Woman married a tree. Big breasted Jesus is offensive to many. Flat Earthers take a voyage.

Big-Breasted Jesus causes a controversy in Iceland. Flat Earther couple from Italy tried to sail to the edge of the world and had to be rescued by a doctor. Mother of two married a tree celebrates their first wedding anniversary. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

 Big breasted Jesus causes some controversy.

An advertisement from the National Church of Iceland encouraging children to attend. Sunday. School caused quite a controversy over the weekend. It depicts a big breasted bearded Jesus wearing a white dress and makeup cheerfully dancing under a rainbow. Big. As we look so happy dancing under the rainbow with his big BOOBS. Big Jesus turns. Water. into. Milk. The AD was posted on the Church’s website and facebook page but was removed on Saturday. Oh, why did you remove it? That’s terrible. It’s a great cheerful. Jesus. this. Happy. Jesus will continue to Adorn Raked Reykjavik House, though for at least two more weeks. Peter George Marken media representative for the Church recently told the media that the Trish believes it is a positive and natural for Jesus to appear to people in all possible forms. In that way, the church celebrates diversity. He did however add that the church understands the attitude that it ought to be cautious when it comes to the persona personification of Jesus. We know that not everyone agrees Christ should appear this way and we do, of course respect that. I don’t know why. I made the Church representative sound like an Jewish man. But you know we didn’t expect everybody to like the titties. He explained that more pictures of Jesus, by the same artists would be used in the advertising campaign soon will be introducing more personification. For example, you’ll see Jesus making a contribution to environmental issues and you might even see Jesus surfing or playing Pierre Paul. Kidding. About the last two but. They I guess they WANNA show Jesus and all sorts of guises and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I mean, we really don’t know much about Jesus what he looks like I mean these the jury’s still out on some of these things And therefore, you know if you want to have a little fun with Jesus, as long as it’s not too offensive I, I don’t think of course, everything something’s GonNa offend somebody that’s the problem and one could make the argument that a big Jesus is offensive. I I can see that argument I can see it. But I’m going to be honest with you. I know men with breasts. I’ve known a lot of men with breasts. Eat. A copious amount of Cheetos for years and years you’re going to have breasts I don’t care what you are. But some people do find this offensive The National Church issued a statement saying. The twenty. Twenty Assembly of the National Church regrets that the picture of Jesus and Sunday school advertisement has hurt some people. The goal was to emphasize diversity neither to hurt people know what a shock them. But the Church Assembly, itself still won’t apologize for. The. Picture. There quoted again it’s just as important for us to bring attention to diversity as it is to respect the opinions of those who don’t like this representation of Jesus. Each person interprets something in the photo. Okay. Some people interpret as a trans Jesus others as a woman. Some see Mary with a beard others see agenda Queer person a gender queer person what does that? Agenda Queer person views within the church just as diverse as elsewhere. Okay. Oh. It says she concludes I was doing an old Jewish man of voice and it’s a she. My bed, my bed What is Gender Queer Person? That’s pretty I’ve never heard that before. Then again, there’s new words cropping up all the time I’m just you know I might be a little bit behind on the on the gender language I admit that. I just don’t keep I don’t keep up with it, and then sometimes I say something incorrectly and then someone writes me to correct me and it’s not done with malice I. Honestly don’t mean any malice behind any anything like that it just it’s always a mistake really for me. I never intend to hurt anybody’s feelings Now that’s not entirely true. Some people I want to hurt their feelings for sure for sure. And I recognize. Of course, that big city Jesus could be offensive to some older generations especially but I think the young people get what get with this is and The churches right now are struggling for attendance. They’re struggling to appeal to younger generations and they’re trying things and you know this might be that they’re trying to appeal to younger people. That’s all I’m saying and there’s nothing wrong with that. Trying to get some people in to spread the word of Jesus and this is one of many tactics I’m sure they’re going to be trying.

And you know I wish them luck because not a lot of people are interested in Jesus these days I should say younger people and this is just a generalization, but they’re not. So you know you gotta try things like this. You know titties on him. Okay.

A flat earth or couple tries to sail to the edge of the world is rescued by Dr.

A flat earth or couple from. Venice believes that the edge of the world is near Lampedusa in their quest to prove the flat earth theory and to see for themselves the edge of the world they decided to sell their car and their belongings and buy a boat in Sicily to sail towards the edge of the world. However, the flat earth or couple only reached the island of Usta as they were rescued by maritime doctor in a migrant rescue vessel. The couple violated some regulations during lockdown. So they are now forced to quarantine from which they have tried to escape on two occasions. In case you’re unfamiliar with Flat earthers they are idiots who believes that the earth is flat rather than round. Despite all of the scientific evidence photos videos taken by NASA astronauts, scientific explanations, satellites, etc etc. They just don’t believe it’s round I. Don’t know how they keep believing that it’s flat I don’t understand it. They think there’s an is wall that surrounds the earth on the edge of the world. Meanwhile, all the other planets are spinning the the Moon is round hell I don’t know. How they can continue to believe that the earth is flat I just it just boggles my mind. It boggles my mind. I once had a two hour interview with Flat Earth or for a TV show hosted and I couldn’t believe this idiot who by the way had a physics degree I don’t know how he got a physics degree and then came out of it believing that. The Earth is flat, and by the way he has a flat meet up group that means a bunch of people. Once a week meet up in a bar and you know what they do. They make fun of rounds. They call US round the rest of us. Yeah. They’re laughing at US Randy’s because we believe because we know we believe in science we believe in facts. Okay. And all that other shit and they believe the earth is flat and make fun of us. Can you imagine? And just to let you know how stupid these particular flat earthers are that were stranded It says they were using a compass in their failed navigation something. They should not even believe in or be using if they don’t think the earth. Is Not. Flat. Here’s a quote from the doctor that rescued him Dr Sogeti. The funny thing is that they orient themselves with the compass, an instrument that works based on terrestrial magnetism a principle that as flat flat earthers they should reject. You heard it right there from Dr Sogeti even believe in a company that they’re using it. This is all these people are so dumb. They think the moon landing was faked. They think the moon landing video was shot by Stanley Kubrick I talked to him that’s what they think. This couple is not only out of their mind over the shape of the earth they keep breaking lockdown rules says they were taken into quarantine for two weeks in Palermo, which sounds like a nice vacation in Italy. Right let’s go to Palermo for two weeks. But it seems that didn’t sit well with them as they tried to escape. And the port authorities tried to stop them bring them back into quarantine. Then for a second time they try escaping again were caught. Finally, they agreed to the two week quarantine and no longer resisted. It says here, the flat earth couple have since abandoned their quest to see the edge of the world. No doubt they’re blaming it on the quarantine. They still believe it’s flat. They still believe is an edge to this damn thing. Because, they’re walking around with the thirteen forty brains. This, this brings me to a question and I want to pose this to you guys should we allow flat earthers to procreate? Should we have a flat earth a couple because you know they’re gonNA pass on their flat earth philosophy to the kid as well, and they’re going to try and turn this kid into a flat earth or you know with their shady programming and then the poor kid is GonNa get messed up at school. It’s just going to be a hard thing. I don’t believe there should be allowed to procreate and I’m wondering if anybody agrees. Why not why not certain parents stop them just put a stop to. Okay. Am I wrong? Am I wrong? call the show.

A mother of two who married a tree celebrates their first wedding anniversary.

A mom who married a tree left her boyfriend at home as she marked her first wedding anniversary. Who’s this crazy individual kate Cunningham?

She changed her surname to elder when she and the elder tree tied the knot. She said the pair are more loved up than ever and they have no plans to divorce. Yes, they have no plans to divorce. She knows exactly what the tree is thinking. She asked the tree do you want to stay married to me tree and the tree didn’t say no. So therefore, she’s come to this conclusion. The thirty eight year old. Kate. said it was one of the best decisions she has ever made when she married the tree at Rim Rose Family Country Park. September last year. She celebrated her first year of marriage with two friends since those are real friends. I’M GONNA. Tell you right now those friends are. Real friends? You know you got friends like you know I’ll pick you up at the airport kind of friends help you move kind of friends and then you got yeah I’ll come to your. Your wedding anniversary with the tree. In the park and pretend I’m still your God Damn Front. I mean that is loyalty right there. In. Any of my friends that are listening to this show if you ever. Ever. Marry a cooler or some other inanimate object. I’m not on board I’m not going to. Your wedding. I’m not going to your your wedding anniversary. I don’t want Hey Jones it come to the wedding anniversary of me and the Shrub Lily No. Absolutely, not. I’m calling a doctor I’m telling your family. Doing something I will not allow my friends to go down that road of crazy. So, that begs the question are good friends or are they not good friends? Are they good friends because they allow to perpetuate this fantasy and they go along with it or are they bad friends because they don’t tell it a snap out of it I’m assuming they haven’t told you that maybe they have I don’t know maybe they can’t just can’t get through the Kate. You’re probably wondering how did kate celebrate the first year of marriage with the Damn Tree Oh, I’m so curious well, her two friends in her and some elder elder flower campers. They left the boyfriend and two kids at home. She. Admits her fifteen year. Old Son is a little embarrassed a little. A little embarrassed. Your son at school doesn’t admit that you’re his mother. I’m telling you right now kate I’m sorry to break the news to you. The. Former teaching assistant admitted that she sometimes clocks up to five visits a week and will forever remain tree voted Tree voted is this a word? She’s made up Oh the poor boyfriend my goodness. She says, trees will always come first they do keep us alive. She immediately knew this tree was the one in his regularly spotted climbing the branches climbing branches. Here’s a photo of her with flowers leaning against the tree. She looks very happy she. She looks like a wooden, IMF She said, I think getting married was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made yet easy for you to say you married a tree. Trees don’t make demands of you. Trees don’t argue with you. They don’t want to cause fights. You have no mind argue. They’re so easy to get along with. She says me and my friends went over to the tree and said, hello for a small celebration a couple of days ago. It was a little gathering with two friends where we raise the toast and had a glass of elder flower champagne not once thought that I shouldn’t have done it. It’s something that I feel like happened the right time the right time despite causing a little bit of embarrassment for my son He sees the. Bigger picture now understands what it’s for. It’s something which has made me feel a bit more confident about myself. I don’t care about anyone else says, I, don’t care I don’t care marrying the tree is giving me a new purpose. I’ve changed my name to elder Ha. So even that gives me a whole new feeling it fits in with Mary life as well. I. Feel like a changed person I do feel like a changed person. Kate War and all of dress and floral headdresses as she said, her nuptials with the towering tree last year that saw that went down. If your case gives you’re wondering what it’s like for a human to marry a tree. What’s the ceremony like will apparently was attended by dozens and local musician and poet Davey Edgy. ooh Davey Edgy performed. You know how Davey Edgy is? No, we don’t those who the Hell was David Edgy. Kate has remained more loyal to her tree than ever. She says, I make sure to stop off even if it’s just a five minute wander I like to just sit there and soak in the surroundings at the base of the tree, my tree I like the peace and quiet often I’d like to talk to the tree. I. Say Hello and I thank for you for the good energy. Thank you for your energy. I feel like a stronger better person that’s more dedicated to the whole campaign than ever before I just feel stronger from my tree. Here’s a photo of Kate. Unattractive she’s not she’s a good looking woman. That explains why she also has maintained boyfriend. You got to be good looking to be married to a tree and keep a boy interested in you. You gotta be really something. Kate has called for an annual Marietta Tree Day and she encourages more Brits to wed their local shrubs kate don’t do that. Please don’t encourage us.

Thank you guys, I appreciate that much love. Those were wonderful reviews from from people that do not live in the United States Love My. GotTa love my my fans from other countries Oh the the love is immense and I’m so grateful for all my fans no matter where you are. and. I’m just so inspired that I just I don’t know. I think I might WanNa Song Right now.

SINGING: I’m in love with the Tree Oh the way it looks me leave.

I climb it every day. I love it every day, every way.

Oh my tree  never runs away a trees there for me every day

I’m going to marry this tree, gonNA marry this tree –

come with me and watch me marry a tree.

It’s our anniversary me and my tree

I agree me and my tree anniversary  me and my tree

I married a tree.