Taco Bell sells wine? Want a robot to keep your lonely grandma company?

Want a robot to keep your lonely grandma company? Taco Bell is now selling their own custom wine (Canada only). Transsexual Satanist Anarchist wins county sheriff nomination in New Hampshire. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

Want a robot to keep your lonely grandma company?

Mabel Larussa age ninety lives alone but not really he’s my baby. She tells the interviewer holding a puppy up to the camera. Say Hello Lucky lucky barks at the camera. Who’s a good robot lucky box again, and the sound is convincing as if it’s coming from an actual real dog lucky got a tail that wags is that open and close and head that turns to face you when you talk under his synthetic golden for he has sensors that respond to your touch in a heartbeat that you can actually feel as well. Mabelle. Who lives in a rural area outside Albany is fully aware that her pet is actually a robot. But ever since she got him in March, he’s made her feel less lonely. She says, she enjoys watching TV with him brushing his for with a little hairbrush and tucking him in each night in a bed she’s made out of a box and a towel. Mabel is not the only one embracing robots these days even before cove in nineteen came around robots like these were being introduced in nursing homes and other settings where lonely people are in need of some companionship especially in ageing societies such as Japan Denmark and Italy. Now, the pandemic has provided the ultimate use case for them. This spring more than one thousand seniors including Mabel received robotic pets through the Association on Aging in New York and Advocacy Organization another three, hundred, seventy, five people received. Them through the Florida. Department of Elder Affairs. Retirement communities in senior, services departments in Alabama Pennsylvania and several other states have begun buying robots for their older adults. Robots. Designed to play social roles come in many forms. Some seem like little more than advanced mechanical toys but they have the added capacity to sense their movement, their environment and respond appropriately. Many of these mimic cute animals, dogs, and cats are especially popular. The issue comforting little box in meows other robots have more humanoid features and talk to you like a person would. Elliott Q. will greet you with a friendly. Hi, it’s a pleasure to meet you and tell you jokes Santo will read to you from the Bible and bless you. Pepper will play music and have a full on dance party with you. Companies have also designed robots to help the physical tasks of caregiving. Of course, you can get see calms my spoon robot to feed you Sanyo’s electric bathtub robot to Wash U. and Ricans Reba robot to lift you out of bed and into a chair. These robots have been around for years and they worked surprisingly well. There’s even a decent amount of research suggesting that interacting with social robots can improve people’s well-being although the effects vary depending on the individual person, their cultural context and the type of robot. Yes, these robots are becoming part of our world part of our lives. this seems to me like. a sad use for robots. You know lonely people you give him a robot I. Mean they need they need a hug by a human man they need real human companionship I mean try as you will with the robot I don’t see how it’s GonNa be an appropriate substitute for real human contact and it’s sad because we have so many seniors that are just alone nursing homes and they need they need real human contact they need that I don’t know if there are organizations that send people out to go hang out with these people these the older crowd It should be like a whole agency that goes to these homes. Plays Pea knuckle with drinks and old fashioned and gives them a hug. I. Mean that’s that’s what should happen all the money you’re pouring into these robots just pay people. There’s a lot of people out of work right now. Okay. I’ll tell you right now I’d work part-time if you pay me to go give people hugs and drink old-fashioned I would totally do that Jones, you won’t do that for free. no. No not during a pandemic I won’t do that for free sorry. I don’t know what do you guys think call the show six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty, twelve. Would you ever buy your grandparents? You’re lonely grandparent. Off To keep them company.

TACO bell is now selling its own custom wine.

…and that seems appropriate because when I think of Taco Bell, I think of wine. I. Always bring my wine open to Taco Bell.

Don’t you guys? The article says there’s tons of cheese on TACO BELL’S MENU. So a wine to pair with that cheese is just a natural next step no no, it’s not a natural next step because I hate to break the news to you. That’s not real cheese guys not real cheese I don’t know what it is. They call it cheese but it’s not. I’m guessing the winds not really either. But let’s see Taco Bell. Is debut in its own custom wine. It’s called Jalapeno new oural no Jalapeno. Please tell me. It’s not flavored with Jalapenos because that’s going to be disgusting. Jalapeno. Are they say pairs well with its toasty cheesy Chalupa? My. Goodness. While your way out of your comfort zone. Now, Taco Bell please you need to really back in Realit- and. Do, not get. So ambitious Taco Bell to think that you can pair a Chalupa with wine. Absolutely not you WANNA pair it with a thirty two ounce Hawaiian. Punch that’s GONNA. Give you diabetes at the end of the day. No problem that seems appropriate. You’ll be pleased or displeased the know that this tantalizing combination of Jalapeno. No warr in Chalupa combination is only available for a limited time in Canada to celebrate the launch of the menu item. Taco Bell Canada said in a release. The duo is irresistible and they say that the rich taste and crunchy texture of the beloved toasted cheesy Chiluba compliments, notes of wild Strawberry Cherry, and beet root in this silky limited edition red wine. The wine by the way is made an at an Ontario Canada vineyard. I love Taco Bell hired a poet to make somehow Chalupa sound. Amazing. But the wine complements the notes of wild strawberry and beach route in the silky limited wine. Try as hard as you want there’s no way. I’m going to order wine from Taco Bell that she’s not it’s not happening. Although I don’t know, let’s see what it costs. Let’s see what it costs before I. Make that decision I do like cheap wine the wine, which is being a collector’s item because it has three unique bottle labels cost twenty, twenty, five dollars Canadian or nineteen dollars US goodness. Twenty dollar bottle of wine at Taco bell you out of your mind. Now you’ve crossed the line Taco Bell Okay it’s one thing to offer wine at a TACO. Bell it’s another thing to offer a wine that costs four times what the meal costs that no no. What what kind of people do you think Taco Bell I? Do they not know their customers? I don’t think they know the customers. The. Customers that that eat at Taco bell the customers that by the three buck chuck at trader. You know what? I’m saying these are your customers. Okay. You want to drop the fancy wine take it down a notch. Okay. It should be served in a box. Okay. That seems like more Taco bells wind speed. but what do I know? Maybe I’m way off on this one are you guys call the show six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty two would you buy a twenty dollar bottle of wine from Taco bell to eat with a Chiluba? Would Ya? It seems to me like a Margarita would be more appropriate. It’s Taco Bell Right. I, Dunno.

Transsexual Satanist Anarchist is the nominee for county sheriff.

How did this happen New Hampshire? That’s how keen New Hampshire new New Hampshire’s First Trans Anarchist Satana candidate for county sheriff says she’s not getting much support from the Republican. Party what is surprise? Could it be the saints in this part of it or the transsexual part of it? Aria D’Amato is running as a Republican with the campaign slogan f the police no here not running with the slogan f the police are you and then wondering why can’t I get any support I mean my slogans the police come on maybe I ought to turn it down a bit and change my slogan to stick to the man. D’Amato is upset. She says, she hasn’t had any help or support for the county or State Gop Defazio won the Republican nomination for Cheshire County Sheriff. After running unopposed in the primary? Yes. Of course, I was wondering how yes running unopposed she’s GonNa Square off now with the popular incumbent Democrat ally Rivera in this corner who’s running for his fifth term, he is not a satanist. He loves Jesus. Somebody named Maryland the county chair congratulated Aria D’Amato on her victory.

Maryland consistently referred to. D’Amato, as a he. During the interview despite the candidate clearly identifying female. this is my impression of this Maryland Lady. He did very well with the primary and that was wonderful. Real. Wonderful. That’s how people in New Hampshire. Talk usually. this comes from the free keen group of Libertarian activists. that. Produced. Nobody. Nobody is a gubernatorial candidate that changed his name from rich Paul to nobody. D’Amato also hosts an Internet radio show where she is referred to as a shemale. You’re like me wondering why do only ran as a Republican Maryland. said that she ran. He ran as she ran as a Republican. It’s a she right? Yes. Ran as a Republican because of problems getting libertarian candidates on the ballot. Maryland said the demise will never showed up to the GOP meetings of course and candidate events even though she was invited. Here’s a quote from her. Aria, really came into the Republican party because he was unable to get onto a libertarian ballot. Keeps referring to her as he Yeah. I don’t even know how many I mean libertarian such a rare ballot run I don’t even know if it’s available everywhere and so sometimes, I’d imagine he gets stuck with choosing some middle of the Road Party and if you’re a satanist anarchist trans person that’s probably not going to sit well. With the people that normally vote in that party, they’re going to be very surprised very surprised, and then you’re not gonNA get any support. Damasio said she would. She would be willing to be more supportive of the GOP agenda if the Party was actually supportive of her. there clearly not on my side Damasio said, that’s unfortunate. There was an effort apparently to write Nelson as a candidate after concerns were raised on social media about domestos gender religious beliefs in politics. but that didn’t work out. So now you’ve got a satanist anarchists. Trans. Person Running. This is hilarious. I actually. Love this. Really if you’re wondering how I feel about this I think it’s fabulous that I live in a country where anybody can run for office for just about anything well, not any any office, but on the local level Yeah. Some people can squeeze through anarchists saintliness you name it. Although desma has been welcomed to be a part of the GOP a lot of people disagree with our positions Maryland says. If, you look at the social media account and his political statements, they really do not fall in line with the Republican message. First of all calder calder called his and secondly you’re surprised that an anarchist satanist. Political statements don’t fall in line with the Republican message. Big Surprise. What are D’Amato’s politics while she wants to end the prosecution of drug crimes sex work illegal immigration in anything else that she says, do not have an actual victim. That’s Yeah. That’s not bad She also says. I shouldn’t have won this freaking primary I should’ve gotten crushed. This is true. This is true. You should not have won that primary especially sheriff that position sheriff. If you were just like council person, it’d be like all right an anarchist saint nick might make it onto a city council maybe even a school board. But. Not For not for sheriff, this is not going to go through I. Hate to let you know Damasio. Although it would be funny to have a Trans Anarchist Satanist as your as your sheriff. I’ll let let. All the drug users go.