Baby Shark song used to torture prisoners. Powerlifter has to prove she’s a woman to board plane.

Baby Shark children’s song used to bully prisoners in Oklahoma. Russian power lifter told you prove she’s a woman before boarding plane. Grand parents are kidnapped and brought to Canada then ransomed for cocaine. //

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BabyShark children’s song was used to bully jail inmates in Oklahoma

Two former Detention officers along with their supervisor were charged this week after an investigation found inmates at the Oklahoma County Jail were forced to listen to the popular children’s song baby shark on a loop at very loud volume for long extended periods of time baby shark. Doo doo doo doo baby shark doo doo doo doo that is torture. I think I’d rather be waterboarded than forced to listen to Baby Shark on a loop all day. I have experience with this Baby Shark Song. Okay, I went on a road trip with another comedian who had to bring his baby on the road trip. The plan was to drop the baby off at the grandparents house. So we drove from LA to Fresno dead. And that’s about six hours I’d say and the only thing they can get the baby to not cry is the Baby Shark Song. So whenever the baby woke up and started crying. We had to push the Baby Shark Song continuously until the baby would stop crying which occurred probably no less than a half a dozen times. I’m quite familiar with this Baby Shark Song from that road trip and I have nightmares about the Baby Shark Song since then I do and if I was in prison and you played this song on a loop, I I would lose my mind. Absolutely. This is the utmost of Cruelty to be playing on people. I covered a story. In fact, we’re a town was playing the Baby Shark Song in a park to keep the homeless people from sleeping in the on the benches. Do you guys offer that story? Did I actually cover that story or is that a figment of my imagination? I don’t know. I’ve done three thousand stories probably and they’re just all starting to be blurry. The story says here that 4 a.m. Mates total were subjected to this inhuman discipline. See they said it was inhuman as well. They agree in human discipline listening to the Baby Shark Song on a liquid very loudly while standing handcuffed behind them secured to a wall. That’s how it happened. They made them stand as well. Oh my goodness charged where Gregory Cornell Butler h21 Christopher miles. Okay, we don’t need to go through all the people who are charged district attorney Prater charge them with misdemeanor counts of Cruelty to a prisoner and conspiracy conspiracy. What’s that conspiracy? For? What conspiracy to get the song Baby Shark more views on YouTube. What here’s a quote from this d a Well, it was unfortunate that I could not find a felony statute to fit this fact scenario. I would have preferred filing a felony on this particular Behavior. Believe me. I don’t know why I gave the da an old-timer 1930s voice. I just thought it would be fun. The DEA said the legislature definitely should look at making a change to the law or adding a law. Yes. It’ll be called the baby shark law where you cannot play this song for another adult more than two times other. Other than that, it’s it’s considered a felony. No adults should have to be subjected to this song. Now. I know that you have children and you’ve you’ve had to endure this song for a long long time and I feel bad for you. I surely do. Wow, I don’t children just like to fall asleep to journey. I mean why not right? Why is it going to be something like the baby shark? These other songs don’t work. I don’t like what child doesn’t go off a separate ways, you know great song. How about that on a loop? I’ll tell you if I ever have children. What’s it’s going to be Def Leppard all day all night.

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A Russian powerlifter was told to prove that she’s a woman before boarding a flight

A world-renowned Russian power liftgate has spoken of the humiliating moment that she was refused to enter a flight because officials didn’t believe she was a woman. Her name is Shana Tova age forty-two.

She was trying to board a Russian airline for a flight from st. Petersburg to her hometown of krasnodar. Here’s a quote from Anna at the checkpoint. They refused let me pass saying it was written in my passport. I Am Woman it was humiliating. I was reprimanded like child in front of people in Q. I was asked in the mid questions if they’re interested in who I am in my life who I am in bed the whole Q watching this Anarchy. I felt as helpless as possible in a situation. I was trying to I am indeed woman. That’s a shame although I am looking at a photo of her. I mean, I’m not trying to defend the people on the flight, but depending on what she’s wearing hard to tell this is a woman for sure, but still not right Page Street somebody this way if the passport says she’s a woman she says she’s a woman the conversation ends there. Okay. She goes on the plane. Okay. It says off Anna kept calm. She said it was very wrong for the airline staff to ask her to prove. She was a woman it is very wrong. She then says a miracle happened that was allowed to board the plane. It doesn’t say what happened, Did I mean did they just let her on did she it says the article says she had to prove she was a woman that she take them to the bathroom and prove. She was a woman. I hope that didn’t happen. I hope it didn’t come to that. I hope she didn’t have to you know, unbuttoned her shirt to show. I mean, you know, I’d like to think that they just came to their senses and just let this person on it’s just ridiculous not too long. And they’re holding up the Line This Is Why airlines are the worst? Okay, they’re bunch of dummies working on there. They hold up the line for so many reasons. I never even expected them to hold up the line for this. They don’t even think quash. The person’s gender. Does the passenger look like the photo in the passport? Okay enough said get on the plane. She didn’t elaborate on why the airbag. Changed their mind. She says, I’ve worked all my youth with my blood and sweat from my country not to be treated this way. Yeah, I’m sure she has and she shouldn’t be treated this way the airline offered an empty apology saying that the service is except able. To Reva who came out as a lesbian many years ago was a powerlifting coach these days. She’s a 6 time world champion in bench, press damn one multiple powerlifting competitions. Globally. Wow, what a badass I would have not blamed her if she ripped the doors off the plane, you know, or just tipped the plane over, you know wage they deserved it. But Anna takes the high road. She says she would not change the way she looked to suit others. She sees herself this way. She’s not going to change and look different. She says I’m not going to prove anything to anyone. It’s just my style My Lifestyle. I am so comfortable good for her. She’s so comfortable. It’s a shame that other people make her uncomfortable with Shenanigans like this. Yeah prove you’re a woman proved powerlifter go lift that Volkswagen.

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Some Grandparents were kidnapped taken to Canada and ransomed for cocaine

these poor grandparents, you know, they’re just minding their business sitting around and pandemic isolation, you know, maybe playing online bingo or back Iraq. I don’t know, you know, the the things that grandparents do these days this group of drug dealers was intent on recovering fifty kilos of coke, they kidnapped off and Associates grandparents from their home. Oh, this was an associate great. They have no idea probably why they were kidnapped and ferried across the Canadian border through a tribal reservation and then held hostage for a couple nights off until the police staged a rescue. Well, thank goodness. They rescued these old people. I mean, it’s quite confusing to be taken from your home then taken to a tribal reservation and then on a ferry and then you’re in Canada, like what the heck is going on 1 minute. I’m at home eating porridge the next minute. I’m on a travel reservation talking to the Chief and then I’m at I’m in some Shack in Canada. It’s cold I dead.

I am hit is it for social distancing? Why am I up here? Can somebody give me a mask? There’s a total of five men for from Quebec one from New York facing charges of kidnapping forcible confinement and extortion for the Abduction of poor old James and Sandra Helm of Moira Moira New York a town of three thousand residents fifteen Miles from the Canadian border. The abduction came to light when James Helm age 76 failed to show up for work as the town Highway superintendent. Hey, this guy’s got an important gig in the town of three thousand people. He’s a highway superintendent. 876 James refuses to retire. He’s one of those guys, you know, those yeah, what would I do? What would I do? What would you do James? I don’t know you play shuffleboard and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon all day why you know, you live the life buddy. What do you think watch Netflix? Hey ask your wife. Can you go to the titty bar? Hey live a living wage. James one of the couple’s Sons went to their house to check on them. Oh boy found the front door was broken open called the state police. The trooper is noted that the bed was unmade a jar of dog treats had been overturned in the master bedroom. And the Helms were gone surveillance video near the house showed a pickup truck that took them a trace of the cellphone showed it in a neighboring town at 11 p.m. And then on the aqua Saucony Mohawk reservation, which is right on the border and then out of the country the son who reported the couple minutes got a phone call later Monday morning from a man police call co-conspirator a who said that he and his associates had the Helms and wanted to exchange them for fifty kilograms also known as a hundred and ten pounds of cocaine that they believed individual one had stolen they said as an alternative if you don’t have the cocaine, we will accept three and half million dollars, which is about the cocaine value and then we’ll give you over dead. The grandparents which by the way are very comfortable. We got them some bathrobes and slippers and you know, the grandmother likes to watch her stories in the afternoon. So we put them on for her and by the way, we’re not bad criminals. We’ve made sure the grandpa has his medication. Okay, we give them two pills from the big bottle in the morning to again in the afternoon. Then the small bottle he gets three a day. Is that correct every four hours Okay, the plot thickens because the couple’s grandson Mackenzie Helm age 28 and his mother Michelle Helm have been arrested by the DEA agents in Vermont a week earlier court documents say they were transporting a duffel bag of cocaine for a larger organization. The bust wasn’t publicized. So the traffickers didn’t know that the DEA had already seized that cocaine the cocaine they were off or was taking a week earlier in Vermont buddy, but this family is really deep in the cocaine business. I wonder if the grandparents had any idea. I mean, they must have known something’s up when their children were calling them middle of the night all eager to talk. It’s a wonderful drug. It brings families together. The couple’s son received a series of additional calls and ran track text messages as well as a photo of his mother sitting in a chair with her husband standing beside her by tracing the locations of the cellphones involved in the kidnapping the Quebec Provincial Police found the house. In a place called Magog that sounds outstanding Magog and wonder if they make eggnog in Magog eggnog eggnog in Magog wage is ridiculous. I don’t know why I said that they tracked down where the Helms were being held the investigators arrested the four Canadian men and the they recognized the chair and some of the trees that were in the background of the photo. Poor old Sandra Helm age 70 told the FBI agents that she and her husband had been taken over roads over water through the woods all the while with pillowcases over their head. But now they’re okay they seem to be doing fairly well and they’re just trying to lay low and recover says Moira Town supervisor Justice Martin. Thank you justice for the update. I hope that mister Helms will be back to work as the highway supervisor any day now and this shall be a lesson to your children out there don’t get involved in dealing large amounts of drugs with with the Sinister individuals. They will they will they will they will steal your grandparents.

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