Dead grandma resurrection led to man’s arrest in cemetery. Men with deep voices likely to cheat?

Man arrested in a Knoxville Tennessee cemetery for trying to resurrect his dead grandma. Study shows that women should avoid men with deep sexy voices because they are likely to cheat. Someone bought a T-Rex skeleton at auction for a record breaking $31.8 million. //

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Dead grandma resurrection led to man’s arrest in cemetery.

A man has been arrested and charged for trying to resurrect his dead grandmother in a cemetery Knoxville, Tennessee officials say that a man was arrested after causing about $30,000 in Damages at a cemetery at about 2:30 in the afternoon on Monday authorities responded to a report of some vandalism at a church cemetery on Huckleberry Springs Road, Huckleberry Springs Road, sounds like a lovely place not a place where people are digging up dead bodies. Well when I took office has arrived on the scene, they saw extensive damage to the cemetery. This included a lot of digging like dug up spots here and there in the ground also some broken headstones. I’d imagine some Flowers and Gifts were scattered about but is this a Halloween prank? What is going on here? Well Witnesses told the officers that a homeless man had stayed around the property job. And was actually responsible for damaging the cemetery officers identified The Suspect thirty-four-year-old Danny Fraser who then told the officers. He did destroy some of the property but it was all in an effort to resurrect his dead grandmother who was actually buried at the cemetery but does mr. Fraser even know where his grandmother is buried it says here he dug up multiple spots in the ground and broke headstones. How do you explain that behavior? If you’re just trying to find your grandmother you should just pinpoint where her grave is and go to work. You should you should not deface them dig up any of the other plots in my opinion. But then again, what do I know about resurrecting dead bodies? I know nothing. Okay. I’ve just seen Frankenstein and I didn’t learn very much Fraser was arrested and charged with vandalism and trespassing but nothing demonic which I thought was silly. He should be charged with something demonic related, right? This guy’s trying to raise the Dead. I mean, there’s got to be a law against that right now a couple of things are going on here either. He’s out of his mind and just damaging property and claims that it was all in the effort to resurrect his grandmother who we greatly mrs. Or he’s actually trying to resurrect his grandmother. And so I thought to myself why would you resurrect your grandmother and I came up with a top five reasons way to resurrect your grandma hears reason number five. Well, you want someone to watch your your baseball or your basketball game. You know. Now this is for a younger person who’s playing team sports, you know oftentimes it’s difficult to get your family members to come support you at your little league, you know, they have better things to do you always have the grandparents know who are really just bored out of their minds come and watch your sport. They don’t even care what it is. They don’t even care how you do they’re just there to support and it’s one of the ways grandparents are very useful reason number four is a resurrected grandma. You need information about long ago family stuff. Yeah, and and sometimes you know, this is prior to social media or any sort of online record-keeping some of that family information. No stories are only inside the brain of your grandma. So you gotta sit down with her and make her some tea get her to talk a little bit more. Maybe give you some whiskey loosen her up a bit my grandma used to drink tea with and she would tell me all sorts of stories about our family. We were we were Loosely related to Rocky Marciano who’s a an Italian boxer of Fame and she would tell me stories about about him. You know, Grandma’s are useful for this sort of stuff reason number three to resurrect your grandma. You want to retrieve an important Family Recipe. Yes. Hey, hey, you know don’t discount those old-school Family Recipes. They’re amazing and they should be passed down and sometimes you know, your grandparents might pass away before giving you that recipe you got home. Sure, you get that. That could be a reason to resurrect Grandma you want that old stuffed pepper recipe. That’s what my great grandma used to make World boy. Oh, did I say my grandma in the previous one? I met my great grandmother used to tell me stories. Okay move on reason number to to resurrect your grandma. You forgot to call her before she died. I mean, we always forget to call our grandma’s right and you know, I deserve my grandma called right now and I I tell myself I’m going to do it but I hardly ever get to it and it’s a shame and I need to put more effort into that.

We always forget to call our grandma’s. Okay. So this is a reason to resurrect your grandma used to have a little girl see how she’s doing and you know before she goes back into the grave and the number one reason to resurrect your grandma guys hold onto your seats here comes the number one reason to resurrect your grandma. She owes you money. Yeah, you know She owes you some money. So you gotta get her back. Hey, you better pay me. Grandma. Okay. What do you think? This is you can just die without paying me you can’t die on your debts. Okay, I’m bringing you back to life. You better pay me that money Grandma. It’s NFL season and I owe a bookie.

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Unreliable women should be aware of men with deep voices.

Well, they’re saying in the study that men with deep voices are inherently untrustworthy. Why is that one woman says because they are going to cheat on you honey wage. Yes, but is this a generalization or has it been backed up by science? Well, a study was conducted by South West University to prove it several heterosexual non-smoking page. Where asked to read a list of words these words were analyzed for frequency and Pitch. Then the men were asked to take a psychological test in order to determine their attitudes towards infidelity and relationships. And guess what? Well, the men with deeper voices were found to be less committed to romantic relationships and more likely to cheat off. Apparently it has to do with testosterone levels. Oh fascinating generally speaking. It says here men would lower voices have more testosterone than men with squeaky or voices dog. Searchers said quote testosterone and the characteristics dependent on testosterone can be reliable indicators of quality dependent conditions or behaviors off. That was my impression of a nerdy scientist. Well, what does this mean nerdy scientists? It means men with deep voices are a bunch of Scoundrels don’t you know, but what about women that think the deep voices are sexy girl. This is part of the problem women find men with deep voices sexy. It’s true because deep voices are associated with high testosterone which suggests the men will produce healthy children. See now, I don’t have a deep voice really mines in a taller register and I I always thought it was because I think it’s cuz I’m a smaller person. You know, I’m a short guy. I don’t have a lot of mass. You know, I have the I have the body of like a six year old Asian boy is how I would yeah, it’s it’s small and hairless. Yeah, does that mean I don’t produce a lot of testosterone. I don’t know. I mean, I’m not buying it. All right, I play a lot of sports. Okay. All right. I I beat up a lot of people 800. Oh, yeah. I just walked down the street punching mofos. Okay. I think I got some testosterone. I’m just kidding. That’s not true. I don’t walk down the street and punch people. But like what is this Josh room to have to do with producing healthy children really? Is this the thing I want to see the signs the backs that up? I can understand women being attracted to a lower voice register. I mean sexy voices are a thing, but maybe this means that if you are a deep-voiced man women are throwing themselves at you all the time because they want some of those Healthy Babies. I still question whether or not that means you’re going to have healthy babies home, but if women are throwing themselves at you around the clock, you’re eventually going to cave in to temptation. Is that why these deep voice men are more likely to cheat but then again when we be blaming the women at that point for the men being unfaithful I don’t know what to think of this. I asked you guys. Do you believe any of this ladies? Are you more attractive to a man with a with a deeper voice register and men with the deep voices? Are you cheating all over the place? Get your act together my goodness. You should call the show 646-450-2012. You should also listen to me do an impression of Barry White as he so eloquently introduced to the song. I’m going to love you. Just a little more baby. Oh, it feels so good. You lying here next to me. Oh, what a group. You have no idea how it feels my hands just won’t keep still. I love you baby. Oh, I love you. I just want to hold you may run my fingers through your hair or out of sight and now I’m ready to make a healthy baby. Oh, yeah.

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Somebody bought a T-rex skeleton for a record-breaking 31.8 million dollars

The remains of a Tyrannosaurus rex that lived some 67 million years ago have been sold at an auction for over thirty million dollars, which is a world record for a fossilized dinosaur.

The near-complete. T-rex skeleton named Stan now belongs to an anonymous buyer who secured the Milestone bid at the 20th century evening sale, which was held this week at Christie’s in New York City the Hefty price tag Dwarfs with the field museum in Chicago paid for its T-Rex named Sue which cost them eight point four million in nineteen ninety seven at the time Sue held the title of the most expensive dinosaur and down for two decades until this past week when Stan was purchased now stand was expected to attract a price that was comparable to sue but the bidding war blue past the 8 million dollar guide price wage. Minutes and ended up at 27.5 million with a few million more tacked on for commission fees and other costs James Haislip who is head of Christie’s science and natural history Department called this opportunity to buy the dinosaur stand a once-in-a-generation chance. Here’s a quote from James. Yes there simply aren’t T-Rexes like this coming to Market and it’s an incredibly awful event. When a great one is found. That’s my impression of someone who works for a an auction house. This T-Rex named Stan was Discovery 1987 by its namesake amateur paleontologists stand sackrison in South Dakota and for decades Stan has been on display at the Black Hills Institute of geological research in Hill City, South Dakota. Measuring forty feet in length thirteen feet tall Stan as among the most complete T-Rex fossils in the world the specimen contains 188 total bones representing about seventy percent of the original full skeleton, the skeletal features suggest that Stan was a male because of the dinosaurs exceptional condition casts of Stan have ended up dozens of museums around the world stands skull also is particularly well-preserved given that the buyer remains unidentified. It’s unclear. We’re standing rex skeleton will end up. Yeah. I mean, first of all, you’re a pretty eccentric person for buying this at imagine and so given that they’re probably going to put it in a in an eccentric location. Like I don’t know. I’m right next to the microwave. I assume maybe inside the house, right? I mean, it’s it’s thirteen feet high. So it’s not crazy right you can put it in if you had a high ceilings for you or something I assumed. You have enough money to spend 30 million on a T-rex skeleton you have a 4 A. You know, it could be an outdoor display as well. Okay, but then you gotta worry about the elements. All right, if you’re spending Thirty Something million on this 67 million year old skeleton you want to make sure it’s preserved somehow. You just have to hire somebody full-time to make sure that the thing is preserved as well. If you got the skeleton you have to hire like a skeleton up keeper, you know, like I don’t know what you call them. I guess something like a T-rex skeleton a caretaker. Is this a job position I could do this. Actually, I think I could do this you just dusted all day and keep the kids away. Right? Is that what you do? No, you cannot hang Christmas lights off Stan’s tour. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and toes crossed that this remarkable fossil stays in the public domain for all to enjoy life says the person who runs the auction house. I hope so too. I want to enjoy this. I think people should enjoy this. I mean especially as it’s the the most accurate skeleton ever on earth. The most well-preserved has the most bones. It’s the best. I mean, it’s so good that they’ve duplicated it for all of these various natural history museums all across the world. So it’s got to be Tip-Top shape, you know, maybe this person. Is it a coincidence this purchase buying it just in time for Halloween, maybe there’s going to be some crazy haunted house that this person is creating and Stan will be you know, a pivotal attraction as part of this haunted house could be dead man. I hope somebody buys my skeleton for 30 million. I don’t think my skeleton will be worth anything really, but I’m just imagining that’d be pretty cool. If you’re if you were that important in rare that your skeleton was worth this much. I’d imagine you probably get like ten bucks from my skeleton song.

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