Genitals are invasively examined at the airport. New Spicy Ghost Pepper donut for Halloween.

Australian women pulled off a plane to have their genitals invasively examined. Escaped clone female mutant crayfish take over Belgian cemetery. Dunkin Donuts releases new Spicy Ghost Pepper donut. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe your daily dose of weird af stories deserves a comedic spin.

Thirteen women were pulled off a plane and had their genitals examined at an airport.

This is Doha airport, which is in a place called Qatar q a are somewhere in the Middle East I’m learning as I go thirteen Australian women were pulled off a plane and they had their private parts invasive -ly examined quote evasively. No time that your genitals are going to be examined by an airport staff and it’s not going to be invasive I don’t even think we need that. Adjective right there or is that an adverb? Yes. evasively examined that would be an adverb. Guys. This is at Doha airport. This all occurred after a fetus was found in the bathroom. which raises eyebrows of course, can’t be having fetuses in the bathroom so. If the airport staff at Qatar of found in abandoned premature baby in the bathroom before or during the women off their flight to Sydney and into an ambulance stationed on the tarmac the women were then allegedly ordered to remove their underwear and they were invasive -ly examined without their consent. But did they just randomly pick thirteen women that were on the plane or was that all the women that were on the plane and they’re like we’re gonNA find out who left this baby. I mean they found the baby in the terminal bathroom, not the actual plane bathroom. So are you going to examine all the women in the terminal or just these Australian women on this one flight I don’t understand what this is coming from. Do Australian women have a reputation of abandoning premature babies in airport restrooms not that I’m aware of. And by the way, it says, it is understood that none of these women that were searched were told about the deceased baby prior to the humiliating physical examination. In other words, they just start searching them. They don’t even tell them why take off your underwear this is just outrageous it. It says, then they were assessed for whether they had given birth to the abandoned baby. Now, they don’t define what assessed is. But I could just imagine. You know the violation that that that includes you know in order for them to check to see if you’ve had a baby at imagine it’s it’s. Pretty uncomfortable. Of course. The Australian government rightly has registered serious concerns with Qatar officials. And described the treatment is grossly inappropriate. Here’s a quote. The Australian government is deeply concerned at the unacceptable treatment of some female passengers on a recent. Qatar Airways flight at Doha airport the advice that has been provided indicates the treatment of the women concerned was offensive grossly inappropriate beyond circumstances in which the women could give free and informed consent. That was a terrible Australian accent I. Hope you’ll I hope you’ll forgive me. If true effectively amounts to state sanctioned sexual assault, and the Australian government says, we should all be very, very concerned. The article here brings to the attention something. That’s kind of alarming when you travel to this region of the world that says here, you have to remember that you. As a non national have basically no rights in any of these Gulf states if things go wrong or you’re accused of something some crime or in this case of popping out a baby and leaving behind. If you’re accused of something that would often would be even a trivial issue in western countries. You really have no rights. You’re at the behest of this government and and if you’re a woman, I mean, it’s even worse ’cause I meet these countries just think they can do whatever they want to women i. mean it’s clear the like you take off your underwear. Hello what take off my underwear you take off your face how about that? How about I? Take off your face for your PAL I don’t know where that came from. If I could just say this is just a all women that aren’t living in that region. Don’t go to that region. Okay. Your genitals don’t have rights over there and neither do you.

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Escaped cloned female mutant crayfish takeover Belgian cemetery.

This sounds like a plot to a rick and morty episode is this real life escaped self cloning mutant crayfish created in an experimental breeding program have invaded this Belgians Cemetery.

Hundreds of the duplicating crustaceans which can dig down to up to a meter in are always female pose a deadly threat to the local biodiversity after colonizing a historic aunt. Graveyard here’s a quote from someone from the Flemish Institute. It’s impossible to round them all up all of them. It’s like trying to empty the ocean with a thimble marbled crayfish which travel across land and water at night and eat whatever they can do not occur in nature and they are banned by the European Union. Oh, I didn’t know that the European European Union did things such as ban crustaceans that’s What do we? What do we have on the docket today? Well, we have to approve or disapprove some human rights in some country. We also have to tackle this crayfish situation and Decide whether or not we want to ban crayfish are not. So. Busy. So busy at the European Union. Now. These scrapers that have taken over the cemetery first of all crayfish freshwater beast. Ten centimeters long in their voracious. Their thought to these are thought to have been bred by some unscrupulous German pet traders in the nineteen ninety S. WHO’s GonNa who’s into breeding these strange freshwater crayfish I mean do we people don’t even eat these things as far as I know do they? Know The crawfish down in Louisiana but I think those are from the ocean right? Those aren’t freshwater I don’t know I. Don’t know what I’m talking about. It says here, there are similar to the slow crayfish found in Florida but are parthenogenesis, which means they reproduce with themselves and all their children are genetically identical females. Females reproduce themselves these crayfish and they make all females. It’s just like a female master crayfish race. Wow. This mutation which occurred about twenty five years ago means populations can spring up rapidly from just a single pro cameras verge analysis I think that means A. Female crayfish probably I mean I. Don’t know I don’t know blatant so well. And two thousand eighteen scientists established global marbled crayfish population was descended from a single female and didn’t need males to reproduce. They didn’t need males to reproduce Oh my goodness. What the Hell’s to stop these things they’ve taken over cemetery but I’m sure it’s not gonNA stop there. They have taken root in the pools and the streams of the cemetery in Antwerp which is known as the Flemish cities. Period Chase I don’t know what that. I believe that’s That’s a cemetery in Paris correct. That’s the one where Jim Morrison is buried from my understanding. Is Jimi Hendrix also there. There’s some real famous people I think Charlie Chaplin’s buried in that cemetery I. Think I think. So this is the most popular cemetery than. In. An Antwerp. It’s been taken over by crayfish. Well I. Think you should just find a way to eat these things. I’m sure you could. You could boil these and you know with a little salsa or something that would be nice I i. don’t know diplomat butter maybe would would is Belgian Belgium for. Maybe eating with some French fries I don’t know I’m just trying to find a way for you guys to take advantage of the situation of these thriving crayfish in the middle of Metairie I. Mean I don’t know who would eat crayfish that was. Bred in a cemetery, some sort of morbid individual but I mean, maybe there’s a way to ship it to another part of the country and no one knows no one knows that these came out of a cemetery. I mean look I can’t solve all your problems all right I’m just happy that I learned something about freshwater female mutant crayfish today.

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 Dunkin donuts released a new spicy ghost pepper donut and people are actually eating this donut.

The Spicy Ghost peppers donut. The massachusetts-based Donut and Coffee Company is celebrating Halloween with the new spicy ghost peppers. This is what it says about it. A deliciously Darren donut that delivers the heat with every bite. The spicy goes pepe donut is a classic used donut ring topped with a strawberry flavored ice in that features a bold blend Cayenne and goes pepper and finish with red sand and Suga for a sizzle and look.

The Spicy Ghost Pepper Dona will be on the menu for only a few hot minutes available begin today for a limited time at participating dunkin’ restaurants nationwide until December. How about that? It’s going to be available until December. Is Fabulous I would try it goes pepper donut. It’s not my favorite donut at imagine because I already got that my favorite donut can you guess doodle doodle Dina? Scuba. That’s the jeopardy theme but not exactly the jeopardy theme because I don’t want to be sued for copyright infringement of their theme song and it’s not the theme song of the show it’s just the theme song of the final jeopardy. Dubai Nana, you know what my favorite donut is I guess in over there you like. A glazed donut person very, very simple guy. Maybe a chocolate cake donut know. My favorite donors is Boston Cream Boston. Cream doughnut is the best own at ever invented. It’s amazing. It’s so good that you can’t even find it everywhere. That’s how good it is. That doesn’t make sense. I’ll tell you I would give this goes pepe donor to try. I like that Dunkin’s is just trying to give something for the Halloween season. Of course, they’re also going to keep their creepy crawly spider a donut that’s coming back. That’s like that’s like a staple of their Halloween offers I don’t know if you guys have had the the creepy crawly spider don’t. It’s quite cute by the way it’s acute donuts. Chocolate drizzled for the spider legs and white icing where the Aisa you know. You gotta try that one. It’s a good one I I would probably try the spicy goes pep donors. Well, it’s getting some good reviews here. Let me read a few. Somebody named Nick. o’malley says it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful. It’s a to face strawberry frosted pastry IMP that will stab your tongue in the back with a pitchfork. Made A cayenne pepper. Love it. Thank you Nick o’malley. Someone else wrote to put it on a scale. The ghost pepper donut is spicier than a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich but it’s not quite as hot as eaten an actual ghost pepper. It’s along the lines of those packets a hot mustard that come with Chinese food you know the one all right. So it’s not it’s not going to. Make your eyes fallout in. You know you gotta run and get a glass of water nothing like that. So I’m sure it’s tasty. I would give it a shot for sure. What are some of your favorite Halloween treats that come into the season? What are those ones that you’re looking forward to you to you like hey, well, I like those ghost marshmallow peeps while you’re not getting those this year because I did a story about how there’s no marshmallow peeps this season. Okay. So other other treats though that you like, Halloween pops in you don’t tell me. One of these candy corn people because those are the worst things ever invented I. Don’t know why they’re still hanging around these candy corn the like invented in one, thousand, nine, hundred one, and it was the best thing at at the time. But now in the light of all the other amazing candies that have been invented in the last Hundred Years how the hell candy corn still passed around this season it makes absolutely no sense. I’d rather have nothing then candy coins given to me when I’m trick or treating I I, don’t trick or treat anymore. But when I though I could I could because I’m short. You know, and that’s that’s one of the benefits of being short. You can be in your thirties and still trick or treat nobody knows underneath that power rangers mask no one has a clue. anyways call weird AF news. Tell me about your favorite Halloween treat. If you’ve tried the spicy goes Prepa donut please let me know what you think of it especially if you’re in New England and man I, Miss my Dunkin’s in out here in Los Angeles. There’s only a few. So only a few so and in. Fact. So if I want this spicy goes pepperoni. I. GotTa go searching for the Shit. It’s this not down the block or not like back in mass when I could just walk out of my house and I just stepped right into with Duncan’s get my my medium regular ice coffee all year round by the way all year round because I’m a beast I don’t care that it’s the middle of January in New England. It’s five degrees below zero I’m getting ice coffee all year round that’s how I do it. Call the show six, four, six, four, five, zero, twenty, twelve.

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