Deadly demons may be unleashed via Ouija board. COVID-19 pandemic is changing our dreams.

Ghost Hunter warns that Ouija boards purchased at Poundland could unleash deadly demons this Halloween. Bill would ban pre-arrest sex between police and detainees in Virginia. The Covid-19 pandemic is changing our dreams. //

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A ghost hunter would like you to know that the Ouija boards could unleash deadly demons.

A Paranormal Investigator has slammed the store poundland for selling Ouija boards as part of its Halloween products. I had to look up the store poundland. It’s like the British Virgin of the dollar store. I guess it was a variety store chain founded in nineteen. Ninety selling most items at the single price of one pound now, I think this Paranormal Investigator has greatly overestimated the effect of a Ouija board that was purchased basically at a dollar store don’t you know anything you buy at? The dollar store is not going to work. Although I admit I enjoy their Halloween products they’re cheap and they’re fun. And you know, you could throw them away right afterward. They would just a dollar. I bought a fake Beating Heart and brought it to work the other day because that’s the kind of thing that I do and I yeah, I opened the door to one of the rooms and threw it in there and I thought that was hilarious and you know, my co-workers thought it was funny as well. But it’s a dollar. It’s a dollar. Where is it now? I don’t know. I don’t care. It was just a dollar. All right, I’m sorry. I’m going way off the story here. Apparently this ghost hunter Paul Marsters has worn off that deadly demons could be released by The Ouija boards if they are in the hands of anyone but mediums Mister Marsters is a member of the true paranormal events UK. He said he was shocked when he saw the Ouija board on sale for one pound in his local store. He he’s quoted as saying Ouija boards are most certainly not a toy. It should not be available for kids to buy in power shops for Halloween nevermind adults that are not trained in how to use them. It does not matter if they are plastic or wood if the planchette Spells the word Zeus it is a demon trying to come through and you should not even say the name nevermind continue to communicate with that demon all she could break loose if the demon attached itself to anybody and followed them around nasty nasty Spirits can scratch an attack people and should not be messed with as people could get seriously hurt off this Ghost Hunter said that other paranormal investigators have also spoken of their anger that Spirit boards are being sold at all. He says the Paranormal communities claim these devices can destroy people’s lives and Spirits can cause suicides as some are more Sinister than others. Well, I think the Paranormal Community needs to calm down because boss First of all, the jury is still out on these Ouija boards. Okay. I’ve played with Ouija boards. I’ve had nothing occur. The only time something happened is when somebody I was took it with kind of, you know, took it upon themselves to fake it, you know to scare us all and it worked and it’s fun. I look at these things. It’s just a fun toy kind of some excitement a little bit of a creepy thing. You can do, you know during a full moon around Halloween, you know, if you’re a kid if you’re a child adults you think adults believe in this shit and by the way you paranormal investigators that your thoughts believing in Ouija boards, just get it together man. Okay. I mean, I know you need to believe that this stuff can cause demons so that you still have a job but really really you’re just creating unneeded power in the community here, you know, especially if you think the Ouija boards from the dollar store are going to do shit. What are you crazy? I mean these things probably don’t even have all the letters and numbers on there. Okay. It’s probably missing some log. Right from the dollar store. Here’s another quote from this paranoid paranormal person. Everyone in the Paranormal Spirit-filled is angered at this the risks of untrained people using a gboard is unimaginable. So it is ludicrous that poundland are selling them at all on Halloween night the veil into the spirit world is very thin people are buying these Ouija boards for Halloween. So I dread I dread to think what will happen when these boards are in the wrong hands. He didn’t laugh like that but I assume all paranormal investigators have that kind of laughed. I’m going to tell you a few Halloweens ago. I went to a proposed haunted house. I was invited. It’s pretty famous haunted house in Los Angeles.

I’m not going to say the name of it. It’s called the Oman House. You can look it up and they had a seance in the basement to try and contact the spirits that reportedly live in that house and it was pretty fun job. And it was pretty freaky. And these were legitimate people in the spirit world. Some of them were kind of celebrities in the medium world and I’m going to tell you nothing happened and that’s not to say that I didn’t have a great time. These things need to be taken at face value though. I think hey, it’s a lot of fun on Halloween. We we all get scared for a moment with anything to put the lights down low and light a candle and get a little spooked is a lot of fun on Halloween and I think these Ouija boards fall into that category as well, but I could be wrong. Maybe you guys have some other choices. You want to share call the show. 646-450-2012 Spooky

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A bill would ban pre-arrest sex between the police and detainees.

A bill in Virginia to charge Law Enforcement Officers with a felony if they engage in sexual relations with a detainee has unanimously passed dead. Carrie Dulaney a Democrat said she proposed the bill in order to close a loophole in the law which currently does not make it illegal for police officers to have sexual relations with someone who is just interested. I had no idea that this was happening so much that you need to have a law for it. I guess people are getting arrested and next thing, you know, they’re in the back of the car this handcuffs and bow chicka bow chelton and out here is a quote from Delaney this puts people in a clear power in balance at a very vulnerable time if they were detained by an officer with agent that wanted to take advantage of someone in that situation. Unfortunately that has happened and that is ultimately the purpose of this law the Old Law only covered employees Jose Correctional Facilities or jails. In other words people already in custody such as inmates Parolees or pre-trial defendants. Delaney says where we saw that we yep. Did to close the gap further was for law enforcement officers who were actually detaining individuals pre-arrest. Yeah. So no more you have the right to remain silent. You have the right place to take off your pants now, I mean, obviously they see a need for this. I don’t know how often it happens out there in the field, but there’s so many dishonest law enforcement Personnel out there that I’m sure it happens enough and then of course, there’s the other side of the coin where you have someone being arrested who is offering sexual favors in exchange for their real life. I’d imagine that happens quite a bit. I did do a story out of New York. If you guys recall a couple of months ago a town proposed that the local police could accept sexual gratuities, so I highly doubt that that passed but that was proposed. Well, you clearly need laws for this sort of thing because this sort of thing exists and the Rears Why it exists or one of them I think is because of pornography. I mean, I don’t know how much point you watch but invariably you’ll see some police officers scenes. It just happens to be you know popular porn theme, you know, but usually it’s female cops a couple of them arrested dude, and then the next thing you know, you know, the clothes are off. It’s just it happens all the time and I think as such it creates a situation where you think every time you interact with the police bow chicka bow pants something might go down. Do I really believe that? No, I don’t believe that. I was just trying to come up with some sort of funny explanation at the end of this story cuz I don’t know where to take it. I guess you guys if you’ve ever had sex with a police officer, you could call the show and tell me about it. No, no, no actually strike that do not call me if you’ve had sex with a police officer. I think you should just keep that to yourself.

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The covid-19 pandemic is changing our dreams

For many of us living in a covid-19 world feels as if we have been thrown into an alternative reality. We live day and night inside the same walls We Fear touching groceries that arrived at our doorstep if we venture into town we wear masks and we get anxious if we pass someone who isn’t wearing a mask.

We have trouble Discerning faces. It’s like living in a dream Well covid-19 is also altered our Dream worlds as well. How much we dream how many of our dreams we remember and the nature of our dreams themselves since the lock down a glass increase in the reporting of vivid bizarre dreams many of which are concerned with coronavirus and social distancing terms such as coronavirus dreams lockdown dreams and Kolb nightmares emerged on social media by early April social and mainstream media Outlets have begun broadcasting the message. The world is definitely dreaming about covid-19 off Deidre Barrett an assistant professor at Harvard University and editor-in-chief of the journal dreaming initiated a covid-19 dreams survey online this spring. They surveyed about 2,500 American adults the results were 29% of Americans recalled more dreams than usual. They also found a 37% of people had dreams many marked by themes of insufficiently completing tasks such as losing control of a vehicle and being threatened by others to the researchers. It seems clear that some basic biological and social dynamics may have played a role in this opening of the nightmarish floodgates, at least three factors may have triggered or sustained off the dream surge disrupted sleep schedules augmenting the amount of REM sleep and therefore dreaming threats of contagion and social distancing taxing dreamings capacity to regulate emotions and social and mainstream media amplifying The public’s reaction to the surge. Certainly sleep patterns changed. Abruptly when lockdowns took effect dead. They were elevated levels of insomnia found in the Chinese population, especially among front-line workers in contrast stay-at-home orders, which removed long commutes to work improved sleep for many people longer sleep leads to more dreams. And sleeping longer of course proportionately increases REM sleep which is when the most Vivid and emotional dreams usually occur. The relaxed schedules may have also caused dreaming to Iraq or later than usual in the morning when REM sleep is more prevalent and intense and thus dreams are usually more bizarre also empirical studies show that REM sleep aids and problem-solving that requires access to wide-ranging memory associations, which may explain why so many dreams in The twenty20 Surge involve creative or strange attempts to deal with a covid-19 problem. It’s as though we’re trying to solve these problems in our sleep because we are and the problems now are pandemic related. And of course, there’s the social media Factor where this pandemic is constantly pushed into our Awareness on a daily basis and we take that with us to bed at night. Obviously the article that I’m reading here is super long and it explains it comes at it from many many different angles. But you can kind of get the gist of it and I’m wondering if you guys have experienced this. I most definitely have experienced a lot of Cobra lated dreams for the last five six months. And that of course just seems completely natural to me. I’m wondering though, what are the long-term effects of this because it is stressful to have such dreams and to have them on an ongoing basis. What is it doing to my blood pressure? What is it doing to my acid reflux? What is going on here? I think it’s it could be a concern. I don’t know but we’d have to save it for the the medical people I suppose but I I’d imagine it has an adverse effect of your dreams been off the charts lately call the show. Let me know 646-450-2012. Do you have a way to. The dreams? I’m wondering I once heard that if you eat a pickle before you go to bed, you’ll have crazy dreams. There must be something that I can eat. That’ll take away my dreams. Is it maybe a marijuana gummy?

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