Haunted toilet installed for Japanese Halloween theme park. Ottawa will pay you $100 to go there.

Ottawa tourism department will pay $100 for you to visit. Japanese theme park installs a haunted toilet for Halloween. Thailand national park mails trash back to tourists.

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You Guys WanNa make an extra hundred? Visit Ottawa!

Ottawa tourism will pay visitors one hundred bucks just visit. Why well it must be terrible. Let’s find out visiting Canada’s capital during the cove in nineteen pandemic mean an extra one hundred smackers in your pocket. That’s Canadian money, which is about fifty American I. Think. No. I. Don’t know to encourage visitation to Ottawa from nearby cities like Montreal Toronto Ottawa Tourism is giving the money away to encourage room bookings in spending in Ottawa following months of lost revenue for local businesses. Bookings must be done using the links on the Ottawa tourism webpage. The offer cannot be combined with any other offers or access on any third party booking engines. It only applies to participating properties that are listed on the website. Bookings must be made before September thirtieth. You’re running out of time guys and it’s for stays until December thirty first. Yeah very warm and auto a right now I’m GONNA wait till string if you don’t mind. This isn’t the first time. Ottawa tourism has tried to woo visitors to the city apparently before this auto a tourism launched its campaign called it’s on us. Here. Visitors who booked in a similar way received one hundred dollars Visa Gift Card to spend as they wish during their time in. Lovely. Back in May Ottawa Tourism said that they were in a dire situation as May June or typically very busy for. Ottawa. As they are popular for meetings conventions in school groups will this year with covid nineteen firmly planted in the city these bookings weren’t happening. According to the tourism body. Ninety percent of visitors to the city are usually Canadian with Montreal and Toronto folks traveling to the city most often. What’s also tough is that tourism is the third largest economy in Ottawa. The province as a whole reported a nearly seventeen point, five billion dollar loss in Ontario tourism sector due to cove nineteen. So guys get out to auto and support get that hundred dollars. What are you spend it on what’s there to do in Ottawa? Well, I, looked it up. There’s some things to do in Ottawa apparently. They have the world’s largest. Rink yes. Skate along the world’s largest outdoor skating rink. It’s called Raido canal or Redo Canal in it’s open twenty four hours a day. Fabulous. You. Can also visit parliament Yes to magnificent Gothic revival Parliament Hill. It sits in the middle of the city centre. What else can you do? Well, you can learn about Canada’s history. Yes. You can also learn about the darker side of the city they have a dark past in Ottawa digital then haunting. You can also enjoy the culinary scene Yes apparently, they’re known for something called beaver tails and they come with different toppings including cinnamon, sugar, hazelnut, peanut, butter, and maple. Syrup. I don’t know anything about beaver tails, but they sound gross. Perhaps. You would like to wander around a historical, chateau? Yes. The fairmont shadow six, hundred and sixty thousand square foot castle is now a luxury hotel it’s French gothic yes. You can even enjoy a festival. Yes. The biggest festival of the winter is called Winter Lewd it’s about three weeks each February and features international ice sculpting competitions as well as public skating and other activities. It sounds cold as hell you’ll never catch me their. Winter. Festival would you do you mind Yay come and get the flu? Great idea. I’ll see you in some Ottawa how about that? Well, anyways, I don’t want to Pooh Pooh on. The city of Ottawa I have a lot of fans in Canada. Apparently I don’t know if I have any an auto anybody in Ottawa. Reach out where news my Canadians are hilarious every time they reach out to me it’s so funny their emails are funny. Their messages are funny. Just a bunch of funny people there. I don’t know. How they got so funny but man, it’s unbelievable up there I’d WanNa, go up there and get drunk with all of you but like like I said not during the winter. You can keep your hundred bucks.

A Japanese theme park installs a haunted toilet as part of socially distant Halloween.

It’s not even October and Halloween twenty twenty is already getting interesting. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic theme parks across the planet are rethinking how they’re going to celebrate the Halloween season while many typically put on, haunted? House.

Bringing crowds of people into a confined space and then scaring them into screaming probably isn’t the best idea during a pandemic. This has led to some theme parks creating new socially distant experiences in order to still celebrate Halloween but one attraction in Japan is creating a completely unique experience. The Luga Asia theme park in the IT perfect. has installed get ready for this dumped on. haunted toilet more. What happens when you flush you get go sounds. The attraction is part of the Park’s Corona Horror Fest Twenty twenty is it really called Corona. I wonder if it sponsored by Corona. Corona popular in Japan no clue. this was created with the tokyo-based Horror Entertainment Company Coa. Tie. There are several new attractions with each being designed, not just to scare the guests, but also to provide a socially distant experience as very important one attraction allows guests to climb into a coffin were they will then be terrorized by a ghost through a plastic panel. The haunted toilet is reportedly based on the story of Hanako son a Japanese folk legend about the ghost of a dead girl who haunts bathrooms. Guests will enter the bathroom one at a time. After each guest leaves the area will be clean and disinfected. But what happens inside the bathroom? They don’t even tell you, I, guess they can’t tell you because then you won’t be frightened. They’re not giving away any secrets, but you can imagine what could go on and a bathroom all alone. Maybe like an arm comes out of the toilet. That could be thing That old shower trick you know the one with the curtains drawn but you see a shadow and the knife like the psycho knife them just the silhouette. All right. Maybe that’s not so good. But I don’t know if you can imagine what goes on in a haunted panthers. I’m not paid for such things. What the hell do I know aside from attractions like this, the coronavirus pandemic has inspired several areas to forego typical Halloween haunted houses and instead create Konta drive through experiences. Several of these attractions have popped up across the United States as well. It turns out ghosts and paranormal entities can scare people and also practice safe social distancing at the same time. I think the drive. Through haunted experience can work and I think they’re doing that in the United States imagine a haunted. Hey, Ri- but you’re in your car you know it’s kind of like a safari. You don’t get out of the car and then. Ghosts jump on your windshield and whatnot. I’d imagine it’s of dangerous for the those actors that are playing ghosts and whatnot are actors and. I mean, they could be run over by a car I mean that that could really happen. Imagine working drive through. Haunted experience that could it’s very dangerous, they really need to pay these people they need to have insurance. I mean how many people are going to see that goes pop up in front of their vehicle and then scream and step on the gas. I mean that’s going to happen a few times this season foreshore. Sadly it seems to me that the haunted maze will not be a thing this year, and that’s a shame because the haunted maze is one of my favorite Halloween attractions I’m sure you’ve been to one. There’s various themes out here in southern. California, they occur at such places as Universal Studios. world’s. One the Queen Mary in Long Beach. And you know this haunted maze all over the place and part of the fun of the haunted mazes that the ghosts you know they’re just on top of you just jump out of nowhere and they actually will grab you and touch you sometimes, which is scary shit and now that’s not going to happen with the social distancing. So I think haunted mazes her out of the question we’re going to have to. Do what we can we’ll trick or treating be thing that’s another question I don’t know maybe you could call me and let me know if you’re going to be participating in trick or treat, and you’re going allow your kids to trick or treat as well. Are you going to give out candy to the neighborhood kids? What do you think about the situation? What are you doing for Halloween and amidst this social distancing and pandemic and all that call the show six, four, six, four, five, zero, two, thousand, twelve.

A Thai national park sends rubbish back to the tourists.

If you litter in this tiny national park, your rubbish may just come back to haunt you. Not exactly haunt, but it’s to be shipped to Your House as a pointed reminder that went out in nature you better clean up after yourself. Authorities in the popular cow your national. Park near Bangkok will start sending rubbish back to litterers. Thailand’s environmental minister said, offenders will also be registered with the police. ooh, they’re taking it very seriously. I love this visitors to the park have to register with their addresses, making it easy for Rangers to track them down if they leave rubbish behind. Environmental, Minister Vary, wit, Silva Archer posted photos of litter that was collected in cardboard parcells ready to be shipped. Posted them on his facebook account and wrote your trash your trash will be sent back to you just know. In there, reminding people that littering in a national park is an offense punishable with up to five years in prison and some hefty ass fines. Yes. It says hefty ass. Fines. Along with empty plastic bottles, cans, and chips wrappings the box in the facebook post contains a plight note saying. You forgot these things at cow pie. National Park. Park authorities say the rubbish left behind can be particularly dangerous for animals who may try to eat this stuff Kauai National Park, which is northeast of the Thai capital. Bangkok stretches across more than two thousand square kilometers and is very popular with hikers. It’s the oldest National Park in Thailand and known for its beautiful waterfalls, lovely animals and scenery. Yes and I think it’s wonderful what they’re doing send the trash back to the person who dropped it. There I love such maneuvers foreshore. Although I’m wondering who’s WHO’s paying the shipping to send the trash back to the Taurus. I mean. The government paying for the shipping. I mean I feel like the tourists that left the trash should be built for the shipping as well. It should be a double whammy. Here’s your trash. You’re going to have to recycle it or do whatever, and you got to pay for this to come back to you. But. It doesn’t say. So I mean how many times have you been in a national park though? Beautiful National Park. And you see plastic bottles trash. In a Bush behind a tree out in nature, it just makes me so angry and I really WanNa do something about it. But I I usually pick it up myself if I can reach it and there’s no poison ivy. Oh I always look for poison ivy I I look for those three leaves you know the one Yeah, I hate to see that nature. So any Repercussions that. litterers have to face I’m all for it whether it be fine lines. I I think prison is a little. Strict but. To have your trash sent back to you and you have to pay for it I. think that’s a great solution foreshore. I’ve seen signs that it says litterers will be fine but never in my life if I heard a story, an anecdote of at least from anybody I, know where they were given a ticket for littering just are the signs just there to scare you. I just I’ve never heard of being enforced. So it’s nice to know that there are some people that are enforcing such things because we need to clean up this planet it’s disgusting it’s gross. Have you been to? L. A. I can’t even AIDS. It’s Grossman. I. Mean I lose all faith in humanity when I see this garbage i. Maybe it’s just US dirty Americans were the worst you know when I was in Japan no trash anywhere on the ground didn’t see Singapore either no trash on the ground by the way no trash bins in public couldn’t find a trash bin in Japan like what do I do with my trash apparently, you’re supposed to carry it around and then throw it away. When you get to your destination so not only is there no trash on the ground and no trash bins the people give a damn carry their trash around and throw them away throw the trash away on their own time they actually make the effort. So there’s another way to live I’ve seen it. Right?

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