. Perhaps I put too much. I don’t know but I think. Look. If you’re gonNA wear a mask all day which I have to at my job, it’s it would be nice to get some some bacon just wafting up my nose all day. So you better believe that I’m going to be going to what’s this website again? BREATHABLE BACON DOT COM and requesting a free beacon Senate mask I’ll let you guys know how it comes out.

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A woman calls off her wedding with a ghost because he was doing too many drugs and partying too much.

What happens when you fall in love with the Ghost? Oh boy let’s learn!

Well you should probably get a shrink, but I doubt she did that her name is amethyst realm. She looks like she’s out of her mind thirty two years old she calls herself a ghost, a lover. She revealed how she had to call off her wedding with her ghost fiance because he just kept disappearing and he started doing drugs. He was disappearing that sounds like normal ghost behavior to me they tend to. Disappear I mean I think the jury is still out on whether they’re appearing anyways she she obviously can see the damn thing. I don’t know how it goes. Does drugs I’m willing to learn how that’s possible. Let’s get into the article a little further. Here’s a quote from this crazy lady. We’ve called the wedding off. Okay. It was going really well until we went on holiday, he completely changed I think maybe he fell in with a bad crowd when we were on holiday, he just started becoming really really inconsiderate. He disappeared for long periods of time when he did come back, he’d bring other spirits to the house and they just stay around for days I think he started doing drugs and partying a bit too much. He used to come back in these spirits would stay for days at a time there’d be crashing and banging and strange noises. And she said that all to a morning talk show host who had to keep a straight face through all this I don’t know how you do that man these talk show hosts often. Have guessed that make your head spin. Feel bad for them. I got some questions about how spirits do drugs is it Are they doing? Drugs in the spirit world or are you like witnessing like a a line of cocaine just be sucked up by a spirit right in front of your face. I just WanNa know mfs, Realm House spirits could do drugs if you could show me a video of that. I would really. Like to see that. amethyst realm lists her profession as a spiritual guidance counselor and she’s earned quite a bit of media attention for many months now because she went public with her many love affairs with ghosts and her engagement to two spirits in particular. Yeah, YOU’RE GONNA get an unstable individual run into a name like amethyst realm you just are. You know these spiritual guidance counselors who these people really and you making a living at this I’m so surprised here I am recording a podcast in a closet for peanuts really trying to. Add some value. To the earth and we got the spiritual guidance counselor that people pay they pay this lady I assume for what I I mean. I just can’t wrap my head around it. It just seems unfair to me. You know that people like this can make a living you know. Now in two thousand eighteen, this lunatic appeared on the British TV show I t. v. this morning. And she claimed that she cheated on her fiance with ghost and has since gone on to have supernatural affairs with at least twenty paranormal paranormal beings. Her latest relationship with the ghost led to her being asked to marry him during a trip to celebrate their nine months of their relationship. I love the whole thing. But she she goes on trips with the ghost. You you mean, you go alone on trips. How do you tell people with a straight face? Hey. So you got you book the cruise you did Amo. Oh, that’s great. That’s great who you going with. going with my ghost boyfriend. Hello. Oh I get it. I get it. You’re going alone, but you don’t want to admit it. You gotTA. Ghost. Hey Look I get it. It’s hard to be in your thirties as a woman in and come to the realization that you’re alone and you might not find that one. And biological clock is ticking of course. But you really don’t have to resort to this ladies. You don’t have to resort to to tell the world that you got a ghost boyfriend and that you’re going on vacation with the ghost. Don’t give up the fight in other words don’t give up the fight. Okay. We got a whole Potpourri of dating apps these days I mean there’s a chance there’s a chance for you you don’t have to. Marry a dead pirate from the seventeenth century. Now I’m not GonNa say it’s easy to find a life partner especially with the name like amethyst realm and an occupation like spiritual guidance counselor. You WanNa like consider making a career change and going down to city hall and changing the name to Sara or Carol or something definitely not Karen but you know something that’s normal and give yourself a shot. Okay. What I’m saying is you don’t have to find love through a Ouija, board. I believe in you ladies please try.

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