Cow hugging is the new wellness trend. Cocaine keeps washing up on the beach for treasure hunters.

Woman shows up in a wedding dress during her fiancés work shift at Target demanding he marry her right there. 300 packets of washed up cocaine leads to fortune hunters on Dutch beach. Is cow hugging the world’s new wellness trend. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

A woman shows up wearing a wedding dress during her fiance’s shift at a Target store in order to demand that he marry her or she’s leaving him.

Now being in a relationship where the two of you aren’t on the same page, you know, it’s one of life’s greatest dilemmas a woman recently went viral for handling this in a way that many of us have probably thought about but would never actually dare do she bought a wedding dress she put on the wedding dress. She hired a minister brought the minister with her home to Target where her fiance currently Works marched in the dress with the minister at her side down to the Halloween aisle where her where her man were working demanded that he married her right then right there in the middle of his work shift. This whole thing was captured on video and its precious. You must see it really for the look on his face when she rolls up. He’s casually stalking Halloween costumes on Iraq. Well, she just pulls right up with a minister and gives him an a marriage ultimatum right then and there it’s it’s insane. It’s insane. I thought it was a joke, not a joke. His his fiancee says you put this ring on my finger two years ago. Okay, it’s time to do it or get out. We’re getting married right now, or I’m leaving I’m out. I’m done. If you don’t give me this second. It was at that point where you put a mummy mask on top of them and ran away. I’m just kidding. It didn’t happen his lady then gestured to her friend that was there as a witness and administer that was there the whole entire time that she brought with her explaining that hey, we’re all ready to go here at one point. She turns to the camera and says hi guys. I’m just finally making him commit, you know, like we’re getting married now or like it’s over. Yeah because she’s kind of crazy her fiance asked if they could please discuss this outside, you know, like normal adult instead of in the middle of his workplace surprisingly. She agreed and sauntered down the aisle like this was the most exciting moment of her life the guy though the fiance I mean, he looks dead. I mean about how you’d expect them to look after being ambushed in the middle of his workday by his fiancee in a wedding dress, which by the way the dress was it was not even fastened in the back. I don’t know if anybody else notice that in the video, I mean, she didn’t even have her shit together at one point the fiance turns to the camera and says couldn’t someone have told me about this and my answer to that is dead. No one needs to tell you man. You work at Target in the Halloween aisle guess is a very desirable position in life. Just expect women to be coming up to you in a wedding dress. Just demanding that you put a ring on it off get this over with this is your ask for it, man. You asked for it. Now. It doesn’t say whether these two actually ended up getting married in the Target parking lot. But I mean either way this is this is a day they’re never going to forget clearly. I want to ask you listeners. If you’ve ever done some crazy shit like this when it comes to a proposal have you home? If you showed up to somebody’s workplace all dressed up and ready to go with a priest and do you think this is appropriate or is this lady crazy call the show.

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Cocaine has been washing up on a Dutch beach and it’s attracting Fortune Hunters.

The police had their hands full with Fortune hunters in bore sell this weekend after nearly three hundred packets of cocaine washed up on the beach last week certain people from all over the Netherlands came to try their luck on the beach because maybe even more packages of cocaine We’ll Wash up that makes sense to me the police searched six people one of which was arrested for failing to gain by themselves and two were fine for being in a prohibited part of the beach because yes, if the police come you have to hide the police say I don’t understand why they have to hide what’s wrong with just walking. The beach I’m just walking along the beach officer. I mean if I happen to step on a packet of cocaine, that’s not my fault.

I’m not looking for the cocaine prove it prove. I’m looking for cocaine. They’re also off our reports of people searching along the waterline the police found two men who drove a few hundred kilometers to get quote get some fresh air according to the police when the police searched the men and their car they found a 30 packs containing cocaine. One of those men was arrested according to police. We cannot share reasons known to us about why the other person was not arrested. Okay. All right jerks. You don’t gotta be a jerk about it. I just want to tell us why you didn’t arrest the other guy. That’s fine. That’s your business. Netherlands police. The article doesn’t say much about the cocaine where it came from who who it belongs to or even if you can still use cocaine after it’s been floating in the ocean for several weeks. You know, I’d like to know these things. It’s very important information. The other thing that I’m curious about is are you normally not allowed on this beach. And so the appearance of people on the beach now just raises eyebrows, cuz if it’s just a normal Beach, I mean, why can’t you just be walking along the beach? I don’t understand why police are just arresting people on the beach. Just assume everybody’s looking for the cocaine. I mean, they probably are but still I mean what happened to probable cause the the other thing I would like to know with all this cocaine washing up on the shores over there. Is it too late to book a flight to Dutchland? I’m curious am I is there a quarantine? Do you allow Americans over there. I’m just curious to the land of free cocaine come from go deep sea fishing for what mackerel. I know cocaine bout some scuba diving. Oh to view the beautiful coral beneath the waves you’re wrong. It’s cocaine!

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Is “cow hugging” the world’s newest wellness trend?

I’ve never heard of cow hugging. It sounds dumb as shit. Let’s find out from goat yoga to sound baths. The world is full of Wellness Trends designed to soothe and calm both your body and your spirit now a self-care Practice coming from the Netherlands is promising practitioners some Serenity, perhaps a smile or two. Dubbed coconut fallen in Dutch literally means cow hugging. I don’t know if I said that right code muffling coconut fallen off. This practice is centered on the inherent healing properties of a good human to animal snuggle cow cuddlers typically start by taking a tour of the farm before resting against one thousand cows for two to three hours to three hours against the cow. Wow, that must annoy the hell out of the couch just like get these humans off my ass the cows warm body temperature in a slower heartbeat and Mammoth size can make hugging them and Incredibly soothing experience and giving the animal a backrub reclining against a cow or even getting licked by a cow is a part of the therapeutic encounter. Yeah. Hey anybody want to get licked by a cow. That sounds like a great way to spend $400 or however this costs. It says cow cuddling is believed to promote positivity reduce stress by boosting oxytocin in humans. The hormone that is released and social bonding the common effects of curling up off the pet or emotional support animal. It seems are accentuated when cuddling with much larger mammals this wholesome Pastime emerged in rural Dutch provinces more than a decade ago. Actually. It’s now part of a wider Dutch movement to bring people Closer To Nature and Country Life Today farms and Rotterdam Switzerland. And even the US are offering cow hugging session and promoting the activities Joy inducing stress-busting properties. And I guess what guys the cuddling experience can even be pleasurable for the cattle themselves, right as you’d imagine. They did a study. I don’t know where they get the money for these ridiculous studies a 2007 study in the Journal of Applied animal behavior Sciences states that cows shoqe. Of deep relaxation stretching out and allowing their ears to fall back when massaged in particular areas of their neck and upper back.

Wow. How much did you spend to learn that? I mean that seems like obvious to me that if you rub an animal they loved it. It seems that heartfelt bonding with bovines may just be what the doctor ordered. That’s the end of the article. What is the cost of this? It does not say. Oh, okay. I did a quick search. And by the way, as soon as I typed in cow cuddling Google was like near near you near me? Yeah. Yeah, we got you covered many people are Googling cow cuddling experiences that they want. So we’re putting the near you right there for you ready to go. And what popped up was the mountain horse farm a a place where a relaxation comes naturally and they have a horse and a cow experience. Cow cuddling 60-minute session for up to two people is $75 60 Minute session for four people $125 is a lot of photos here people laying on top of the cow grabbing the cows pushing its face trying to kiss the damn thing. Like they’re like turning away. They get off me. Oh the poor cows the poor animals all over the world of humanity. What have we done? We’ve either caused them to become extinct or where like trying to cuddle them and make pets out of them and annoy the shit out of him. That’s what we’re doing. Yeah. I I feel so bad for the Earth’s creatures. I really do. What do you guys think of this cuddling with the cows? I mean I’ll bet it’s a fun time. I wouldn’t mind laying on top of a cow. It’s like a bean bag with a heartbeat, you know home probably warm, especially in the wintertime situation where maybe you’re in a on a cold Farm in Montana, like maybe laying with a cow in the barn. Could be a thing to keep you warm. I’d imagine. But like I’m not just going to go out and search for this experience and pay a hundred and fifty bucks like hang out with a smelly a scowl on the ground. I don’t know but maybe I’m just old school like that or I should say new school. I’m too new school you call the show. 646-450-2012 would you be interested you into the cow cuddling?

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