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No sex? No marriage as British Columbia judge grants annulment because husband can’t maintain an erection. Utah man stoke truck from 7-11 to meet some aliens but then felt bad and returned truck. Pumpkin Spice MAC and Cheese from Kraft is coming to US. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

No sex no marriage rules a British. Columbia, judge in a rare annulment because the husband could not maintain an Erection..

Erection is a French for a boner took some French classes back in the day guys. A British Columbia Supreme Court judge recently granted a lower mainland woman and annulment. She’s from the lower mainland. Yes. in the affidavit claims that the couple was unhappy and basically because of this man’s inability to have intercourse according to her. this decision provides a peek behind the curtains of illegal procedures that are pretty rare. Getting an annulment because the man cannot perform his duties. Just makes me wonder digital maybe get married too early. I mean, you should know what you’re dealing with in the bedroom before you decide to spend the rest of your life with somebody because sexuality is is usually not always, but usually a major part of a relationship. Between a man and a woman, a man, a man or woman in the woman woman in whatever you know a man and A. Parking cone I. Don’t know whatever you guys are into. It’s fine. This is a no judgment zone. Okay. You WanNa make love to a box of nerds candy I mean that’s Your Business. Box. A nerds candy. How old are you Jones? I don’t even know do they make nerds anymore because remember nerds ropes Oh man the things put in my body. No wonder I got acid reflux. The point is these things are rare Vancouver estate lawyer Amanda Jones says she handles requests divorces on a daily basis, but she’s never had to help a client secure an annulment. Much less proved one half of a union wasn’t up to their so-called quote marital duties. And as opposed to divorce. You might not know this, but an annulment is essentially a declaration that a marriage never existed Amanda. Jones says A, it might seek one on the grounds they were forced to wed against their will or they didn’t have the capacity to enter into a marital contract, which often happens in Vegas because people are absolutely wasted and messed up on whatever chemicals they happened to be. On when they’re in Vegas and then they go through a drive through church situation and they make a bad decision and then they get annulled a week later very common. Absent, those grounds though the marriage bed, the bedroom that’s the only other place that you can look for excuses and get an annulment. which brings up this case where the woman claims that her husband cannot get it up and that is why Again. Why didn’t she know that beforehand? The judge made the ruling though, and this reflects upon the history of annulment and specifically the burden of proof needed to establish that a marriage really cannot be consummated and a lot has changed through the years in the seventeenth century trials by Congress were undertaken by the Spanish and French courts and the act of copulation was actually attempted before a jury of medical professionals and others. Can you imagine proving to a jury and some strangers that you can in fact copulate? All. Yes. No, I can get it up. Let me prove it now. Come on meet me in the center of this courtroom. That’s said we’ll show everybody right here get your cameras out. The seventeenth century, there’s no cameras. According to a Paris review article, the trials that they used to have involved couples having sex in semi private quarters while close family legal observers in doctors waited nearby, and that’s just a lot of pressure if you’re. If you’re really put on the spot like that. The whole crew waiting for you to get it up come on man. It says here that in some instances, the only thing that separated the couple trying to have sex were thin paper screens. In other instances, a small crowd gathered behind a half open door or an antechamber. The entire trying event lasted roughly two hours punctuated by the kind of bickering achievable only by two people that hate each other. Yet, are trying to copulate. I can’t believe this actually happened back in the day.

Wow. Man Seventeenth Century what a weird time right? Again. This is something you should know before you married somebody how is the sex life going to be? Can you get a taste of it? It sounds to me like they hadn’t gotten. You know to third base and they agreed to get married, which was just silliness silliness. Absolutely you should familiarize yourself with somebody’s sexual prowess. Along with their finances just as important. Okay. You wouldn’t marry somebody that you didn’t know where they lived. Right why would you marry someone? When you didn’t know how they made love. It but my wrong there I don’t know. Call Weird AF. News six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty, twelve. What do you think of this?

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A man steals a truck for an alien encounter but felt terrible in return the truck.

UTAH. Utah man allegedly stole a truck he he claims that he needed to rendezvous with some aliens. doesn’t say why I guess he just wanted to hang out with some aliens. I don’t blame him. Aliens would probably be pretty cool to hang out with on a weekend. hard to hang out with aliens though when you don’t got a whip, so you know you gotta get some wheels. Do you want to hang out with some aliens because you WANNA show them around a little bit. You know, hey, let me show you some sites in Utah. Okay got some beautiful outdoors. GonNa, take it to a shake shack. We’re GONNA. Have you ever been through a drive through Oh. Yeah. What about car wash? Let’s see. Where would I take an alien if I only had a few hours to hang I, probably would begin with some delicious food. Definitely, some fast food. Then we’d go. I don’t know maybe six flags go on some rides and then Karaoke for sure I’d end the night with. Karaoke. I think that’s an representational fun time on earth. You know if it was up to me. But you can’t bring an alien around with some wheels. So let’s find out what’s going on with this guy. Is Name is bryce Gerald. Dixon. He’s accused of theft of a vehicle in three attempts to escape from official custody three. Well this guy’s feisty. And that was after he returned to red pickup truck that he later told the police he needed so that he could get to the Coliseum to get on a flight with alien diplomats. This guy’s lost his marbles. I’m looking at a photo of them I mean, this is not what you WanNa look like when meeting some alien diplomats I tell you he just looks really. Not a good representation of humanity. According to the court documents Mr Dixon. The truck, all the way to the Coliseum, where is this coliseum by the way? but Dixon felt bad for stealing it. So he brought it back to the seven eleven that he took it from to give it back. The truck had been reported stolen when the owner who left his truck unlocked with the keys inside while he stopped into the seven eleven called nine one one what are you leave in your truck unlocked in Utah with keys inside you got people like this Bryce addiction walking around. The police showed up on the on the scene when the officer arrived at the several of. He was met by the truck’s owner who said the man suspected of taking it returned it and was running from the location there he goes he’s running. He brought my car back though unscratched. Of course they caught the suspect because it’s easy to catch people that believe aliens are going to pick them up. The suspect was taken to a hospital for an injury sustained when the truck owner allegedly punched him in the face. Oh. That’s some information we could used earlier. Hey Man, I brought your truck back. Alright. Thank you. Appreciate it. Take that punch. Once in hospital care police say that this Dickson character tried to slip past the officers three times slippery. Dixon allegedly apologized to the police told them that the aliens needed him to get to the Coliseum I gotta get to the Coliseum the aliens are expecting me. Dixon was booked into the Utah County jail on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle and three counts of attempted escape. Yes. Well, what about the attempt? To the alien, all our secrets so that they can more easily infiltrate us what about that

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Pumpkin spice Mac and cheese Oh. Yeah. Craft is bringing it to the US Olma Gold Pumpkins Bosniak trays. Craft, it’s been reading my personal journal. I’m dreaming about Pumpkin Spice Mac and cheese my whole life.

I’m so excited. Are you guys excited? Let’s get into it. This time of year. The cusp of October Pumpkin spices everywhere as you guys know, have you been to starbucks? Pumpkin spice this have you been to a trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Everything Pumpkin Spice Bleach Pumpkin. Spice. Water Pumpkin spice beef jerky how do they do it at traderjoes? They’re working miracles over whoever this JOE is. He’s just got his finger on the pulse of Pumpkin Spice Fall it’s unbelievable. We’ll craft is doing it as well. Craft pumpkin spice macaroni and cheese. It launched in. Canada. Canada you coming to US It launched earlier this week man you Canadians you got everything you got healthcare. Okay. Okay, you got safety. You, got, craft, Pumpkin, spice macaroni, and cheese. Before we do. It’s not fair. Man Canadians everything man just not fair get. I don’t know what else do you get pretty good beer. Will you don’t have NFL football teams. Okay. How about that? Yeah. Get that Canadian crap. Get that Outta here. Within two days over thirty thousand, Canadians have signed up for the online waiting list to try the craft, pumpkin spice Mac, and cheese. Well now, good news it’s making its way to the United States. The arrival of Craft Pumpkin, spice macaroni and cheese making our dreams come true for me and you. When this Friday through Tuesday Americans can enter for a chance to get their hands on the pumpkin spice, flavored Mac, and cheese. Oh my goodness how I need to get it. Well you use the Hash Tags PUMPKIN SPICE KFC? And you tag at Kraft Mac and cheese on twitter. Oh, I’m doing it right away. Shoot Man I’ll go out on the highway median holding a sign if that’s what they want me to do. Hey, everybody kraft Mac and cheese was common common Lasantha the highway Ho hooked me up with some free kraft pumpkin spice Mac and cheese baby I’ll do it I’ll do it for your craft I’ll do anything. According to the press relief release. The product craft pumpkin spice macaroni, and cheese is the same cheesy MAC and cheese Americans know in love now with added added fall flavors. What are these fall flavors that they’ve added Oh, you can just imagine hints of Cinnamon. A splash of nutmeg. A bit of all spice and Sprig of Ginger. Sounds amazing pumpkin spice macaroni and cheese. It says hit. Is Best served curled up with a cozy scoff a flannel shirt, and of course, don’t forget the Pumpkin scented candle. Perhaps, a jackal engine on your porch welcoming the kitties as they come. To collect the candy during the. Tricky Street, which probably isn’t happening this. Ya, no matter. You can have a good time all alone with your pumpkin spice macaroni and cheese. And maybe a scary movie. Such as the first nightmare on ELM street and maybe the first two omens I like those quite a bit. Did I date myself? I’ll tell you right now kraft. If you’re listening, I should definitely be doing your commercial for kraft pumpkin spice macaroni and cheese, and I should get a free. I was GONNA say lifetime supply of craft pumpkin spice Mac and cheese. But I’ll just take a seasonal supply like enough to get me through Christmas and be pleased with that if you’re listening email me funny Jones at I’ll take the GIG.

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