Unwanted prostate exams given by a hypnotist. Yakuza gang not allowed to trick or treat this year.

Japanese Yakuza gang won’t be allowed to give Halloween treats to the children this year. New Jersey hypnotist charged with sexual assaults for subjecting clients to unwanted prostate exams. Elderly woman age 71 suspected of being the getaway driver for young gang in Ireland. //

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Japanese Yakuza gang won’t be allowed to give Halloween treats to the children this year.

Well Halloween going to be a little bit different for the kids this year in Japan because. The Crime Syndicate known as the Yakuza is not allowed to give out. Halloween treats the kids this year they’ve been banned a how sad. They just want to contribute to the happiness of the local children. So in assembly in Western, Japan has changed an ordinance that will stop the country’s largest crime syndicate known as the Yakuza from handing out. Halloween treats to the children at its headquarters later this month. The assembly unanimously approved a revision of the anti-gangster ordinance that was submitted by the Police Department love how they have these rules for the gangsters. Why don’t you just arrest the gangsters instead of allowing them to? Proliferate, but then create some restrictions on their behavior. It’s like listen listen gangsters. We know you’re there. We know your headquarters is there and. You’ve been given out treats to the kids lately you know for Halloween the past few years and it’s been nice. But we’re GONNA have to put a stop to that and by the way we don’t want to see that Yakuza bunny that you keep sending out for Easter every year you’re gonNA have to put a stop to that as well. No more eggs for the kids given out by the Yakuza bunny or right And also while we’re on the topic okay, you’re Yakuza dumpling food truck that you have in the neighborhood that’s been. Selling some pretty delicious affordable dumplings. Stop to that as well. We’re going to have to treat you like a real crime syndicate were sorry. Okay. Apparently. The Yamaguchi Gumi which is. The name of the Yakuza in that area has been treating children. At its headquarters in Kobe city on October thirty first for many many years. With gangsters in Halloween costumes handing out treats too young visitors. WHO’s laying their child? Go to the gangster headquarters. Along your trick or treat route. That’s what I want to know if I have my children and we’re on our trick or treat night, and we walk by the headquarters of the Yakuza. I’M GONNA keep, walking okay. What. Kind of expensive. Halloween treats the accuser offering from their headquarters. I’m not letting my children step on the grounds of the Yakuza. Property. It says here, the revised or prohibits crime syndicates from letting children under eighteen, enter their offices without good reason such as cases when the children are relatives of the gangsters and they’re visiting. I love how they treat this gangster like it’s just a regular company in the neighborhood. Like like it’s a starbucks. It says here, the syndicates are also banned from giving cash and goods to children as well making phone calls or sending emails to children with the aim of putting youngsters under their control. Yeah. Of course, this benefits a crime syndicate. Kids like them. You know cooperate with them and maybe even join them at some point. Right get some tattoos. It says here if any Yakuza Group violates this new ordinance. The Public Safety Commission will issue an order to correct the violation and they’re going to write the Yakuza. Tech it. Is going over there. It’s like instead of. Getting rid of the gangsterism they’re like writing them tickets for not recycling. Ridiculous. Now, I mean, I’m not that familiar with how the Yakuza operates how Japan sees the Yakuza overall I. Don’t know much about that. If any of you listening have inside information or are just more familiar with this gang and how the community interacts with the gang, add be fascinated to learn more call the show six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty, twelve. I don’t think you can make that phone call from Japan. In which case you can email me funny Jones at gmail.com.

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A professional hypnotist has been charged with sexual assault after clients claim he gave them wanted prostate exams.

This is the actual title of the story and I didn’t believe it until I saw that came out of New Jersey. This is such a Jersey story.

A Jersey man who’s website advertises him as a master hypnotist was charged with sex assault. His name is Bob Bob Bruckner was charged with assault and practicing medicine without a license after clients say that he subjected them to some prostate comes. This is frightening. You’re getting sleepy getting sleepy Oh. Yes and you’re GONNA wake up with your pants unbuttoned. This is awful. You go to this guy and you think he’s GonNa help you quit smoking and you wake up and you’re. But hurts you’re wondering why can’t trust the hypnotist never see hypnotist all by yourself either it has to be in a group setting you can’t trust these creeps. And here’s the issue here. This guy owns a company called major mindset hypnotist counseling. He advertises hypnosis counseling for adults, teens, and children. This is creepy if you ever see your child to a hypnotist counselor. Ought to be punched in the face seriously like you should not be apparent. Now the assistant prosecutor said in a statement that it is unclear if this guy. Bob. assaulted, anyone while they were hypnotized I mean that’s the problem who’s there to witness it. You’re under hypnosis so you don’t remember what the hell happened I mean unless this guy shooting video of what he’s doing, there’s not going to be any evidence of this. It says here this Guy Bob is a master hypnotist who practices Eric Sonian conversational hypnosis in moderate to deep trance hypnosis for medical sports epic academic and many other issues and concerns. Yah, such as if you’re concerned about how your prostate is doing. He’ll take care of that as well. Free of charge. His website reads are not psychologists or psychiatrists. We are hypnotists and we help you get from where you are right now to where you wish to be, which is what what with a with a limp as you leave their office is that where they WANNA be It says we help you to change your thinking and your behavior. Yeah you’re thinking is what the hell just happened back there. Okay. Why is my belt off. And ACACIA curious what it costs to. Get molested by a hypnotist. About four hundred dollars per session. Ridiculous. His website says I can make all your problems go away Oh man you should know at that point this guy’s full shit I mean really. It also says there’s never any strong talk I guide you to the answer using special hypnotic techniques. Yeah with a site of but play while you’re at it. Unbelievable. Guys guys just go to somebody that has a license that is a real doctor. Please I implore you do not submit yourself to the squarely hypnotize ing and all this alternative nutso meditation. You know next thing you know you got a shaman putting crystal in a place that you don’t want it. Okay. Just go to a doctor when you got a real issue. When did science become? So untrustworthy, you know we’ve got people drinking bleach because they think that’s GonNa get rid of Covid just listened to the doctors and the scientists please please I beg you.

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An elderly woman is suspected of being the getaway driver for gang.

Who is this feisty woman? She’s seventy one years old. She owns a bed and breakfast and the Irish detectives suspect her of driving a gang of young criminals across the country to carry out an aggravated burglary. The elderly woman was arrested this week along with her young associates. This is part of an investigation into a daytime be any that means a breaking and entering guys case you didn’t know. It was at home in mulling Gar. The burglary happened on Saturday a number of people broke into a home they searched through property stolen number of personal items before taking the keys to the homeowners car and driving. Away. Since. Then the detective carried out some searches and have identified a number of suspects they learned that one of those currently in Garda. Custody is a seventy one year old woman who owns a bed and breakfast in a midland. Town. Well you know it’s tough owning a bed and breakfast during a pandemic.

You know the money’s probably not rolling in for this poor woman she’s gotTa do some side. Gigs. She’s got to pick up some odd jobs here and there what do you expect? Okay. Why not drive these kids to a burglary? And by the way, I assume they’re teenagers without their driving licences that what’s going on is she related to any of them? We need more information here. It doesn’t even say her name I’m curious. It says that the detectives suspect this woman was involved in driving the associates to and from the scene. And they’re also investigating whether she played a similar role in some previous crimes that were carried out by the same men who are aged twenty, eight and forty five they are from the same midland’s town as their alleged accomplice that owns the bed and breakfast. Here’s a quote from one of the Irish detectives. It does strange dynamic in that you have essentially three different unrelated generations suspected of involvement in this crime. They were all linked to the business that the woman runs in it is being looked at as if she was essentially a getaway driver for this and many other burglaries perhaps. that was my impression of Irish detective I. Don’t know if it was accurate I feel like it was close. Perhaps if I was drunk, it’d be much more accurate. I assumed Irish detectives or drunk all day is that true? Can anyone corroborate this information? I know I’m wrong. The Irish poor, Irish get a bad rap for being wasted all the time. But you know I can say that because I’m part Irish by the way this woman’s seventy one years old. She’s really got it going on I. Mean I don’t have the energy to be getaway driver and. Half her age. So what? You know I just hope I have this kind of. I don’t know motivation when I’m in my seventies. I just I just think it’s going to be tough for me to even get out of my chair when I’m in my seventies never mind. You know? Have the kind of lofty goals that this woman has you know being a getaway driver. That’s a tough racket right there. You know you gotta be on point you gotTA have driving skills. Good Vision. You GotTa know the layouts the back alleys, the secret paths you know you got to be able to go off road sometimes I mean there’s a lot of skills involved in being get being a getaway driver. Sometimes, you got to be able to shoot a gun to and drive at the same time. I mean imagine this woman is something else man what an inspiration? To my seventies and I say to myself Hey will I even have enough energy to play Bingo at six PM. Every right before bed in here this woman is being a getaway driver. It’s just you know I hope to have this kind of life when I’m in my seventies. I mean if this isn’t the coolest grandmother that owns a bed and breakfast, I don’t know who is. I mean the other thing about being elderly criminal is you can get off sometimes just by saying I don’t I don’t know what I’m doing I. I didn’t take my meds this morning I have no idea where I am. kind of like a get out of jail free card in a way. You know when the police officers across examining you You, just pee your pants and they let you go.

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