Airline sells flights to nowhere. Anti-groping device is popular and necessary in Japan.

Anti-groping device sells out in Japan. 19 families buy 97 acres in Georgia for black people to live. Airlines introduces flights to nowhere. //

Airline sells flights to nowhere.

Anti-groping device is popular and necessary in Japan. An anti groping device sold out in Japan. Nineteen families by ninety seven acres to build a city for black people. And Airlines sell flights to nowhere that take off and land in the same place. The weird stories for Wednesday on Weird AF news the only daily Weird News podcast hosted by comedian I’m Josie the host of Weird AF news for joining me today I got some weird stories from around the world. Let’s do it. Stream News. Listen to wear AF news with Jones -I. A Japanese anti groping device sells out within thirty minutes. An invisible anti groping stamp has been launched in Japan in an effort to tackle the problem of public sexual harassment on trains in public transportation. Manufactured by Japanese stampmaker Shochu Hata the anti groping device works by allowing the victim to mark their attacker with a small hand shaped stamp that is imprinted using. Link. The device is also fitted with a UV backlight which will reveal the stamp and thus identified the alleged assailant within half an hour of being released. All five hundred of these twenty dollar devices had been sold out. The firm began developing the product and may twenty nineteen to following a video of to Japanese schoolgirls chasing down a suspected groper in a train station went viral. The video sparked a heated online debate about how to deter public sexual harassment on trains, which is very prevalent problem in Japan known as con. In two thousand seventeen alone Tokyo police recorded one, thousand, seven, hundred and fifty cases of groping more than half of those cases occurred on trains and twenty percent of them in train stations. What is it about trains and train stations that got these men out of their minds groping little girls says not okay. The firm that created this device believes that it will help deter attackers but one sexual abuse charity has expressed concerns that this device puts the onus on the victims to stop sexual harassment. A spokesman for the firmed said, the device was a small step toward a world of free of sexual crimes. These perverted Japanese men, what is the deal over there I just don’t get an it’s not just Japan I spent a lot of time in Singapore where they have the whole camera. The skirt nonsense is going on A lot of men are taking up skirt photos on trains that seems to be a thing on the subway on buses up skirt photos, which is creepy and ridiculous. So bizarre. I you know I don’t understand what you’re getting out of taking a photo up a skirt Have you heard of free porn online I mean I don’t get it I really. Don’t get it. You’re putting yourself. In a bad situation where you could be arrested to take a photo op skirt. Of a stranger seems strange to me. You know this kind of behavior is just gonNA come out of countries that have gender inequality. That’s just how it’s going to be out. It’s going to be depending on the level of gender inequality. So that’ll be your level of abuse. Towards women. you know there’s certain countries in the Middle East where you know. I think the women would be pleased if all they did was grow on a on a bus, they’d be like, Oh, I can handle that compared to what these men are doing over here You know no matter how you slice it though this kind of behavior is just ridiculous ridiculous and the fact that they had invent something like this, the article doesn’t have a photo of the device. which I was hoping to see the anti groping device. Because I’m still a little confused on how that works. It’s a sad situation. where it has to come to this anti groping device has to be invented. I’m okay with just giving all the ladies tasers. Why not do that is that? Is it illegal to carry a? Taser Tokyo I just give as if somebody grabs your ass UTAI’s the shit out of their balls, right? Like how about that? How about I grope your balls with some electricity buddy how about that?

Nineteen families by ninety seven acres of land in Georgia to create a city safe for black people.

Welcome to freedom exclaims real estate Asian. Ashley. Scott. As she surveys the ninety seven acres of land that she and a group of nineteen black families purchased last month. I’m hoping that it will be a thriving safe haven for people of color for black families in particular the land sits just east of Macon in Wilkinson County Georgia Scott and her friend investor, and entrepreneur renee. Didn’t initially plan on buying a large plot of land, but they had a vision that was clear to create a safe space for their black families.

Being able to create a community that is thriving that is safe that has agriculture and commercial businesses that are supporting one another and that the dollars circulating our in our community. This is our vision. Watching our people protesting in the streets while it is important and I want people to stay out in the streets bringing attention to the injustices of black people. We need to create a space and place where we could. We can be a village a tribe again Scott said we wanted to create this safe space where we can address our own issues and concerns. Initially their plan was to buy an entire town that didn’t work out. So they found some acreage just outside of tombs borough in Wilkinson County. Here’s a quote from Scott. It was such a beautiful piece of land. It was affordable and it just made sense that we could create something that would be amazing for our families here. Wow this is outstanding. Imagine a bunch of people get together. They’re like, you know what? We’re just GONNA buy some land and create our own town. I didn’t even know this was an option I had no idea. You could do this I have heard of people. Speaking about buying a private island and then creating a community there that sounds like a great plan as well. just to buy some land in the middle of America and be like you know what this is going to be my town. I would love to do that. That would be so fun. I’d like to get together with some weirdoes have our own town. Everybody has skill they could bring to create creating this town I would like waterslide to go right down the middle I want some zip-lining and what? I WANNA. Professional Beer Pong court. Okay. You know what I’m into. I’m talking coffee shop on every block not that there isn’t there coffee shops and every block now but you know I just don’t want to all be starbucks I want some. Better coffee than that I, love the idea of creating your own community. I think. It’s fabulous when you feel like you’re culture doesn’t serve you or your community doesn’t serve you. Create a micro community. You know. I do this in my life already I i. often feel very unsupported as an artist by my culture. I feel like an outsider I always have. Looking in. You know. and. So I’ve always created my own small micro community of other artists and of course, my friends. And I. I really just rely on them for just about everything I like to like to a world. I like to inhabit a world I should say where? Everything I need I can get from my little community all the love the support. the. The suggestions for. Whatever? Like why look to my culture for? What I should wear what I should eat. What I should do with my money, what I should watch on. TV. Just, ask my friends these things I have a little community of people that I trust. I go to them with these suggestions I rely on them and For me, it works and. So for some people that don’t feel. A connection with the overall culture for whatever reason and obviously in the US African Americans often feel this way creating your own community is a great alternative it. It saddens me that people feel they have to do this but. I think we’re fortunate to live in a country that was. That was built with certain principles in mind and one of those principles is to. Take control of your life and build your own damn roadshow if you want to and and no, one can tell you that you can’t and I love that. At I mean to get so sappy of on a story but at the I thought this was great. Not only is it a weird story, but it’s inspiring. I. Think. If, you also feel inspired by this call, the show six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty, twelve. Let me know.

Airlines are introducing flights to nowhere maybe.

And people might pay for this. I don’t know how. Let’s get into the article Singapore Airlines is said to be considering a new route next month. The media is calling it a flight to know where. Does that work Well, fly take off and they land from the same place. We is that a good time for people.

In this case, it’s going to be Singapore’s Chang airport which is probably the best and fanciest airport in the world I’ve been there a few times I will never forget the first time I was in a bathroom in the Singapore. Airport. I. Just it blew me away. Absolutely. Blew me away. It was the cleanest. Most modern bathroom I had ever been in in my life up until that point since then I’ve experienced some. More, advanced toilets in places like Taiwan and Japan. But I’ll never forget that I. Chang Airport Bathroom Experience when I landed my first time in. Asia like wow, this is unbelievable. Now, although the media is saying that these flights could occur early as as early as next month Singapore Airlines has not confirmed the flights. said that none of these plans have actually been firmed up but if it does debut destination free flying, it will not be the only carrier in Asia that’s doing it. Such flights can be seen as a way to help the embattled national carrier of Singapore Cope during a year of record losses by the COVID, nineteen. While also allowing residents of the small nation, a chance to leave the island if only for a few hours, that’s just such a lame way to leave the island take Kayak. See some birds and whatnot wildlife. Why would you go up in a plane and come back down? What do you like the food? I do like them pretzels. Singapore airline, which is routinely ranked among the world’s best has been hit hard by the pandemic since it does not operate domestic flights. Yes. Most of Singapore’s seven, million residents have been unable to travel in Singapore, shut its borders in late March. Australian lethal Francis who has lived in Singapore since two thousand one is interested in these. No destination flights if they do become a reality. I think it’s a great idea would be willing to go of Singapore Airlines goes ahead, with? The idea. That Singapore Singapore’s an island in I’m used to traveling so I definitely miss flying. I do miss flying so much. Sir that you’ll pay two hundred dollars to fly up and then come right back down is that. You enjoy this much. Sir I I. Think you’re weird. Singaporeans Susanna Lo said, she would pay for a ticket if the amount is reasonable. I would pay mainly because I miss traveling I miss it, and you know the whole process of checking and the the airplane food, and of course, the flight attendants, warmth and smiles. You really love checking in. Susanna. Is that what you’re into? It’s a good time for you. Checking in going through that security. Yes. Good. The airplane food. That’s a good time for you. The warmth of the flight attendants who just hate your Guts Susannah? I hate to break the news media Susannah they hate your guts. Okay. There smiling because they’re paid the smile. Aka. It’s not genuine warmth. Okay I mentioned earlier how other countries are offering the similar service in late August Japanese carrier. All Nippon Airways flew a ninety minutes scenic flight one of its flying Ho new Airbus a three eighty aircrafts passengers were treated to a Hawaiian resort style experience in the airport and on board the plane which normally flies between Tokyo and Honolulu. But this one didn’t go to Honolulu it’s just you know went up and came back down. And they got off. They were met with a bunch of. People go in Aloha Aloha just to pretend that you arrived in Hawaii is that what imagine? Taiwanese air carrier air. Launched a sightseeing flight last month on one of its Hello Kitty jets departing from an landing at Taipei’s Taiwan. International Airport the two hour forty, five minute flight travelled at an altitude of twenty to twenty five thousand feet to give passengers a closer view of Taiwan Japan’s Real Q. Islands who said these. Places. Right. Taiwan’s national carrier China Airlines flew two flights that took off and landed in Taipei in August. And the representative from China Air told the news that the initiative has received a positive response from the local market. Apparently, people love to go up and down I. GUESS THAT’S That’s the thing people pay for this I so surprised. I didn’t realize people enjoyed flying this much. I can’t stand it personally I don’t like the food very much. I don’t like checking in The whole experience to me is just lame at I I hate to pay such things I certainly wouldn’t pay to go nowhere. It’s something I put up with when I gotTA travel I’d say, okay, I’ll put up with this crap. I don’t go how this is just such a good time. The flight itself was better than the actual vacation. Do you guys feel this way? Would you take such a flight? To nowhere?