Floridaman hits a cop with a Bible. Floridaman requests ballot for his dead wife. Carjackings!!!!

FLORIDA FRIDAY – Floridaman requested a mail in voter ballot for his dead wife. Florida burglary suspect hit a deputy in the face with a Bible. Florida woman arrested after asking a cop to smoke marijuana. Floridaman arrested after trying to car jack four different drivers. //

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A Florida man who requested a mail-in ballot for his dead wife says I feel like I haven’t done nothing wrong.

A Florida man is being accused of voter fraud after authorities say that he requested a mail-in ballot for his wife who happened to pass away about two years ago. Hey, let’s just be thankful that people in Florida really are excited about voting. You know, I just like that. Hey this guy wanted to vote so much that he’s like I want to vote twice. Okay, I really want to participate in the political process on Friday. Mr. Larry Wiggins spoke exclusively to the media after he was released from the Manatee County Jail, by the way, are there manatees in Manatee County? I wonder I’d like to hang out with some manatees. They’re way more intelligent than Floridians. Here’s a quote from this guy. Larry Wiggins. I heard so much about ballots being sent in and people just haven’t found them in different places. I feel like I haven’t done anything wrong. Where is your sense of logic? Larry Wiggins that you still think you did nothing wrong because ballots have been sent in and people find them in different places. But okay, I feel like because you know, there are just people shooting people all sorts of places. I figure I could just shoot a couple of people. Well, what did I do wrong here off the sixty-two-year-old. You should know better Larry Wiggins sixty-two-year-old. He claims. He was just testing the Florida’s voting system. Yeah. We already know the voting system about Florida is totally flawed. Okay, we had an instance a few elections ago that told us that so we don’t need you to test it anymore Larry. We know it’s screwed. Larry says he you know, he filled out his wife’s application and put it in the mail. But you know, he never planned on voting twice. He said he says I wouldn’t do that. I said well, let me just send it in. I just want to see what’s going to happen to see if they actually going to send a ballot for her to vote. I was just curious. You know, I’m Larry Wiggins. I’m sixty-two on board. I mean I you know, I cash my wife’s Social Security checks still I don’t see what to be big deal is if I vote on her behalf to you know, just testing it out.

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Florida burglar hit a sheriff’s deputy in the face with the Bible

A burglary suspect dressed only in his underwear hit a sheriff’s deputy right in a face with the Bible while screaming I condemn you and then defecate it on himself after he was taken into custody. That is the first paragraph of the story and that is off. To unpack why is this man robbing places in his underwear? I don’t understand what that’s all about. Why does he have a Bible on him now? He told the sheriff I condemn you was he trying to get the sheriff walk away or was he trying to really save the sheriff’s soul? And then there’s the whole defecated thing that happened later. I’m going to guess this guy Robert Otis Hoskins age 39 from Marion County is on some chemicals. Yes. Yes, of course the authorities were called when Hoskins broke into his neighbor’s home and stole some clothes. This is neighbor. Where’s Hoskins closed off his own clothes. I don’t understand why he’s breaking into his neighbor’s house foreclosed. And if you’re going to steal clothes why not put them on before you leave the house you dummy when the deputies arrived they say they encountered him dressed only in his underwear outside the home. Obviously, he’s got a Bible too. I mean, did he steal that from his neighbor or did he just keep the Bible with him the whole time because he wants Jesus to protect him as he goes door-to-door stealing shit the Bible struck the deputy in the space in the jaw. Deputy didn’t see it coming. Of course. He didn’t see it coming didn’t expect to be hit with a Bible while he’s going to investigate a burglary.

You never going to see a Bible in moments like that. It’s very rare. You don’t expect to be attacked by one. Of course. It’s a terrible Weapon of Choice by the way during an armed robbery. I mean unless you’re trying to fight off demons or you’re in the middle of an exorcism. I don’t understand how they use a Bible as an offensive weapon. Hoskins screamed as he stroked a deputy in the face with the Bible he screamed I condemn you did he scream anything else. That doesn’t say I was hoping he’d say the power of Christ compels. You said it doesn’t say that he said that that was what I wish he said the body cam footage from another deputy captured the moment that Hoskins lunged at the officer with the Bible the authorities off the taste this Bible lunch and burglar to subdue him and then take him into custody and apparently after being arrested the officers say Hoskins defecated on himself. Yeah. This is a typical end to a whole lot of arrests after they cleaned them up and questioned him. He told officers that God told him to break into his neighbor’s home so he could free the neighbors juvenile daughter. Well, I mean that explains the Bible he was going to go and read from scripture. I suppose there’s a lot of good lessons in there for juvenile daughter’s for sure right in that Bible.

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A Florida woman was arrested after asking a cop to smoke some marijuana with her.

I’m looking at a photo of her and she looks like the type that would ask a cop to smoke weed with her thoughts are closed real Stoner here. You’re going to be so high to not realize that you’re talking to a police officer. Although maybe it was under cover. Let’s get into the story and find out Sumter County, Florida, Florida woman. Rested after asking a deputy if he would like to smoke some marijuana with her Rafer the encounter occurred on Sunday morning. When a deputy made contact with a woman who was I tried as fifty-year-old constant spoke. Oh you made contact with her. That means you’re going to be asked to get hi. So hi Constance was sitting in her vehicle. The deputy was completing a well-being check on her. What is that all about? Just want to check your well-being ma’am. How was your well-being today? Well, I tell you office. I’m having a terrible day, you know the the wash and washer dryer in my apartment building is just it’s just funky not really working. So I gotta take all my clothes and go to the coin-operated wash place, you know, I don’t like those because there’s a lot of near or others that hang out there, you know, a lot of people doing the drugs and stuff, you know, you don’t want to be hanging out at a laundromat in Florida. You know what I’m talking about officer. Well, okay stop. I apologize I shouldn’t be asking about job. Are being this is way too much. What was that scene Jonesy? I don’t know. I just thought I’d act out what occurs on some of those well-being checks and then immediately the officer wishes they never checked on that person’s well-being. It’s like when you ask somebody, how are you doing know? I really want to know how you’re doing know you don’t. Here’s the story about the lady who asked the officer to smoke weed with her. We gotta get into it. We kind of know what happened but it says here they said that while talking to the deputy observing that she had bought some marijuana poke asked the deputy. If you would like to smoke some with him. This leads me to believe that she’s messed up on more than just marijuana. Marijuana does not distort reality to the point where you don’t know that that’s a cop that’s asking you if you’re okay and if that’s marijuana, like what is she really on when asked further she admitted? She no. No, she doesn’t have a medical marijuana card, but would like to obtain one someday. That was part of the well-being speech. Yeah. I’m not in a great place in life right now. You know, I thought by now I’d have a marijuana card, you know, all my friends have one. Can you relate to me officer? Can you relate I feel bad for these crops. I mean the poor crops. They’re offered drugs all the time. They gotta say no free drugs. They’re offer. They gotta say no. It’s a tough racket. They confiscate wage. Drugs again. They’re like all free drugs great. Can I have it? No, you can’t you gotta put them in that room in the back of the police station. I tell you right now, that’d be the worst part of being a cop for me. Is that wow all those free drugs? I’d have to have just watch be put inside a closet. What a waste.

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A Florida man has been arrested after trying to carjack four different drivers

Polk County Florida. A man was arrested. He tried to steal four separate cars carjacked four separate drivers on Friday. What a busy day for this guy Christopher Hendrix age 32. Here’s the history with this. He crashed his truck 7:45 a.m. He was fleeing a hit-and-run on I-4. So he’s involved in a Hit and run with his truck. Okay. Now he’s like I got no truck. What do I do? Well after crashing he ran to a gas station called Marathon gas station. That’s when he tried to carjack the first car off and he tried to drive off in a Chevy Colorado. That was at one of the pumps a woman pumping gas sprayed Hendricks with the gasoline when she realized that he was trying to steal her truck. Nice job woman long way to pump a felon with gasoline. I just dig that but Christopher wasn’t about to be thwarted. He looked at his Google Calendar and he’s like, I got three more car jacks on the schedule. Let’s do it here and take another vehicle. It was a burgundy Town and Country minivan the driver who has a permit to carry a concealed firearm was standing out front The Man simply drew his hand gun aimed at the suspect and demanded he get out of his minivan. Love that was just Florida people got guns in their pants. That’s what’s Happening Here was all hope lost with mister Hendrix. No. No, he’s like I got a whole afternoon ahead of me. Let me try and Jack another car hear back from that gas station jumped over the side of an overpass onto I-94 or I-4 rather causing the driver of a box truck to slam on the brakes causing a tractor-trailer to rear-ended. Wow. This guy is just off creating havoc on the roads. The driver of the green Chevy truck pulled over to help Hendrix tried to get in the backseat. However, the doors were locked Hendrix ran across I-4 and got into the passenger seat of a Chevy Equinox. That was brought over on the shoulder. Also trying to help the driver took her keys out of the ignition and jumped out of the car. Wow. That’s how many cars is that for total? Does he steal anymore? I can’t wait happen. The deputies are on the scene. They took him into custody when Hendrix was put into the back of a patrol car. He tried to kick out the window and Escape now. I’m surprised he didn’t try and carjacked the patrol car this Hendrix man. He’s dead. Out of it was a lot going on in his morning. I tell you right now that’s all before 9 a.m. By the way, he was charged with carjacking Grand Theft Auto two counts of occupied burglary felony criminal mischief and escaping Hendrix was previously convicted of six felonies. And for misdemeanors. Why is this guy just walking around on the street? Why? Cuz that’s America man. It’s America. And this is Florida man, Florida man going to do a Florida Mango do.

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