Florida barber shoots at clients over missed appointments. Fight over milk leads to a stabbing.

FLORIDA FRIDAY – Florida barber accused of shooting at two clients over missed appointments. Fight over milk in Florida leads to a stabbing. Floridaman steals a construction vehicle because “he likes it”. Florida woman forfeited lottery because the USPS lost her winning ticket. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

A Florida Barber has been accused of shooting a couple of his clients.

This sounds like bad business sounds like Florida business, Boca Raton a book Raton Barber is used of shooting at two of his clients in the parking lot of a church There’s no safe haven. In a parking, lot of a Florida church. That’s where the Shenanigans are going down who is this gun tote and Baba John Deere Giovanni Johnny did Giovanni Age of thirty five a he was arrested on two counts of attempted first degree murder of his clients. According to the Book Raton Police. One of the clients said that he and his buddy was shot at by their barber, the previous evening. They told detectives that did Giovanni had scheduled some appointments to cut their hair but that he hadn’t shown up over the past two weeks. When one of the clients contacted Giovanni to confront him about you know why you accepting appointments, Bro and not keeping appointments okay. Did Giovanni started yelling threatening them. Later that night, the men asked Di Giovanni to meet them. So they could discuss what was bothering them. Yeah. We would like to discuss about. I had cuts year. The men told police that did Giovanni told him to meet him at the first United Methodist. Church. However, when did Giovanni arrived? He started yelling from his vehicle. It doesn’t say exactly what he was yelling but I’m sure it was something like this. Say, what are you talking about? I keep appointments. What are you talking about I’m busy I’m busy and then he pulled out a gun and he fired three shots at these men before driving away luckily who neither man was hurt but neither man also got a haircut. So that’s just unproductive night. You know they were probably hoping they could talk some sense into him, and then he would just give him a quick buzz in the parking lot of a church, right? Maybe tip of the priest for using the property. Maybe that’s what they thought was going to happen, but it didn’t nope did Giovanni was pissed shot him ran away didn’t shoot the didn’t hit them. They were they weren’t hurt thankfully. Well. This is what happens when you got a pandemic and you can’t really coordinate. For your regular barber you gotta go. You gotta get some kind of rogue barber off craigslist somebody like did Giovanni Hey man can I get an underground haircut although I mean we’re talking about the state of Florida here. I highly doubt. That anything is closed. So clearly, you can get your nails done in your hair did so i. don’t even know why they’re hooking up with the Giovanni. I mean, maybe the guy gives the best fade in Boca Raton I dunno but is it worth getting killed over the guy who gives the best fade in Boca? Raton. By the way doesn’t keep appointments and wants you to meet you want to meet him in abandoned church parking lots shady.

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A fight over milk sends of Florida man to prison.

Lee County Florida a fight over milk sent one Florida man to jail. Over some milk seem strange. The sheriff’s Office arrested just an Anthony Garcia h thirty on a charge of aggravated battery. This guy must feel very strongly about milk. The. Deputies said he had an argument with another man. Over which type of milk was better whole milk almond milk. Wow this is an ongoing debate. Something that. People are probably pulling guns over I. Don’t know people feel very strongly about their choice of milk. you hear a lot of proponents of soya as well. I thought soy might have been in the conversation but now it’s all men versus whole milk I’m partial to whole milk because well, I’m allergic to nuts. So I have to accept the whole milk I can’t really enjoy.

The wonderful delights of these nut milks that are out there. In fact, they’re quite dangerous and could kill me and I wish everybody would stop pushing them commercials for these things. No one gives a damn that there’s all this nut milk out there and Jones he’s walking around with a nut allergy. All GonNa do is grab the wrong carafe of cream at a an independent coffee shop. I grabbed the wrong one. It’s all men instead of half and half dead I’m dead. No one cares. anyways doesn’t say here if. This Guy Justin an Anthony Garcia like whole milk or almond milk it just says the debate escalated into a fight deputies said the Garcia. Punch. The other man in the face. Chase them with pocket knife and cut him my goodness. Justin very strong with his. With his milk preferences in a chase a man and cut him. I’m looking at him here. He looks like he doesn’t look like an almond milk kind of guy he does not. Now. He’s got A. Little Goatee there. Kinda. Kinda obese little obese. You don’t meet a lot of obese people with the almond milk. So I’m going to guess he’s a he’s a home Kinda guy. he doesn’t even want reduced fat at imagine you just does the whole milk he looks like a whole milk. Kinda Dude. I really don’t know why I’m going on and on about why he looks like a whole milk i. Kinda have to be for this. What do you guys think What’s better? Whole Milk Almond Milk do you have that? Maybe I’ve never heard of you’d like to share something. Weird. There’s gotta be some weird milk’s out there. Right Pumpkin seed milk something like that. They make milk outta everything. Now at imagine call my show six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty, twelve. Tell me what Milky got what side are you on?

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A man driving stolen construction machinery tells the police – I like it!

big pine, key Florida, a man stopped the by Sheriff’s Deputies in the Florida keys for driving a stolen construction vehicle on U S highway. One told the police that he was operating this machinery because. I like it. Who is this guy? Christopher Paul Hawkins aged thirty-five in very confident knows what he wants in the world. He was driving some heavy machinery with lights on when a county sheriff’s deputy pulled him over one thirty a M operating heavy machinery I’m guessing on the substances it doesn’t say whatever he was operating I’d love to know is there a picture here? I don’t see one. Well I just imagine it something big. Something, you probably shouldn’t have on the highway. Going southbound when the deputy approached the driver inside the construction vehicle, he recognized Hawkins as someone he had seen walking just moments before along the same road. In other words, the guy came across a construction vehicle on the side of the highway and it was like you know this beats walking. I’M GONNA take over this tractor trailer or whatever. The hell it is could be a I don’t know a dump truck a digger I don’t know what do they call these things. it could be a crane maybe. Doesn’t say we’ll just have to use our imagination guys. The deputy also thought of the construction equipment looks familiar as well and guess what he was. Right police identified the machinery. Oh, it’s going to tell us what it is a libo six, eighty, five be greater. which was part of a road construction project underway just a few hundred feet from where Haskins was stopped. He only got it a couple hundred feet. He was trying to figure out how to get to go over thirty miles an hour. A Libo six, eight, five, be greater. Let me pause and look this thing up. Oh I’ve seen these things before they use these things for all sorts of stuff like to plow snow and. They use it when they’re laying tar and whatnot very expensive looking up you can get a two thousand eight. This is a used Libo six, eighty, five for sixty grand. I can’t imagine what the new would cost. This guy stole some expensive equipment. And fortunately for the police equipment that’s very slow. So they were able to get him. according to the Deputy Hawkins had trouble standing and appeared to be intoxicated no way. That’s a surprise. He stated he did not remember how much he had drank. But that his pickup truck was parked at a bar. Elsewhere. He also denied driving machinery. Not Driving that, what are you kidding me? It also says here, the deputy made a walk back to the construction site in notice that along the way Mr Hawkins had damaged the roadway and the sidewalk with the greater. So he did a lot of property damage as well. Oh you can’t let A. Flurry who’s intoxicated drive a greater you just can’t do it. And now you know I don’t know anything about construction sites though but this makes me wonder the keys just sitting in these vehicles.

I never thought to pull over and try and drive one I just assumed that the keys aren’t in there. Do they even take keys? Can you just crawl into a greater and just? It just starts like a lawn like how do these things work? I mean there are over one hundred, thousand dollars brand new I assume there’s gotta be some sort of key or a pass or something. While I’m dumb, just trying to figure it out guys just like you. I’m not thinking about really enjoying one of these just you know. I wouldn’t mind a backhoe for an afternoon. You know do some digging around just Kinda dig a little bit pretend I’m like a kid again seems like a good time have a couple of beers and dig. Anybody with me anybody one of these things I’ll fly to you. With a thirty pack. 

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A Florida woman was told she had to forfeit her lottery prize after the US post office loses the certified mail with the tickets inside.

This is not a surprise. Ridge Manor Florida. Oh poor. Sue Burgess. She was at first overjoyed to learn last month that she won a thousand dollars in a second chance lottery drawing. You know that could have turned around Susan’s life living in Ridge Manor Florida. You know what a thousand dollars can bring you down there. Anything you want. The joy quickly disappeared though when weeks later the Florida lottery informed show have to forfeit the prize and her winnings will go to an alternate winner. Why is that well, because the US Postal Service did not deliver the ticket to lottery headquarters in Tallahassee. Even though Burgess sent the package through certified mail. Did you ask for return receipt requested did you pay extra for the signature I? Love all those things at the post office that you can pay extra for just to make sure that it gets there, which is what it’s supposed to do in the first damn place. Hey, would you like insurance? Would you like why do I need those things? So it gets there. Yeah I thought that’s what you’re four for getting there. Now I don’t know anything about this second chance lottery, but apparently, the winner has a limited window of time in which to turn in a ticket to claim the winnings because of the pandemic, all local lottery offices were closed after she won this so she had to mail it in. she followed the Florida Lottery’s instructions and sent in her ticket through certified mail through the US ps. and of course, you know you can’t count on that damn thing though you can’t count on the US you. Can you imagine the USPS in Florida? What? Now. They tracked her ticket it arrives. August twelfth at a Tallahassee. Post Office but the journey ends there. The online postal service tracking shows the ticket was never delivered to the lottery office as required to claim the prize. says. I was told no ticket no prize. That’s what they said. Oh Poor Burgess unlike other lottery games, the Florida lottery has records of all second chance winners because players registered their tickets and contact information burgess was notified that she was a winner after a lottery employees called her. Typically lot of winners of more than six hundred dollars can submit winning tickets in person at their local lottery office. But that was pre covid nineteen burgess says she was told she could send the ticket via certified mail or leave the ticket in a dropbox at a local lottery office. Burgess said there was a one week timeframe to submit the ticket, but she missed an email about being a winner by the time the office called her she had days to get the ticket postmark. So she chose certified mail. That’s why I chose the certified mail with Cova understand the males a little bit slow but for safety sakes certified mail usually has a bit of a priority. A spokesman for the Florida lottery. Burgess claim was never received. Oh my goodness. The claims processing department urged urges to contact USPS for more information on what happened what happened to her ticket. Postal. Service. Spokesman says the post offices investigating does not yet know what happened to the package, of course, of course. You might want to look in a ditch behind a local mall or something I. think that’s where the USPA has just dumps the mail was there. They’re not in the business of delivering it right now. Joe Jones E. Behind them all. Yeah. I think so I mean I just read in Burbank, which is a nearby. Neighborhood near me kind of the had. Just boxes of mail was found tossed behind a mall.

I think they check the TV as well and saw that it was vans big vans pulled up and just dumped a bunch of. Bags of postal stuff. It’s just unbelievable. What’s going on with the mail? I really feel bad. Can you imagine working for the USPS rent? Right now I mean, you just gotTa be over your head. And, then there’s the story of poor Burgess who’s really the victim in all of this in. Her life will remain the same after not receiving that thousand dollars. Yes thoughts, prayers, thoughts, and prayers.

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