Illegal butt injection casualties. Election officials: please don’t microwave your mail in ballots.

Canadian tourist returns stolen ancient artefacts from Pompeii Italy after suffering a 15 year curse. Dallas woman charged with murder for performing illegal silicone butt injection. Election officials ask voters to stop disinfecting and microwaving mail in ballots. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

A tourist has sent back ancient stolen artifacts after suffering from a curse.

Yes, a tourist who pilfered fragments from the ancient city of Pompeii about fifteen years ago has returned those artifacts claiming. They were cursed the woman is Canadian. She’s identified only as Nicole. She sent a package containing to Mosaic tiles, which were part of an amphora an amphora is a ancient vows. I believe that I pronounce it right is a vase or Bowl pause. I guess it depends on whether or not you own a boat also returned a piece of Ceramics to a travel agent in Pompeii, which is in southern Italy. She also included a letter of confession about these artifacts. Nicole was in her early twenties when she visited pompey’s archaeological Park in 2005. She blamed the theft wage. For a run of Misfortune that she had suffered in the years since including having breast cancer twice and experiencing financial hardship. She wrote in her letter about these hardships. She suffered since stealing these artifacts and wrote, please. Please take them back. They bring bad luck. Why did she steal them in the first place? Well, she claims that the time she stole them that she wanted to have a piece of history that nobody else could have but that these ancient relics had so much negative energy linked to that Land Of Destruction. Apparently then the question remains. Why did you wait so long to get rid of them? I mean you held onto these things for two Cancer’s I’d be like one cancer. I’m gone with these pompeian ancient Vaz pieces Nicole also wrote in her letter that she learned her lesson and she was hoping for some forgiveness from God. She says I am now thirty-six had breast cancer twice the last time ending in a dog. Mastectomy my family and I also had financial problems. We’re very good people and I don’t want to pass this curse onto my family or children. So you dropped off these cursed items to a travel agent. You trying to kill people What do you do in a call? Nicole is not the only one repenting the package contained another letter that was confessional from a couple also from Canada along with some stones that were stolen. I bought a 2005 here’s a quote. We took them without thinking of the pain and suffering those poor souls experienced during the eruption of Vesuvius and they’re terrible death. We are sorry. Please forgive us for making this terrible Choice May their souls rest in peace. So wait did these people steal the stones on the same day that Nicole Still diwas, it doesn’t say and they both retire at the same time. They both experienced the curse. Wow. I don’t know if I believe in this stuff, but I have watched a lot of Scooby-Doo and I think I think there’s something to this it says here. The years so many stolen relics have been returned to the site of Pompeii along with letters expressing guilt that Park officials established a museum displaying all these returned artifacts. This is Tom believable. It says most of the time tourists want to keep the relics as souvenirs, but some thieves have also tried to sell pieces of Pompeii online in 2015 a brick taken from the ruins in nineteen. Fifty-eight was put up for sale on eBay. Is it a cast brick? How much does it cost brick go for on eBay? I mean, I don’t know if you guys believe in karma, but this seems like one of those situations where as they say it is a bitch and if you mess with sacred things, I’d imagine sometimes it can come back to bite you in the booty. Could that be the case or could Nicole just coincidentally, you’ve got cancer a couple of times. I mean, I’m not looking at her family history here. Maybe it runs in her family. I mean, I don’t know if we can attribute all of these calamities to some stolen vas fragments from birth. Southern Italy is all I’m saying I’m a bit of a rationalist usually so I need more evidence, but maybe you guys have an idea about this or an opinion on this it is this true a curse mean I think of like King Tut’s tomb, you know, you open a sarcophagus and your cursed forever is this real? I mean if we’re being honest if I’m being honest, I I certainly hope that it is because it just makes the world a much weirder place and I I like that meanwhile to be on the safe side, I implore all of you listeners to not steal any ancient relics for the time being please.

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A woman has been charged with murder after performing an illegal but injection

A Dallas woman is facing murder charges after allegedly injecting some illegal silicone into a Fort Worth woman’s buttocks Pamela Burnley age 55 was taken into custody for the unfortunate death of thirty-five-year-old latora King dead.

According to the warrant affidavit Kings Family took her to the hospital a few days after she paid somebody to perform a procedure on her buttocks. She developed a fever and died took a silicone pulmonary embolism the medical examiner collected some some samples of the injections substance during the op Topsy and ruled. Her death was a homicide when tests confirmed that those suckers were silicon from a butt injection the police made an investigation including into her cell phone and noticed that she had text messages exchanged with a contact named Jag booty j a g booty as well as photos that she took in front of a mirror shortly after her but procedure. The affidavit states that from the photographs it does not appear that the procedure was performed by an actual physician. One of King’s friends told detectives that she drove her to meet Jag booty in a restaurant parking lot. The friend said that King got into a car with the other woman and they left for what was supposed to be a 10 month but procedure, but King didn’t return for several hours. The detectives were told that King had previously undergone a similar injection procedure. That was also performed by a Jag. Who is this Jack booty person the underground but injector of Dallas. I mean, why are people going to this person meeting in a parking lot for a serious? You know procedure King’s sister is quoted as saying that there used to be two people in Dallas that were perform the butt injection procedures. One of the persons went to jail for murder because she killed one of her clients and the other person was Jag King sister believed the two years to work together until they had a falling out. That other person is Denise. We we Ross who was convicted in 2017 for illegal cosmetic surgery that killed a 34 year old and she was sentenced to sixty years in prison. We got Jack booty and we we Ross this is like you can’t even make this stuff up, you know the nicknames of these underground booty injectors. Of course when the police investigate Pamela Burnley AKA Jag booties phone, they noticed a history of providing illegal but injections. Well, this is just a sad case that you know, people want to bring it there but to the point where they will meet someone in a parking lot get their number of Craig’s List. I don’t even know where they meet these these underground booty injectors, but I mean It’s gotta be the most dangerous thing. You could probably get your booty. Well, no, not the most dangerous thing. I mean, we know some dentists out there that are playing games too. But but man I tell you your booty is precious and you can’t be just messing around you can’t be going down. To Tijuana and paying somebody in an alley to stick a needle in your booty. You gotta treat it with more respect than this. I mean certainly if the other booty injector killed somebody you gotta know that I mean there’s obviously only one left in Dallas because the other ones in jail, I mean just a simple Google search will let you know how dangerous this seems to be. You know, I can’t help but think that maybe things were covered by Insurance then you know, these these underground booty injections in somebody’s apartment wouldn’t occur anymore. I don’t think they are though. Does anyone know about booty injections at all? I really don’t know. I just know this whether your booty is plump or flat or round or octagonal or some strange shape somebody out there is going to love your booty. You don’t have to get an underground injection by somebody named we we or Jag but or Bam Bam or wazzu E. You just don’t need to do that. You don’t go to find the big dog. Banded on Instagram and set up a meeting is what I’m saying. Just love your booty the way it is. Someone also will love it. Trust me people like booties of all sizes. 

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Election officials are asking voters to please top disinfecting their mail-in-ballots

Sacramento, California election officials are saying hey, stop disinfecting your mail-in ballots everyone. Voters do not have to worry about Contracting covet from their mail-in ballots says Courtney Bailey canelo’s who’s a Registrar of Voters in the area officials say the ballots themselves were processed by machines weeks ago. There are very safe to handle the registrar told the media. They have received at least one hundred ballots that have been severely damaged by disinfected and alcohol spray. Oh, yeah. I don’t think you can count those votes in one case. She says somebody even microwaved their ballot in an attempt to get rid of all the germs microwaving your voter’s ballot. Somebody’s got problems. Maybe that person shouldn’t be allowed to vote. I’m just just kidding guys. Everyone should vote. Hahaha even dumb people the registrar says if you’re if you’re not comfortable you can hold the original white envelope that you get in the mail from us on the side for 24 hours, but you should know also every month. Inside the pink return envelope the ballots themselves. They have been inserted by a machine. They are safe. She says they are obviously not able to process any ballots that I clearly spoiled. The office is working to issue entire new ballots to anyone who’s sent in or dropped off a ballot that was microwaved or put into the oven off 350 for 20 minutes or maybe sent through a washing machine or scraped along one of those old-school washboards along a a Babbling Brook, you know, the way we used to wash clothes, you know, some people are washing their ballots that way I’ll bet in the countryside. Yeah, these people don’t know what they’re doing and you know, this is indicative of the situation that we are going through right now, which is not all of us know what the the correct information is. Unfortunately when it comes to covet or really anything some people think it comes from God. So some people think it came from Bill Gates some people think you can get it from a piece of mail dead. Some people don’t think you can get it from meeting strangers on Tinder. I mean, everybody’s got a different idea of what this is and how you get it and how to treat it. And that’s why we have such a situation here in the United States to the point where people are washing their mail. I mean, it’s just really it’s really something I tell you how long you know, I can’t wait for the day where we all just vote with our cell phone. I mean, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. I can deposit a check with my cell phone I could order just about anything to be delivered to my house on a cell phone, even if I wanted like, I don’t know a flamingo like if I felt like having a flamingo delivered tomorrow, I probably could write I could have a flamingo delivered with a pizza a bit like a swing go. I’m not talking about a toy here or a stuffed animal I’m saying a real damn Flamingo could be delivered with my cell phone with my smartphone. Why shouldn’t we all be able to vote with our cell phones? I don’t understand it. Does anyone know the answer to this? Anybody an IT person?

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