Floridaman makes cocaine bacon. Lovely Butts goes wild. Kid kicked out of class for Hooters mask.

FLORIDA FRIDAY – Floridaman has pound of cocaine on his bacon. Florida mom finds child sex doll modeled after her 8 yo daughter for sale on Amazon. Florida kid kicked out of class for wearing a Hooters mask. Florida woman names Lovely Butts poured bleach on a child.

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Florida man was arrested with a pound of cocaine and some of that cocaine was kept on a stack of Bacon.

Port Saint Lucie. Florida man was arrested after the deputies found more than a paramount kick cocaine truck and even more at his home including some on top of stack of Bacon. Oh. Yeah. Well, maybe his dealer is also his butcher you know he he rose up with as little ticket. That number fourteen hey Larry Gimme a one, a half a pound of the honey ham right there. Like two pounds of ground Turkey and give me a pound a coke. No problem in other words the usual. WHO’s this guy’s name? WILL THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE? Say Clifford Eugene Tindale Clifford Eugene. He doesn’t have the name of somebody who have a pound of cocaine on top of Bacon. Clifford Eugene was pulled over at seven PM deputies found a bag filled with nearly a pound of cocaine. That’s a lot of cocaine in the backseat. Deputies found more cocaine during a search of his house at nine pm some cocaine was found quote. Directly on top of a stack of Bacon investigators said. which must have been a strange find for the investigators got more coke over here Larry. Where is it? Is it hidden in a safe in a draw we? Know it’s on top of the Bacon very strange very strange. I’m going to search the. While madame maybe he puts coke on the bratwurst scheduled selects to put coke on his Deli meats apparently. Maybe. He was flavoring the Bacon with coke I’m thinking you know how they have like. Apple Smoked Bacon maybe they got the cocaine Bacon and I. You know I’ve never had. It’s going to be some expensive bacon. Maybe it’s amazing. That little. Give you that little pick me up with your bacon, which is good. Maybe he’s making a b. l. c. you guys know the famous sandwich called. The Bacon Lettuce and cocaine. That’s a good one. On wheat.

A Florida mother finds a child sex doll modeled on her eight year old daughter for sale on Amazon.

I didn’t even know Amazon sold sex dolls a I didn’t know child sex dolls were available. This is creepy. The mother’s name is Terry. She said, she was horrified last month when she came across pictures of an. For a child sex doll that exactly resembled her eight-year-old daughter cat. Oh my what a terrible day that is when you imagine like people all over the world ordering a sex doll that looks like your daughter I don’t know how I would even wrap my head around that. Terry, was alerted to the sex doll from a friend who let her know that this doll was available in the center? The link it was selling for five, fifty, nine on Amazon with countless glowing reviews from various perverts. Oh. Terry don’t tell me you read the reviews of the sex doll that was modeled after your daughter. That is the last thing you WanNa do that’s a nightmare, right? Terry said quote I couldn’t imagine that some Sicko with US my daughter’s photo to create something so ugly and evil to be used for abuse by pedophile. Well. You are in Florida Terry so Like lower the bar of morality this is what you got over there. Apparently, child sex dolls are legal to import into the United States legal to possess and sell in the US goodness. I had no idea. There were a number of disturbing customer reviews for the item on Amazon including one that was posted saying good item during these Cova Times. Wow i. hope she didn’t read that. Amazon has since removed the item I’m wondering if they removed all of the child sex dolls, I would hope that the did I can’t believe you could buy one on Amazon. When they say Amazon sells everything, they do mean everything. The mother Terry has not stopped. She’s teamed up with the Child Rescue Coalition of Boca Raton and lobbying for a federal law banning the sale and purchasing of child sex dolls. Terry also claims she would like to see a new federal law that charges the buyers of child sex dolls, sex offenders How do you guys feel about that? Call the show six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty, twelve.

A Florida fifth grader was asked to remove his hooters themed mask.

Florida man Steve Gaba is speaking out about schools decision to make his eleven year old Ian Remove, and replace his hooters corona virus mask telling the local media that he’s only ever viewed the establishment as as a restaurant. So what’s the big deal? Ian Goba. The son was sent to the principal’s office earlier this week and forced to remove this hooters mask. It was an orange face covering emblazoned with the hooters logo. He was ordered to replace it with another mass because it was deemed offensive. This happened although the sun had already been wearing the masks to school for about four weeks. The father sent Ian Back to Schoo- with the mask. The next day was again asked to remove it. When interviewed by the local media the father said you know the principal told me that it was deemed offensive and I don’t understand it. Okay. I told him I told him. I said I do not understand how that is offensive I, don’t understand it. The father said the his son was afraid that he was going to get reprimanded and in trouble and perhaps suspended even from school and he also added that you know we’ve never viewed it as anything but a restaurant this hooters. Will, as you guys know, hooters is not so much as a restaurant but known for their scantily clad servers who are encouraged to flirt with the customers and that’s what the article says. I mean do we feel that a woman’s body is offensive? I don’t know I I don’t says the father why it’s inappropriate I don’t know it’s not. There’s nothing wrong with the mask. What’s what’s the best part about going to hooters? Why do you take your family there We like the chicken wings we go to have the best chicken wings. You know I’m all about the chicken wings I. Don’t know about this other stuff. I just bought my son, a mass we like to wings come on. I mean I get it. It’s ridiculous. It’s not a big deal hooters. Okay. First of all. The fact that people are uncomfortable with a humorous logo, I, mean, really grow up. Like have you forgotten the state of Florida okay. We should just be happy that anybody’s wearing a mask. Anybody you kids WanNa wear a hooters mask knock yourself out. Shit you WANNA wear masks that says short people got no reason to live. which is offensive to me go right ahead. I’m just happy that you’re wearing a damn mask in the state of Florida I want more masks I don’t care if they say white people suck whatever you WANNA put on there I don’t care. Now. I don’t WanNa. See Swastikas. Okay. Maybe we can draw the line at swastikas. I’d rather see without a mask and a mass covered in swastikas to be honest with you super offensive but I’m just pleased that the kid had a mask on. Give him some wings.

A Florida woman named Lovely Butts accused of pouring bleach on a child.

Daytona beach. A Florida woman named lovely butts, which sounds like a lovely name. Lovely Butts. You’d imagine she does great things for the community rat. You know if you run into lovely but you’re gonNA have a wonderful time ran when you see lovely butts all-smiles all day. Lovely buses here. Yeah. Here she comes hey, who’s coming to the party lovely butts will it’s going to be a lovely party. Is it well? No, because lovely butts likes to throw bleach on children’s faces apparently she threw bleach on a child threatened to hit her with a gun. Lovely carries guns who thought lovely butts carries bleach and guns I would never expect that from someone named Lovely Butts. And I’m sure she’s got a great. But by the way I don’t know there’s no photo. This all happened the bleach and the gun incident with child during an argument. And I’m wondering by Lovely Butts would even argue with child the. Police said that butts call them at eight pm they arrived at the scene to find the victim upside the home cover and bleach. That’s the child I assume. The little girl said she and butts got into an argument about the location of buses medication.

So Lovely Butts Poured Bleach on her oh. Did you touch lovely buses medication? Well, you deserve the bleach. No, you don’t lovely buses terrible in needs to really relax. But. I. Don’t know what lovely buses medications all about. Lovely Butts. Lovely Butts poured bleach on the lady, the girl causing the chemical go into the victim’s mouth and is causing her to almost lose consciousness records show. Oh. Boy Lovely buses get some records for sure. You know sometimes you know you criminals and they have terrible names that they were given as a child and you’re like Oh they were totally made fun of the name. You know like the ever last name like crack or whatever. This, this girl was blessed with a great name and yet it still went went to Shit I mean you can’t win just name your child John Mary and call it a day. The victim said at some point during the incident she was locked outside the House and when she tried to go back inside lovely butts had a gun in her hand threatened a pistol whipper. Getting pistol whipped by lovely butts who to known. Police said the girl got scared. She grabbed her phone. She was running outside to call someone that’s when but’s made a move. Lovely Butts did what? Well. She threw a container of food at her chest. That’s strange. I wonder if it was lovely buses famous banana bread you guys she makes Great Banana Bread this lovely butts. The victims said she’s gotten. So afraid of getting in an argument with the sixty four year old lovely butts that she started urinating in a plastic cup. So she wouldn’t have to leave a room. Oh man that’s terrible when you’re scared to leave your room because there’s a lovely butts lady trying to pistol whip Police corroborated all this when they found the cup of tea in the victim’s room and an unloaded gun in buses room. Records show that lovely butts was arrested on charges of child abuse with great harm in aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. She posted bail in bonds because people love lovely but still come and get her. Well I bailed out lovely birds because I. Really Love Bird bailed out lovely birds because she got a big old gun without bail out Levin birds because she knows how to use bleach and I bailed out love liberties. Hope she got something to teach. Couldn’t I don’t know how to fix that last one. I’m like what rhymes with bleach in the middle of it? Yeah. Guys just do a little improv about a lady named Lovely Butts who maybe maybe I love to interview her for weird af news. It’d be fun and love to just interview a Floridian. Oh I once did interview a Floridian by the way it’s on the Patreon.