Dead mayor re-elected by a Romanian village. Man jailed in Thailand for his negative hotel review.

American jailed in Thailand for his negative hotel review. Romanian villagers elect a deceased mayor. Marijuana gummies helped NHL players survive the hockey bubble. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

A man has been put in prison in Thailand for a negative hotel review.

Who knew that his was possible? I’ve left some reviews that aren’t very pleasant. Most of my reviews were glowing by the way I’ve left a few stinkers of course, and I’ve left many funny reviews as well. If you WANNA follow my yelp account it’s pretty hilarious. It’s Funny Jones, of course. did you know that Thailand apparently has some of the strictest defamation laws in the world and American. Man Living in Thailand is experiencing this firsthand right now because he’s being sued for a negative hotel review that he left online, how is that defamation? Though it’s just the review right I mean we leave reviews all the time nobody’s suing anybody for. Defamation over these reviews as far as I know, it’s just democratic. You leave a review. That’s good. Someone leaves a review that’s not so good and it works itself out in the end. If you offer an amazing service or product at the end, you’re going to win trust me I’ve experienced that firsthand with weird. Af News ’cause I’ve gotten some bad reviews. But I’ve kept at it and I’ve tried to put out a good product and the good reviews have rolled in and just taken over. especially on Amazon. where the positive reviews of certainly outweigh them all and I got my stars up to about four after having. Two and a half stars for a long time because of all the bad reviews. This is just the nature of online reviews and you’ve gotta live with that. But apparently, this hotel refused to live with the bad review. They arrested this man at the school he worked at for posting this one star review on Google about the resort he was at in coaching. He was then dragged two hundred and fifty kilometers away. To, face a complaint made against him by the resort owner in court. Since it was a Friday he ended up spending the weekend in jail before he was able to post three thousand dollars bail. What the heck is this This is terrible. Let’s read the review. What did he write about this hotel? That was so bad. he wrote the staff was not friendly nobody could smile. The restaurant manager was very rude and full of himself. He is from the Czech Republic there are other hotels with better friendlier staff avoid this place as if it was the corona virus. Well it’s kind of a lame bad review to be honest with you. It sounds to me like he just doesn’t like people from the Czech Republic. What’s going on here? I mean I, find it hard to believe that nobody was able to smile there although you know we’re in the middle of pandemic. Maybe smiles are hard to come by but if you have any business at all at a as a hotel during the pandemic, you really should try to smile you know because a lot of hotels are not even operating. Although maybe the employees are not pleased to have to work during a pandemic. Especially, having to be around an American, that’s visiting them. You know everybody knows the Americans. They can’t keep dependent under control like one fifteenth of them have the Damn virus. So not pleased to see an American in their hotel perhaps, and so maybe that’s why they’re not smiling. I still think it might be something to do with the check. The hotel claims they tried to reach out to the guests on several platforms, but he refused to negotiate the hotel asked that the guests delete the reviews and told him he needed to refrain from leaving any reviews about the hotel in the future please and he did not and that’s why they took him to court apparently. I mean, I don’t know what you do about this, but certainly, the government shouldn’t allow businesses to just sue people over reviews You know that’s just not right. I mean first of all you’re. You’re going to push away the tourists. They’re just GONNA assume that they can treat. A tourist however, they feel like because there’s no repercussions. You know the review is sort of like some insurance to make sure that you you know you perform your duty and your service or whatever. You provide a product. That’s acceptable. Otherwise you get a bad review now, I know there’s a lot of people just writing bad reviews that just WanNa. Write bad reviews. I’ve experienced that myself you know as far as the podcast goes, but those are few and far between I think most people are reasonable. If you provide a good product or service, you’ll get a good review in return. I kind of liked the review process that we have here I think it’s great and I don’t think You should leave a review in fear that you would have to.

Face some sort of legal. Battle. which is just GonNa take up your time and your money. I mean, at this point, it’s like why bother to go to Thailand? You know I mean that’s the sort of situation it seems to me like they’re creating but I could be wrong I. Don’t know. Do you guys agree call the show six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty, twelve Was that defamation or just the review?

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A village has reelected a mayor that is dead.

Bucharest Romania. After handing Ion alleman the victory in the election for local mayor residents of a small village in southern. Romania then went right to his grave to light some candles for him. Allemande was reelected in a landslide for an unprecedented third term as mayor of the village of. Blue. This is all despite having died from covid nineteen complications ten days prior to the country’s municipal elections. His death came too late to remove his name from the ballot the news of his passing spread fast through the village, which is home to just over three thousand people. The popular incumbent would have celebrated his fifty seventh birthday. Exactly. The day. He was a beloved man in order to honor him. Hundreds of Defense Lou villagers went to the polling stations and voted for alleman despite him being dead. This is incredible. After preliminary election results showed late. Sunday. That Alabama had one, one, thousand, fifty, seven out of the sixteen hundred votes cast. Wow, major landslide. A large group of villagers visited his grave to light candles and pay their respects. A video shared widely on social media showed people with flashlights and candles gathered around his grave. Some of them saying this is your victory. We will make you proud. We know that from somewhere up there you are watching us. was a member of the left leaning Social Democratic Party known as PSD. And so is his deputy Nikolai Dobra who told a local media that none of the other contenders got the same trust from the voters of course asked if he voted for Alleman, he said I sure did. The election victory in Lou was a bit of sweet news but only a little comfort for the PSG as partial preliminary results showed Monday that they had lost the most closely watched contests the one for the mayor of the capital Bucharest. The article goes on about the national election. But I think this the local stories much more fascinating that e a dead man was elected it’s it’s a bittersweet story because. He’s not able to serve a third term, but clearly beloved by the three thousand villagers. I wonder what will happen it doesn’t say. What happens if you vote a dead mayor in? Time, you know anybody familiar with politics. In Romania But you know if the politics and the rest of the world is any gauge for A. What should be done that I think they should allow the dead mayor to. Stay in office because. I think dead mayor. We’ll do a way better job than mayor. That’s alive. You know. Why give them a chance to screw anything up? Just. You know let the dead mayor sit in office for a year to. At least no problems will be created by the mayor. which is what you usually see from mayors. I’m being very negative here but man, maybe it’s because I live in Los Angeles that I feel this way about the mayor.

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Marijuana Gummy’s helped NHL Players through a grueling stint inside the hockey bubble

NHL players survived the monotony of two months in isolation. The same way as a large segment of their fan base with a little assistance though from booze and cannabis. With the Stanley Cup hockey finals between Dallas and Tampa Bay. Well, underway NHL players are opening up anonymously of course on what life away from their families living in the bubble was like. Players were initially stationed in either Edmonton or Toronto. That’s where the bubbles were. But as the competition whittled down to four contenders, the western city became the only remaining site.

What are the players say? Well, the consensus is that it it wasn’t easy. I don’t think a lot of fans realize what an emotional toll the bubble took on some of the guys, the isolation, the grind being away from our families and our loved ones during a really stressful time to begin with. To. Be Honest after the first few days I noticed a lot of guys were more down than they usually were some guys legitimately sad I have to say it’s not easy living like that for two months I tell you. That was an anonymous hockey player. And while the consensus seems to be that the NHL Under delivered on some of its more attractive promises, the lead leak did come with a few amenities that players might enjoy. It made a big difference to the weary warriors as they tried to wind down after difficult days. Here’s a quote from someone anonymously still. Marijuana Gumy’s were there. They were available drinking was there. But I think when it came down to it, people were trying to perform the best they could. I don’t think as we’re drinking to party certainly, not an excess when guys were taking marijuana dummies it wasn’t a let’s get high shit and do nothing. All Day was more of a recovery center to fall asleep after a game you know. Wait, wait wait. So the NHL provided marijuana governors to the players that what I’m reading is that correct I mean it’s all happening in Canada. What’s what are the laws of their? It it’s it’s recreational. Up Their legal recreational am I right. Or is it just that hockey players are so beloved in Canada that they just let them do whatever the hell they want. I mean it seems to be that way. The other gods these NHL players in Canada, it seems to me. But Hey man. Offering athletes some marijuana as a form of recovery is totally fine in my opinion i. mean there are certain sports where they actually test you for these things but it all should be just. Allowed as far as I’m concerned, it’s it’s relaxing. It’s good for pain. It’s good to get you to sleep. It’s good. It’s good for relieving some stressed winding down at the end of the day. Why not? It’s just a little marijuana that’s all. And if you’re stuck in a bubble, you’re away from your girlfriend, your wife, your family, your children, your boyfriend, whatever you’re away from. Yes. Some booze and some some weed why not take care of the people it’s a damn shame what they had to go through for sure all for the sake of entertainment of course, they’re being paid. But you know it’s got to be tough. Now, the NBA bubble is is more strict than this. I’d imagine they don’t allow the players that just chomp on Gumy’s they’re not providing such things at imagine or alcohol this sort of thing but you know that just shows you how cool candidate is at the end of the day they just they just are Canadians are so cool. The government is so chill. Some of you are wondering Jones you. You talk in such glowing terms about Canada why don’t you move there? The the answer is I’m not allowed there. Okay. It’s personal. No it’s not. It’s just it’s COVID and I’m an American.

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